Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not at all done..

I thought I was done and I was trying to put the house together, but I could not get it to work. I almost went crazy over that house.. How hard can it be?! I gave up and ask my husband, and after a long while he realized that I had the back upside down... Easy to fix, or... not really since I had done the wallpapers all ready, upside down =( The room I thought were the kitchen is really the bedroom, and the bathroom is the livingroom and so on =( I got so mad and sad. All my hard work, such a waste!!
I just had to remove the wallpapers on the back, and remake it! As you know I've made two rooms with napkins, so I had to remove them completely, it was quite easy using water and a brush, but it took me awhile... Then I had to paint some more white and then I could do it all over again. I am lucky I had more napkins left, I only had 5 of the one for the bedroom, and I already used 4, so I was really careful with the last one..

But, my daughter refused to sleep for a few days now (at daytime, and she slept poorly on one night too..) and all a sudden I had not even one minute to spend on my dollhouse =( Today she slept for almost one hour, so I rushed and got it done, again =) but.... I tried a new technique and placed the napkin on the wall and brushed glue all over it. It was a bit hard, you got to be careful, and don't tear it apart with the wet brush. I thought it looked all right at first, but when it dried I saw all the wrinkles.. so I have to do it all over again... (and use my old technique and paint the glue on to the wall and then place the napkin on top) How many times can something go wrong??
Hopefully will my daughter sleep tomorrow so that I can do that last wallpaper one last time (I really hope its the last time) and after that I can FINALLY put the house back together again....
3 out of 4 rooms are done now... Only that last room left now... it seems like forever until I get it done..

But my carpet is moving along, although I had to redo a lot of stitches too.. I think its hard to count when I do only half cross stitches..
But I keep going =)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Done! or... not really!

Thank you all for the great respond to my last post =) It's always nice to read positive comments =) Its good for my sometimes very bad self-confidence!

Thanks to Charlotta (a mini-friend from FB-forums) I got some wallpaper for bathrooms. I had a hard time choosing, as usual ;) But I just loved the one on the outside of the book (I got a book with 11 different wallpapers in it)

That particular one wasn't still available, but then I got the idea to tear the book apart and use the paper on the in, and out side of the book =)

It made a perfect floor for my bathroom =)
I thought it would be a bit to much to use it on the walls too, and I don't even know if I would have had enough of it for all the walls. But I decided to use a grey wallpaper with big tiles on. A bit to big, but I think they will work just fine anyway =) I had to take a similar wallpaper on the last wall, didn't have enough of the first one, but they look quite the same, and I think it will suit well together.

This wallpaper is more beige than the one underneath, but they look quite the same, right?!

Soon I will put the house together again, exiting =) But I have to fix some things first... I still have some boring work with the windows left. I didn't find my overhead plastic sheets, so I took some plastic from packaging, but I didn't have enough of it.. =( Will have to look for more..
To the bathroom I chose a blurry plastic, I tought that would suit a bathroom window =) I'm almost done with all the window frames, but I'm out of coffee-steering-sticks too =( Have to get more to do the last ones. I did not like doing these.. boring and the result is quite bad, I didn't get the right angle and its hard to get the glue to stick on the plastic.. But if you don't look to close, it looks quite all right.. ;)

I'm also done with the living room floor, or.. I haven't painted it yet, and I would love it to shine, but I don't have any varnish at home, will have to look for that too... I want a nice but very cheap one ;)

I will do the rest of the floors when I have assembled the house.
I was going to paint the ceilings, but I thought it would be a great deal of work, and then it wont even show that much.. so I covered it with regular white paper =) Its not perfect, you can see some seams.. but it covers better than one layer of paint =) And I thought of skipping the stairs, they take a lot of space and I don't like the way they are placed, so if I chose to have them later, I will have to move them, so I thought I could cover the holes with the paper, but what do I do, I cut the paper and the hole is right there, again... very clumsy of me! I might just have to do it all over again...
I was looking forward to doing the stairs, but I might have another house in the future with stairs =) This one is just to small..

I chose to seal one window in the kitchen, to be able to have top cupboards and a kitchen fan and maybe some tiles. I just placed wallpaper on one side and glued a piece of thick cardboard in the hole.

