Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I have been blogging more than usual this month, haven't I?! Well, like the Swedish saying: Smida medan järnet är varmt (Strike when the iron is hot).. So here I go again =)

I have been praying for friends. But one morning I woke up thinking, I have already gotten them,
here on my blog =) I wouldn't mind a nice girl in my age with a daughter (or son) in my daughters age that lived close to us, so that we could play together sometime. But I woke up thinking, God has blessed me with great blog-friends, and I should be thankful for them instead of missing the things I don't have.
So thank you all for your nice comments and blog-friendship, I just want you to know how much that means to me!

I've made some more dragons, I'll post pictures of that later, but right now I wanted to get back to my house again. I love to be able to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that :) So forgive me for jumping between projects like this :)

I read that Melissa of Magic by Melissa loves the dollhouse nursery, and so do I! I really look forward on decorating my nursery, I did plan for 2 nurseries/children's rooms in my house, just because I love nurseries and Children's rooms so much :) But I was a bit afraid to start, I want it to be perfect and I have so many ideas I don't know how to combine them and to get a beautiful totality, not just some beautiful pieces thrown together.. I have a hard time with that in all my rooms.. and I'm bad at "less is more".. But I guess I can throw in as many things as I like, and remove things later if I think it's to much =)
I'll just have to try, I can always rearrange everything later and make new furniture or things for all my rooms later :)

I'm done with the floor, finally!! But I was not that happy with it.. :( But it will have to do, maybe I'll like it better once I have started to decorate the room. I think I already like it a bit better =)
The carpet is made by MiniatureMama Lena I bought it on the fair, but she has one in her Etsy shop right now =)
 I think because of the roof it's a bit hard to furnish these rooms.. But I got an idea of shelves on the little wall between the room, I'm quite please with the result =)
Some of my felted animals moved in =) And the small Lundby house, I got from Anna.
 The books are also from Anna. I found the Barbie box on Pinterest.

My doll got to play a little with a sheep before I put it out for sale on Etsy.

I love bright colours, but I do like wooden furniture. But, should I paint this bed?? Or leave it as it is? I have a hard time repainting and change things that doesn't really need fixing.. But I wonder if I'd like it better in a bright colour?! I can't decide.. Anyhow I will change the bed set. =)

I was planning on making a teddy bear for my Etsy shop, but... This one begged me to stay ;) (Too many of my felted animals do.....) I plan to make a toyshop some day, I love toys, and I cant keep filling my nursery.. So, a toystore would be great.. But I have a bit to many projects right now.. I would love to furnish a house (I'm doing it right now), a greenhouse (started) a fantasy house (started a roombox), Santas workshop (started) a toy store, a pet store, a bakery, another big house, a 50s house, a garden and a house that I built from scratch.....
But I'm good at starting new projects and leave them unfinished, I'd love to finish a project (as mush you can finish something..) But instead of working on my own projects I started working on a frog for Etsy... As soon as I think I'll take a little needlefelting break, I'm at it again...
But my next post, I promise it will be about the dragons =) I was a bit dissappointed with my work, but in the end they weren't all bad.. so I promise some dragons next time =)

A last picture of the rooms so far, I think I'll have to rearrange everything... But I don't know how.. I'll have to think about that =)
I'm not finished with the baby dressing-table, I added a board to it, I thought it was too short for a baby =) And I'm planning on repainting it.

Take care

Monday, May 26, 2014

Swap package from Irina

It took an hour to get my first sale on Etsy, and then I got another sale. I'm so happy, I was a bit scared I wouldn't sell anything on Etsy, ever! Now I can always say I did sell 3 things =) I'm still learning how it works, there are a lot of buttons and things to think of, I'm greatful for the tips I alredy got, and if you have even more tips for me, just let me know.
Thanks for looking at my shop you all!

Now to the package =) I got another package =) This month has brought me so many presents!!! Last year I had the worse birthday ever, since I lost my dog the day after. I still can't think about that day, so lets move on.. This year I had a whole month of celebration and presents =) A better May this year!!
I have done 4 swaps this month, I love it, it is so much fun =)
My last swap was with the lovely Irina. She sent a lot of stuff, just look:
One bag of materials (scroll a bit for a close up on the content), wonderful blue fabric (my daughters favourite colour, blue), a green shelf (my favourite colour), a mirror, another green shelf with toys (I love toys), a pink and green blanket (pink and green are my favourite colours =) ), magic mushrooms (perfect for my magic/fantasy project, notice that they too are pink and green), baking supplies, tapestry, bowls, knit supplies, dress, hat, folding fan and trellis (perfect for my greenhouse).

