Thursday, January 30, 2014

A new "tool"

First I like to say: Thank you!! For all the kind comments and encouragement on my last post! I'm very hard on myself, and never think my stuff will be good enough on a fair. But like I said, I will be happy even if I dont sell anything. Like in a game, it's not most important to win, the important thing is to participate and have fun. And I think it will be fun =) Now to my new "tool" =)

We bought a laser printer awhile ago. I've only had inkjet printers before, and they always stop working properly after awhile.. so we wanted to try laser this time, so far, so good =)
I tried it by printing some miniatures =)

This is my temporary refrigerator and pantry, I did bought it for my daughter, its made of wood and great for small kids, but I kinda liked it myself.. ;) But I would love to build one myself, later. And I would love a real pantry in my kitchen, but there aren't enough room for one.. =( Like our real kitchen, we don't have a pantry, we just have smaller cupboards as pantry. I'll build that for my mini house as well. And I hope to fill them with mini packages =) So far I got some cacao and "kalaspuffar"/ Honey monster ;) And sugar (That didn't make it to the picture...)

Now when I was working with paper I also found this magazine in a drawer =) This magazine is not printed by me, I cut it out from a life size magazine =) I love how they showed the content in miniature at the first page =) Great just to cut out and glue together =)

And I also found this alarm clock that I printed several years ago, on a inkjet printer back when I lived with my mum. We had a few printers through the years, and like I said every one of them broke after a few years.. I really hope this laser printer will be better and last many years!

I guess there will be many more paper projects later on =) I'm working on a pattern for a "tin box" right now =) It's a lot of fun to have our own printer =)
But finally some "sad news", my camera is getting worse =(

I glazed my pies... but got a terrible picture of it, some times I get a good picture, and sometimes I get a black one, or a one like that.. =( Would be great if it just started working like it use to, but I'm afraid it will get even worse day by day from now on =( Well my husband has a better camera, so I could ask him to take pictures for me, but its nice to have my own camera and take pictures every now and then...
But like I said, now and then I get a good picture, so I'll have to try a bit harder from now on.

Take Care

Monday, January 20, 2014

Making minis to sell

I follow a LOT of blogs, I love reading about other peoples miniatures and their lives. And I try leaving many comments, I know how I love reading comments and imagine others do too =) But I just realized how much time it takes... I haven't been reading as much as I use to for awhile now, and now I'm behind and a bit stressed about that.. =( I might need to reduce my blog-time.. But like I said I love reading blogs, and comment on them.. Will see how I fix this =) I'm a bit busy right now, making lots of minis and spending time with my family, but now and then I will check back on all your blogs, so don't think I have forgotten you all, I'm just a bit busy =)

So, why am I so busy making minis? =) I can finally tell you!
I've gotten a new friend through a miniature-group on Facebook, Anna, we have never met in real life, yet =) But now we got a table at Stockholms miniature show together in April =) I'm very excited and look forward both on meeting Anna and to sell miniatures and just to be at the show. I was a guest to the show last October, and it was so much fun, I hope this year will be even better ;)
So, I'm trying to make as much miniatures I can, so that I have lots to sell on the show =)
(But since I suffer from some separation anxiety I save a lot of the things I make, and have to make even more, to have anything to sell ;) )
I have so many ideas I want to try and make, but time flies... I hope I manage to make at least 1/3 of all my ideas =) I have a LOT of fun doing these things, so I'll be happy even if I don't sell a thing..
If you are able to visit Stockholm 6/4 I would be very happy if you came by our table =)
(If you can't, I promise to take some pictures ;) )
Talking about pictures.. My camera started to flicker and making pictures with strange colours =( I really hope its not "dying"... But at least I managed to take some pictures for this post =)

My "fingers were longing for clay" for a long while, and I finally got some time for it =) I have "hidden" my clay, so that my 2-year old can't get a hold of it.. That's why I haven't been using my clay for a long time, my daughter cant be with me when I do this so I only make clay-things when she is a sleep, and I have to clean up before she wakes up again.. but I have placed everything on a tray and place it up high when she wakes up =)

First I made tiny buttons from polymer clay and made a teddy bear in wool with movable arms and legs =)
Tiny clay buttons on a felted bear.
Teddy before he got his face
And all done, I think =)
I got carried away and made another one the next day =)
The blue one will be up for sale at the show in April =) But this orange one reminds me of my fathers old teddy bear, so he will be staying, this might just be Konrad (my dollhouse father) his old teddy bear =)

