Sunday, July 28, 2013

Two new books

I got a gift voucher on and bought two books =) I had a hard time deciding what books to buy, but I thought about James Carrington's book for awhile and I like clay and would love to be able to do dolls, and I like embroidering and wanted some new patterns (but there are lots of great free patterns on line too). So these two is what I bought in the end =)

Needlework designs for Miniature projects - 64 Charts for counted cross-stich and needlepoint - Eileen Folk Dover publications Inc.

I was a bit disappointed that the patterns are in black and white. The only colour pictures in this book is on the cover (both in- and outside the cover). I love the carpet on the front and I thought I could use the screen pattern for a carpet too =) I like that dragon =) And I like doing carpets =)
I think the book is OK, but it's not a favourite, yet ;)
You can look a bit inside the book here:

1/12 Scale Character Figures for the Dolls' House - James Carrington Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd

Monday, July 22, 2013


I've been needlefelting again after a long break =) But that's how I do things.. makes a lot, then take a break and do some other material. That's the great thing about miniatures, they can be done in lots of different materials =)

I started doing one mouse for a girl I know from a forum at Facebook, and I got hooked and made one for myself too =)

(This is how it goes when you stick your head inside the glue bottle to long, just look at the little one in the back... He's OK now! Just look beneath ;) )

Then I wanted to give her something more, and she asked for more mice =) So I ended up doing 4 mice for her and 1 for me, then I got real tired of mice for awhile ;) And my poor doll didn't seem to like the invasion.... ;)
She did calm down later.. But it's not easy having mischievous mice everywhere.. They tickle a lot!

I chose to make them more or less in one piece. That way I didn't have to attach lots of small pieces like legs, arms and nose. But I made the tail and ears (and the pink part of the nose) later.

Stared of with the head, I just formed it into a round shape and like a cone for the nose. Just keep punching the needle trough the wool until you like the shape =)

Then the arms..

.. and the legs
If the legs feel a bit thin, like mine did, just add some more wool.

Then I made the tail, rolled it hard and punched with the needle and attached it on the body.
And I forgot to photograph the ears.. I made small flat "balls" and attached them like the tail. And a small pink ball on the nose and inside the ears. And small eyes from black wool.

Is it cute or what! =) I got a cute guinea pig from her.

Take care!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ikea "Huset"

Some of you might now that the Swedish furniture store IKEA just made miniature furnitures =)
I have read a lot about it and many people said that they would be in 1:15 scale, and I was so looking forward to this, I LOVE Ikea! =) I thought they were going to start selling them in August, but when I visited Ikea this weekend I just happen to see them =) But they looked sooo big. No way they are 1:15 after talking to others and some measuring I think they are more like 1:8. Too big for my dollhouse but a bit too small for Barbie. I might let my daughter play with them, but the carpet, the pillow and the self might work anyway, maybe the chair too, but the sofa is big.. Just look at this =) My 1:12 scale lady relaxing in the sofa..

The furnitures are sold in one set and every piece is a miniature after "real" furnitures. =) I saw the chairs outside the store, I like miniatures after "real" things =)

I did measure them quickly and got these numbers if anyone is interested how big they are =)
Self: 18,5cm High, 10cm wide, 5cm deep
Table: 6cm high, 7cm wide
Chair: 10,5cm wide, 9cm high
Sofa: 22,5cm wide, 11cm deep, 9cm high
Carpet: 28x18,5cm

I think they are quite cute and I hope to find a place for them somewhere =)

Take care

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So, I just got a member at bloglovin', I thought blogger had removed my chases to read my favourite blogs trough my bloglist, but after I have joined and started adding blogs to follow I tried the list for a forth time, and guess what, it was just temporary out of order... but... I will stay at bloglovin' too =) So If you want to follow me, just click the symbol at the right, scroll a bit and you'll see it =)

And I want to thank and welcome my newest "blogger" followers:

Hope you will enjoy reading my blog =)