My daugther have started to only wear dresses, every day, she has been with out a dress for I think only 2 whole days this year, that's a lot of dress-days =) I like dresses, it's so pretty, but I almost never wear them myself, but I love looking at them =)
So guess who smiled with her whole face when she saw this dress:
I smiled a lot, but my daughter, she was even happier, dancing and saying she most try it on her doll... I manage to get her to forget it, and hide it away.. I alredy gave her one of my handsewn doll-coats..
The folding fan, I love it =) Cute pictures and wellmade with black at the side.

Magic mushroom, how cool is that =)

I love knitting and crocheting, so this is great.

Irina made this lovely blanket for me =) Her own design.

And the material Irina sent, lots of useful stuff. I was missing a ribbon for the straps of my bikini, this red ribbon will be perfect =)
I saw someone making something out of round chips like the turquoise things in the middle, I can not remember what and who.. typical, now that I got some =)

Just like my daughter, my doll loved the dress and wanted to try it on, it was a bit big, but I can see how anyone would love to try it on and feel like a princess.
Now you got a little sneak peek on my nursery too =) I'll be blogging about that in a near future =)

The wooden spoon made to a bowl (by Irina) is perfect for my peaches (made by me). Now I only need a living room table to put this on =) Maybe I'll add some other fruits too, bananas, apples and oranges =)

And the serpentine bowl is great for my walnuts (coriander).
(All these pictures were taken with my new phone, I really like this phone) =)

Thank you Irina! I love my package and I'm so glad I got to start chatting with you during this swap! Never forget you are a wonderful and talented person!
Take care

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My brand new Etsy shop

Now is my Etsy shop opened:
I hope to list a few items now and then, we will see how it goes. I have sold a few things on Tradera (Swedish Ebay) that was a bit easier! But I hope to learn how Etsy work while trying it.
If you have any tips for me, please let me know.
And if there is something you would like to see in my shop, please let me know and I'll see what I can do =)
You can also visit my mum's shop here: She just opened one too =)

Here are some of the things that you can buy in my shop right now =)

 A pull toy sheep (I just love making these) =)
This one sold quickly, but I have another one for sale now:

If you find anything you want to buy, use this code to get 10% off; WELCOMEDISCOUNT
A small gesture to all my readers =) I really appreciate you all! Thank you for reading! Use the code before the 8/6 to get the discount.
If you don't want to buy anything just start your own Etsy shop, use this link to get 40 free listings =)

Take care

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New book

I had a birthday here in May and I got lovely swap-packages and packages from my family =)
I got lots of clay a new phone, some tools and a new book! I love books, and I love Maria Malmströms books!! I have them both now =)
This is her second book; Nukkekoti Väinölän vuosi I wrote about her first book her:

I do not understand a word of Finish, but there are lovely pictures and Google translate helped me a bit with things I really wanted to read =)
This book has projects for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Wonderful projects and step-to-step instructions. A book I highly recommend!
I started by trying to make a bikini/underwear =) Looked so easy looking in this book, but it was harder than I thought =) But I tried to make it in plain white at first, to see if it was any idea to try a nicer fabric later =) I hope to make more of these later =)

I'm not finished with this one yet, I'm thinking of adding lace and of course there are parts missing on the top, like the straps =) But I got busy making dragons... ;) I hope to make more things from this wonderful book later! And to finish this set of underwear!

I didn't only get clay from Jane, a couple of days later I got 6 pieces of clay from my mum, and a big white piece of clay from my grandmother and 10 pieces of clay from my brother-in-law. This will keep me busy for a looooooong time =)

Then my father (with family) came with these presents:

Then I got a great new phone from my husband (Nokia Lumia 520) :) The camera seem to be quite good, so I might not need to buy a new camera right now.
I tried making a blogpost from the phone, but I like Internet better on a computer than on my phone... and don't get me started on the writing... But it's a very nice phone and I love it, but I love my computer more... ;) So I'll keep blogging from the computer =)

I'm working a bit on my house again, (hope to post soon again, about my nursery) and some more dragons, and things from the book, yes, I'm still quite busy making minis, and I love it =) But right now I'll go outside to the playground with my daughter. 
Take care

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A quick update on the dragon-making

