Thursday, February 14, 2013

Giveaway / Competition

This competition has now ended, thanks to all who participated!

Many of all the giveaways I have entered in the last weeks ends today, Valentines day. So in all this giveaway-fever I wanted to have a giveaway myself =) I feel very exited by the thought that my minis could move to other mini-homes, so I just have to try a giveaway myself now =)
But since lottery is illegal in Sweden for private persons I will make this a little competition.

The price, a toy sheep for the dollhouse, about 2 cm high

How to enter the competition/ giveaway:
1. Answer the question (What is your favourite tip?) with a comment to this post. (Yes, that's all you have to do)

(All comments will be secret until after the competition has ended, so that you cant see what others had answered, but afterwords I will publish them.)

Question is:
What is your favourite tip? (It can be like making a frying pan out of tablet blisters, or a book you love, or a blog that I just have to read, or a tip how to crochet in an easy way.. yes, almost anything, only rule is that it is a tip (you don't have to have made it up yourself, you can refer to a blog or a book you have read or just say you don't know where the tip is from =) ) And in some how the tip should apply to miniatures. You can give several tips to have a bigger chans of winning, but its not how many tips you give, its about giving the best one.

If you dont have a tip, just tell med why you should win and maybe I'll pick you anyway =)

Competition ends 10/3 2013 21.00 Swedish time (Central European time) If you post your comment after this, you can't win, so don't wait to long to give your tip =)

I am the judge and will pick the best, in my opinion, tip and give the winner the price. If I haven't heard from the winner within 5 days I will pick a new winner.
Yes this is the same sheep I wrote about yesterday =)

Feel free to share a link of this post on your blog, for every 15 new participants I will ad a small gift to the giveaway.
Good luck =)


  1. My favorite tip? I like to recycle, so... to make a jar with aluminum candle, or, a jar for kitchen or for bath with cotton with a plastic vial and a wooden button.
    Bye Faby

  2. Hmmm...A tip? To make mini books, find cover art on the internet, and shrink it down in Paint or other photo editor and print it out. Take a glue bound catalog and cut a piece from the binding. Glue the cover art and instant little book.

  3. Mitt bästa miniatyr-tips: din blogg! :P

    Min motivering till varför jag vill vinna: jag älskar får! Jag har samlat på mig diverse prylar med får under årens gång. Har bland annat handdukar, muggar, nyckelringar och en sån stång man har hushållspapper på - med får på. Så att få ditt söta lilla får i samlingen skulle va toppen! Mitt bästa fårtips är att åka till Gotland! Där kryllar det av får :D

  4. My favorite tip is how to make teapots using beads. I gave a tutorial about it in one of my earlier posts. I also love to recycle. You can see the "glass" ornament Chihulli style on my blog. This was done, following Heather's tutorial.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Please count me in for your sweet giveaway. Your link will be on my blog.
    Thanks and a hug, Drora

  6. Hola Hanna!
    La verdad que con el traductor no se entiende bien lo que quieres decir,pero el regalo que sorteas es precioso y me gustaría participar en tu sorteo!
    Ya tienes una seguidora más y como consejo,te invito a visitar mi blog!
    Besos d las Malu´s.

  7. Hi fun competition :) Thank you for joining my giveaway. I am now also following you. I love your little lamb. I seen this tip on a blog but sorry i cant remember where. To use plastic tooth picks for putting on dots of glue instead of wooden ones as they can be cleaned and used again lots of times. My own lol is have fun and enjoy what you are doing :)))
    Hugs Maria

  8. Oj vad gullig! Jag har inga superba tips eftersom jag är ny i hobbyn, men jag kanske kan ge ett boktips istället? Patricia Kings Doll's House Fireplaces and Stoves är jättekul med toppen tips på hur man bygger mysiga eldstadar/kaminer. Bäst av allt, det gäller mest återvinning av ditt och datt man hittar hemma och det behövs inga specialverktyg :)

    Micaela i Finland

  9. mi consejO: intenta ser feliz cada día! subo el enlace a mi blog, que también está de sorteo...

  10. Привет!
    Я все пропустила..........
    Уже в следующий раз........
    Всем большой удачи!

  11. Thank you all, wish I could give all of you a price for your lovely comments, but that would be too expensive for me... ;) Hannah


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