I have no fun pictures to show this time.. But I'm done with the bedroom floor, or I started painting it today, will keep painting tomorrow. I should have done it on a piece of cardboard instead of straight on to the floor, it is really hard to paint inside the house, my brush is to long and hits the ceiling all the time and don't get me started on the walls.. I can't seem to avoid them.. even with a piece of paper to cover it... but it will just have to work! Now I most decide about the last floors, the attic/ children's rooms... Will have to sleep a bit more over that ;)

Take care

Monday, July 8, 2013

Doing the floor

Yes, I'm doing the bedroom floor right now, a little bit now and then =) Its perfect to do just a few sticks at the time, when I have just a second over =)
I use popsicles, I thought it would be more straight and look a bit better than it actually does, but I hope it will be OK when it's done and I've painted it.. It went a bit crocked and got some holes in it..

I put a piece of thick cardboard in the hole in the floor, and glued a piece of white paper over it, and then I just kept gluing popsicles. =)

This is were I'm at right now =) I really hope I wont run out of posicles.. :S

I got a bit of track when I collected the mail a few days ago... =)
I Bought this kit on aliexpress, wasn't suppose to start it now... but I couldn't help myself... It's a DIY "puzzle", so exiting. I just fell in love with the drums, want them in my house, and the guitar. So I thought I could build the shop as a toy store or a bakery and use the instruments in my house =) Will have to wait and see how this goes..
As you can see, even the instruments are in pieces =)  Lots of small parts, and instructions on Chinese... VERY hard to understand, but there are lots of pictures too =) I think I will get it after all =) (I'm super exited over this =) )

Just checking how the front will look like... =) Before I packed it up again and went back to my house.. =)

And talking about mail...

I just want to show you what I got in the mail last week (I had a great mail-week, got lots of stuff ;) )
I swapped with a Facebook-friend and go this amazing water snail-shells. I LOVE snails =) And this shells are so cute, and amazingly beautiful! She picked them up in France, I don't think you could ever find anything like it in Sweden... (I hope to do a jewellery box out of these later)
I got the shells, and she got lots of punchies from me and this: (slices from my home-made canes)

And I got some fabrics from another Facebook acquaintance, Wenche, I hope to make dresses and curtains later =)

(And before I go to bed I just want to ask; does anyone know how to change the name of a label in the blog?? I have my labels on Swedish, but want them in English now... But I cant find a way to change them =(
Would be very happy if anyone can help me with that =) )
I just google it and found out how to do, a bit tricky but I think I get it now =) If anyone else wonders how to do =)

Thank you all for reading and take care

Monday, July 1, 2013

The house

Just wrote, a lot, as usual... but this time it all disappeared =(
I was saying I was so frustrated last week. But now I'm finally done =) I've done all the wallpapers and I got help from my husband to assemble the house, it took more hands than I had ;)

I will attach the roof when I'm done with the floors. I had to replace the kitchen floor =( It didn't fit when I had to turn the back around.. I really liked that squared floor, but I found a new black and white tablecloth for the floor =) And I like this one too =) I most say I'm very pleased with the colour choices =) (I could have this in my real home, we do have yellow kitchen walls, but the rest is just made up...)
I'm thinking of doing the bedroom floors out of popsicle sticks, and maybe paint it white.

I saw this wooden spline at the roof when I had assembled the house. I will have to paint it white. I saw more of these at the sides before, and added some more wallpaper at the sides. I strongly dislike this  splines, they are in the way of the furniture... But I have to find a way to work around them..

My daughter loved the house, until I said she couldn't slam the doors... Poor girl.. She is just to small for her  own dollhouse right now.. but one day... But how do I keep her away from my house?! =)

The livingroom is all done... or.. If I find some nice varnish I will ad that for a bit more shine to the floor =) I already painted it with some coffee, don't know if it made any difference actually ;) But I like the colour now.
Now its time to go to sleep, and dream about what I can do with the house tomorrow ;)
take care