This is the kitchen and the bathroom. Today I put up turquoise wallpaper on the sides to the attic, were I had started to paint it blue, I thought it would be better with the same wallpaper as on the walls. I saved that one side with that patterned wallpaper, the rest is turquoise.

Like I said, I'm so exited to put the house together again, I cant wait, but I guess it will look better if I fix some small things first, when all is done, I get to put it together again =) And I guess that is quite soon =)
Take care

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My daughters toy

Just a quick post about a "copy" of my daughters toy =) My daughter got this toy from her grandpa and his family at her birthday, and she has played with it in different ways for several month now. She likes it and I like it too =) It has great colours and cute animals =)
One is for my dollhouse and the other one will be perfect for my Santa's workshop. I wonder if I should do  more for my Santa's workshop =) And after I took the photos I thought of making small animals on one of them too (they weren't baked yet)
And after two small animals I had enough ;) They are really tiny!! And I risk to totally destroy it every time I touch it =) But I might fix the lions ears later (it's not baked yet..), because now he looks like a monkey ;) And the panda looks a bit weird too, but they are so tiny I cant do better, at least not now =)
I hope to do more toys later, I just LOVE toys =)

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Like I said before I wanted to make plates from a clay cane. And now I've tried that =) At first I thought of doing several trees and a house and the sky and the ground.. When I had made the first tree I realized it would take a LOT of clay and time to do more. So I decided to only do one tree =) I was inspired by Clarice Cliff's plates and patterns. I just love her Art Deco patterns!

Like always, when I do a cane, it gets bigger then I first thought.. I thought I started small, but boy did I get a lot of plate-materials now.. =) I've already done several plates and I thought of making earrings and necklaces of some of them too =)

I most say I'm quite pleased how the pattern turned out =) Its hard to make plates the exact same size, but I have a lot of cane left to keep trying =)

I've done a toy too, but I'll write about that later =) And I keep working on the floor for my livingroom and I've put up wallpaper to all the walls except one =) Hope to get the time for that last wall tomorrow. I'm very eager to assemble the house again, but I'll have to paint the ceilings and maybe do all the floors first too... but now I just want to start decorating =)

Take care

Monday, June 10, 2013

Even more napkins??

I might have gotten cocky, I was thinking of putting napkins on my kitchen furniture too?! I was going to paint them, I have started, but it wasn't the exact colour I wanted, and I have a nice napkin in my favourite colour, lime green =) So maybe I will take that for my furniture.. but, its not easy getting it well done, I had to redo one of my livingroom walls, and one bedroom wall too... I haven't got the hang of it just yet, maybe I never will, but even with some wrinkles on I think it looks quite good =)
We will have to see if I "only" paint the furniture or if I decoupage them too =)

I have too many ideas! And I want to do so much, and sometimes I just get overwhelmed by ideas so that I cant do anything.. I have to sort them out so I can get going again.. I have been thinking of my bathroom, and the floors, I will go crazy over these floors one day... I just cant decide..
But I did finally decide something =) I wanted to use wooden sticks from a table mat for my living room floor. But when I decided that, I had to decide in what way.. ;) so a couple of days later I just decided and now I make the floor like a "frame", a square. So I'm working on that right now.
I thought of placing it on a piece of cardboard and then on the floor, but I didn't find a suitable cardboard so I'm making it straight on to the floor, no room for changes now....

And to show a few more pictures I will show this plates I made years ago, but I only found them a couple a weeks ago =) And when I was reading my book, The big book of Doll's house I saw my plates..

I thought I could show the picture in the book, but then I thought of copy right, so maybe I'm not allowed to show that?! But if you too have the book you can see it on page 156. Its a pattern from Clarice Cliff.

I can't remember making these, but I most have made them after looking in this book some years ago =)
My plates are a bit (quite a lot) different sizes and the patterns are far from perfect.. looks very much like an amateurs work, but I think I still am a amateur all do I started playing with clay when I was 3 years old and started with polymer clay at 7 years. But if I practise more and use a little more patient in my work I might get a bit better =)
I like those plate patterns, I might just do more one day, but I don't have that much paint now, so I'll have to see if I can make them just by using clay. Maybe making a cane and cut plates from that?!
Yes, like I said, lots of ideas =) I got even more ideas just looking in that book =) Like building a "cabin" for my washstand =) But I haven't built much, and I will have to make a refrigerator and cabins for the kitchen and a bed and... lots of stuff, (if I can't afford buying them..) so I don't know if I will ever get the time for all I want to do, and I might not even be able to build anything!