Just a quick post today about my first dragons. I tried some clay I got from Jane, and I bet her magic clay hands left some magic on this wonderful clay, and after an hour I had made my first dragon. =) I also made an hatched egg, with a tiny dragon looking out on the world. That one could have been done a little (a lot) better, but its my first dragon egg, ever.. so I hope I'll be better with time.
I realized I have now done 2 dragon heads, but no body... I have to try a body next time ;) But I tried making another dragon, (with a body) with "my" clay, and it did not turn out well at all...So I will keep working on that one, or maybe "recycle" it into something else.. (Haven't baked it yet)
Maybe it's my beginners luck, I always manage to do one new thing, that I'm quite proud of, and then, when I think I have practised and learn something and will be even better next time, then I fail... Maybe it's just that I didn't use the clay I got from Jane, it might be something magical over that clay.. I'll have to try more of the clay I got from her instead ;)

Anyway, here are my dragons:
 She looks a bit mad, but she is just scared I'll take her baby away, otherwise she is a real nice dragon ;)

I thought this dragon could hide her body under the water surface, or in a box or something, I wanted to try a head first, and then I got scared I would ruin her by making her a body, so she is bodyless..

I hope to get more time for clay this week. I have had a needlefelting break for a while now, but I made an owl today (sorry, no picture of that right now..) But I might try to work more with clay for a while and let my needles rest a bit longer. I worked so hard for the miniature show, so now I want a rest from wool for awhile =) But I will be back with felted animals before you know it =)

A group shot. I think all my dragons are getting along well now =) My table is glad to see some company, waiting for a home =)
Table is made by me, brown/golden dragon and dragonegg also made by me, and the incwell, red, green, purpel and golden dragon is made by Jane.
Last but not least a warm welcome to my newest followers:
David Edwards Miniatures
Contrastes - Rosa Mª
Dave Williams 
Ketsia Elie
Meritan nukkis (cant find your blog right now, just leave a comment and I'll update this list)

Thank you all for following my blog, I'm so happy to say that there are 101 followers to this blog with Google friend connect now. I feel so lucky that people take an interest in my work! Thank you all =)
Take care

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Swap-package from Jane

I went to the hospital this morning to get an x-ray of my shoulders, I had to sit in the waiting room for 3 hours, they had a lot of emergency patients today, and since I've had pain in my shoulders for 3 years now I wasn't that urgent I guess... well, it was a long day, and when I finally got to take the x-rays, I had to wait again, for the result... They didn't find anything and might want me back later to look for something else.. So my day was not the best one, (But my daughter had fun at the hospital, there were some great toys there.. and my husband got almost the whole day off, because it took all day and he had to come with me to drive me and take care of our daughter when I went to the x-ray..) And then we went by the post office, and there were a package from Jane waiting for me =) A great way to end a long day =)
I most say that I have always been very impressed by Jane. She's just able to make great things, all the time.. Just look at her latest project, it has the power to give the viewer a lot of different feelings, and there is a lot of great details to look at. I want to be able to do that too ;)
And I fell totally in love with her treehouse! I have been thinking of making a fantasy scene of some kind, for a long time, but I never know were to start or what to make. So I asked Jane for some inspirational pieces for this project. (And I did mention dragons) And she spoiled me with great things! I was so happy when I saw not only one, but two dragons =) And then I realized I had more to unwrap, and guess what, there were two more dragons =) And dragon eggs (They are so wonderful I kinda hope they never hatch ;) )

My camera is still living it's own life, and today it thought it would be great to add some mysterious "Fantasy-colour" to this picture...

But I manage to get a more real picture out of it, at last =) (I have to press all the sides together and then take the picture..) =)
The dragons had a little fight on the way to Sweden, I guess that can happen when you pack 4 dragons in 1 package.. Some horns and feet had feel off, but I think I manage to glue them back were they belong now =) (after taking the picture)
I love everything! I do love green, so the green dragon may be a favourite, but its hard to choose. But, I don't have to choose a favourite, because I got them all =) They are so detailed!! And look at the eggs, so shiny and with scales! And that cakes! The little strawberry look so real and everything really looks tasty! And a great set for my magical desk! And the small glass bottle has very tiny "beads with no whole" in them, and glitter, this can be very useful at my magical home/store or what ever I finally decide to make =)
I got a little "help" arranging this picture....
And yes, that was not all, I did win Jane's clay-giveaway too =) I can see many fun hours of clay looking at this! I want to try to make a dragon of my own too. I came to like dragons a lot after seeing Merlin, the TV-series. And now, after seeing Jane's dragons, I really LOVE dragons =) so I want to make a great scene/house/store for them.
I think I should just stop thinking and start making.. Just start a smaller fantasy project right away, and maybe I can make a whole house later. The thought of making a perfect and big fantasy scene scares me, so I might just start small. And when I have these wonderful pieces I can't go wrong. Thanks Jane for pushing me in the right direction =)
I'll go to bed now, and think a little more of this project, but tomorrow I really hope to get started!

Take care