 And a cat, actually I made this one before I made the teddy bears =) And now I'm working on a dog, I'm a bit afraid of telling you the breed, because they always change along the way ;)

 Then I got to work with my clay again. And I made 3 blueberry-pies, to sell. When I googeld blueberry pie I got pictures of "braided" ones, like the one on the right. And when I googled the swedish word, "blåbärspaj" I got pictures of "smuldegspaj"/ crumble pies like the ones on the left =) 
Is braided pies more common in USA? and crumble pie more common in Sweden? All I know is that I never made a lid like that on my pies, I do crumble pies (in real life) =)

I made some toys and angels too, I'll show them later, the angels need some paint before I want to show them =)
Then I wanted to try the "ice cream" I got from Sushi flavour.
I hate it when I realize that something I'd like to be good at, just isn't my thing... like ice cream..I wanted to make good looking ice cream.. but I ended up doing messy ones... I haven't got the hang of the pastry bag.. I tried making a new tip for a bag, but I don't know if it's that good..

I bought the red one, and the one in aluminium is the one I made.. Hard to see on this picture.. 

I made some ice cream cones in polymer clay to fill with "ice cream".

And tried using my homemade pastry bag. Next time I will try the one I bought. But the smallest hole  looks a bit big.. We'll see if I get the hang of it. I've made more cones, that was quite fun to make. =) The ice cream was much harder...
I'm sorry I couldn't get better pictures of the ice cream, but my camera just flicker and flicker and I have to be quick to get some pictures at all.. Hope it will stop doing that..

I'll take the opportunity to welcome my newest readers:

Hope you all will have a great week

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Celebrating some rings with cake

I haven't really come back to the daily life after all holidays yet... I have a lot on my mind right now.. So I haven't post anything since last year (as you can see...) =) Hope you all will have a great 2014. I most say I hope I will get a great year too ;) I've had a good start so far. But not much time for minis...
But here is what I have been up to lately, except shopping, celebrating new years eve at my mum's and enjoying having my husband home all day long for several days in a row =) (Me, I'm always home since I'm some kind of housewife, the kind that cleans the house and makes minis, but hates to cook ;) )

Anyway I realized Konrad and Lisbeth didn't have wedding rings.. At least in Sweden it's common to have one golden ring on the left ring-finger if we are engaged, and the girl has two rings if she is married, but the guy just get his one =) (He can get two, but one is more common)
I have 2 rings myself, and of course I remember getting them very well ;) The first engagement ring was very exiting to get. We ordered it without anyone knowing. And took them with us on a pick-nick. That was one of the luckiest days of my life. It was a hot and beautiful summer day and we went for a swim in a lake. I remember how I tried swimming with my hand tightly holding on to the ring, with a closed fist, very hard to swim that way ;) But I was very afraid to lose the ring =)
And at the wedding I was very nervous. But it was a perfect day too =) And I'm glad I got to share it with so many people that I love.
Now I can remember all this happy moments just by looking at my rings, so off course my dollhouse dolls have to have a thing like that, to remember their wedding. I imagine it was beautiful, a wonderful summer day I think, just like mine ;)
I get stuck in all these writing as usual... ;) But here is a picture, I painted some rings on their fingers =)

And when I finally got that little thing done, I started baking a cake, in miniature of course, I'm not the baking kind of housewife either.... (too bad, because I love eating cakes and good food) =) 

The cake tin is made out of candle-holders, the same thing I used for the washing machine =) I got the idea when I was looking at Kikkas blog, this peticular post =)
I cut it in pieces and used a lot of glue.. This was not the easiest thing to glue.. It might have been easier to use paper, and paint it. But I thought this would look good, but it was a bit hard to attach the bottom...

The cake is made of air-drying clay (that I got from Sara in a swap last year) unfortunately it had already started to dry, but I could chop it up and use it. And on the top I added some deco glue that I got from Sushi flavour's webshop.
This is suppose to look like my mum's favourite cake =) A chocolate cake, "kladdkaka", easy to make, in real life =) and very tasty. 

Lisbet and Konrad thought this cake was perfect for celebrating the fact that they finally got their rings =)
(I'm amazed they manage to make a cake in such a unfinished kitchen ;) )

Take care