This is (I think) the first furniture I ever built out of wood, a sewing table (I made this some years ago, from a pattern in the book: Dockskåpsboken - Vivienne Boulton)
I just need to add hinges to attach the lid.. It's a bit hard to get the right colour on camera, its brown with a bit of gold to it. I was quite happy with that colour =) It's painted with tea and some golden paint.

And since this post has no story line and is about everything and nothing why not add a package I got today =)
I'm a member of "Miniatyrklubben" now, it's a swedish "club" where the members gets to buy a package every month, this month I was offered this for a special price:
Cake tins, packages, cookies, bananas and a spoon
 And then I chose to add some extra things too =) You can both choose to buy things from a members' bulletin or the shop online, I did both this month =)
Doll, baskets, kettles, a house and a cake-slice (I got that last one for free) =)
I couldn't resist buying that little house, I could have built it myself.. but now I have a house to go after when I make more myself =)
And the doll was very cheep, 10kr, I hope to give him a make over some day =) And the baskets was only 5kr, they will be perfect for some mushrooms =)
And almost everything I buy is with the thought of giving it some kind of make over =) But often I just put them in a box somewhere thinking I will do that later...

And at last I want to welcome my new followers:
Isabel Ruiz Alonso

Thank you for reading =) and take care

Monday, June 3, 2013

More napkins...

I did some window frames last week. From coffee staring sticks =) I measure with my mitre box but cut it with a metal shears. And painted the sticks white.


I was a bit eager as usual =) And glued them on, before I thought of putting "glass" between the frames.. I will have to remove them and glue some glass in between. I think it will keep the dust away better.
Like everything I do, it wasn't perfect... I thought I measured carefully, but the angles weren't perfect and everything went a bit crooked, but it's OK. I will wait with the rest until I found my plastic for the window. I have some overhead plastic sheets, but I can't remember where...

I couldn't remove the white and blue wallpaper on the upper floor but I put a new blue/turquoise paper on it. I might save the sides as they are, but I wanted the back wall to be turquoise =) It's a regular printers paper, but its turquoise, on both sides. I love the colour =) And you can see the yellow kitchen walls and the green patterned livingroom walls by the napkins. I'm happy with the colours. I think I got all my favourite colours now =) (light green, turquoise and pink)

I looked for wallpapers to my bedroom, didn't know exactly what I wanted until I saw it, but I thought it would be best if it wasn't a napkin, it was a bit hard to work with, I looked at wrapping paper, but didn't find a good one, but then I just found it, the perfect wallpaper, and what do you believe, it was once again a napkin =) But I couldn't resist it when it just spoke to me like that =)

I wanted to try a new technique. The last time I painted the walls white and then I placed the napkin straight on to the wall. It was a bit hard and I got some wrinkles and I redid one wall, but it didn't get any better..
So this time I tried to glue the napkin to a regular white paper. (like I tried the last time, but then I didn't remove all layers, I thought I had, but there were still one layer of white underneath that made the whole thing wrinkly) This time the result was quite good. I used a glue stick. and I was satisfied with the result. But when I wet it with wallpaper paste (like I have done with the papers I put on the walls) the napkin went all wrinkly. But I hope it will get better when it has dried..
It was hard to get the wrinkles on camera =)
I have soaked the paper in wallpaper paste and waited a bit before I put it on the wall, just like I would do in "real life" =)

While waiting I did some wallpaper on the roof window walls too. For the little boy's room.

After putting up one napkin I had to pack up when my daughter woke up, but I wanted to take a picture before I close up for the day... 
But it's not easy taking pictures when my little girl is up ;) She just love that door! I normally do everything mini-related when she is asleep. But I did get one picture before she grabbed the wall again...

Tomorrow I will cute out the windows, and see what method was the best, straight on to the wall or on a paper first =) Here you can see the result from both, upper wall on a paper and down stairs right on to the wall. (but the upper wallpaper hasn't completely dried yet)

Take care