Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The winner is....

My second giveaway/competition has ended =) 
I asked how many things there were in my box, here is a picture of the content:
The answer is 133 things!! I wouldn't have guess there were that many myself ;) and this was a bit too hard I guess, because noone guessed right, but IndyPoppy guessed: 79 and won the toy-bus. Congrats IndyPoppy! =) Contact me at queenda.jr @ (without the spaces =) ) and the bus will be on it's way to you =)

A BIG Thank you to all who sent me a guess and I wish I could have send you all a gift...

Would also like to thank and welcome my new followers:
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Take care! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Stockholm miniature show

WOW! What a show =) I'm very tired at mornings, so having to go up at 5.40 is really bad for me.. =) But I was very exited and the bus-trip went well, I got to sit in front, didn't feel sick at all =) (But the trip home was worse =( But I got home! )
I have been in Stockholm before, and I actually hate it, yes there are some beautiful buildings, but they are too high and it's just not for me! But I stayed at the show the whole time, so I didn't see mush of Stockholm this time ;) We came to the start at 10 o'clock and stayed until the end at 15. And still I thought it wasn't enough time ;)
We saw snow on the way there, I haven't seen snow at home this season, even if I live in south north Sweden. Stockholm is south from here, so it was a surprise =) (Got a sudden Christmas feeling, I just love Christmas, and we will get back to Christmas later in this post...)

I kinda forgot to take pictures, and the ones I took is bad =( I'm too eager and didn't stand still and forgot macro.. but I will show my pictures anyway and hopefully I will be able to link to others pictures from the show later. I know Saras boyfriend took lots of pictures, and he is much better at it than me =)

I started of asking every one if it was OK for me to take a picture, but I realised it wouldn't work in the end, there were lots of tables and lots of people, I just had to take pictures without asking, there were no sign saying I couldn't and everyone I asked said yes =) To bad I can't show wonderful pictures now that I asked and all... There were 45 different sellers, that's a lot of tables, many more than my pictures...

We saw a sign outside the hotel too, but I was eager to get in, so I run pass that one ;) But here is a sign inside the hotel =) I love the cupboard in this picture =)

The first table I visited was the one from Carol Mann, she was a very nice lady, she showed me and my mum how she made her tiny porcelain and stoneware miniatures, just like "big ones"on potter's wheel. Amazing work! And she had a nice table, in fact she won the title best table of the day =) (There were a voting, I didn't vote in time =( It was so hard to just pick one winner so I wasn't done thinking until it was all over)

Then we talked a bit with Britt Bisell. She made fantastic carpets. She both did half stitches and cross-stitches. Very nice! Some had a bit of a 3D-effect, like the lion in the left corner. Made in both half and cross-stitches. 

And the couple at the Atelje Gula boden were very nice too (I believe there were nothing but nice people on this show) =) I bought a table here that looks like my mothers kitchen table =)
They had made some beautiful room-boxes out of lanterns. Crappy photo, but beautiful scene!

Then we saw the "Do-it-yourself-table". Very nice room-boxes that talented people have made:
I don't know who did this, I think the sign says: Inga Berg-something from Uppsala. If you know the name, please tell me =)

I think this was made by Lilian Ericson

I don't know who made the flowers. The little box in the middle is made by Moa Råhlander and the black box is made by Birgitta Karlsson, see more of that one underneath =)
Like I said, I love Christmas, and this "window" has lots of lovely Christmas-decorations! See more at her blog:

 And Eva Malmsten had made two Christmas-scenes =) 

Many great details! Hope you can see some at least ;)

And Birgitta Lindencrona had made a lovely Christmas-scene too! 

It's very hard to see, but there are a LOVELY candle-holder, a "Änglaspel", it's a golden decoration were angles "fly" around some candles, and they play too. I have always loved those, I have one in real size =) Google it and you will see how wonderful it is ;)
I was very found of this nativity-scene in the walnut too =) And all the tasty food! Just like a real Swedish "julbord".

Back to the tables that sold stuff  ;)
Minimani had a fantastic loom
Wonderful chandelier
And I really like the pram

The leather sofa is so cool

I bought some jars made of glass from this table.
Wished I could afford this wonderful violin! =)

Eva Lindow Bäfver:
Lovely dolls, I have seen her dolls before and knew I wanted to see them in real life and maybe buy one =) But I didn't have to, because my mum bought one for me =) (look for a picture later in this post)

Tiny Maria had a sale. Amazing prises ;) I bought some china (see more pictures of that later in this post)

Small size matters, I think this table was beautiful, she had even thought of making nice price-tags =)

I think this was Millimeter's table. If I'm wrong, please correct me =) I bought a jar, a pair of scissors and a watch from this table.

I don't know if this table also came from Millimeter or someone else...

Tant grön makes beautiful dolls too, I might have to buy another doll, another year, from this table ;) I do love dolls!
They also had these wonderful fabrics, very thin and nice patterns. But when I came to this table I had already bought some fabrics..
They showed me this beautiful doll, look at all the details!! Very nice cloths and her hair was wonderful and she had a little comb in the hair that really sparkled! Hard to get on camera, but I took one picture from behind too.

And after a long day everyone start packing up and then I saw a table I have forgot about, it smelled so nice of tar and wood. And she had wonderful pieces. I really wanted a chest or a cupboard with flowers on it, in "allmoge-stil" but I didn't think I could afford it. But then I saw this blue chest at the left. And it was so well made so I really wanted it! (even do it didn't have flowers or any décor) And I counted my money and had just enough to buy it, so I came home with only 5 Swedish kronor. (very little that is ;) ) But I had many wonderful things instead =)
This table belongs to Britt-Mari Åblad.
I had a GREAT day!! And it was fun to share it with my wonderful mother! I did miss my soon to be 2 year old girl, and my husband. But I haven't spend a whole day away from them before, so it might be good for us all. And when I got home I asked my daughter if she wanted me to stay home forever now, she said No, and I asked if she wanted to be alone with dad again, she said yes... =) So I guess I will be able to visit the show next year too ;)

This is what I brought home =)
A piece of wood, linden, from Eskader, lots of fabrics (I don't remember from who, it was from several places), a table from Atelje gula boden, I bought one table online and collected the table at the show, a coffe-table from Crazy4minis, chest from Britt-Mari Åblad, shoes from Siv Fors, doll from Eva Lindow Bäfver, glass-jars from Minimi's, book from Miniatyrmakarna, scissors, watch and jar from Millimeter (I think), plates from an unknown seller and the rest from Tiny Maria. And some clay and a chair I forgot to take pictures of..

A crappy photo again... But this is the chair I bought from Kotte toys. Its a kit and I hope I will be able to finish it =)

Some close ups for the rest too =)

I couldn't resist buying Elsa Beskow's book; Tomtebobarnen, I love her pictures and my grandmother has a house in Tomtebo, Dalarna, and the seller lived in Dalarna not to far from grandma, so I couldn't resist ;) There are pictures and text in the tiny book too =) The plates and the oven-ware were very cheap, bought them at Tiny Maria's sale! Everything was 1, 5 or 15kr =)

Is the chest fantastic or what?! =) I wish I made it myself ;)

This most be my longest post ever =)

Take care