Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Some new minis after all

Like I said in my last post, I'm sick.. So I thought I could blog some more now that I have time to just sit still =) To be sick is so boring.. But I have been able to do some minis lately, even do my creativity have been as low as my immune defense...
I haven't felt like doing cats or dogs lately, or I have been wanting to, but I just can't manage to do them.. But then I felt like trying to do another white dog, like the one I did 2013:
And, I manage to finish it =) Yay =)

The first one in the back, completely made of wool. The second one in front, made of wool and it has polymer clay eyes and nose.

I have no idea what breed it is, it's just a white dog =)

And then I finally manage to finish my rya-rug. This pattern was fun to make. But I did one row wrong, but I fixed that, and now it's done. =) I have no idea were to put it, it was just fun to make it (like almost everything I do.. I do it for the making, not the result =) )

And then I tried to furnish my bathroom. I really suck at furnishing =( I have no idea were to put things.. Should I move everything around? Were should I place everything??

The daughter of the Pettersson family finally got to take a bath =) 

I might just move everything around one more time, to see if it looks better another way.. I could move things around and around forever.... It's good it's easy to move things around in this scale =)
Then I'm working on some blinds and some details for this room.

Take care

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ever after High: Cerise Hood

My creativity is still low.. I tried making leaves for my tree with clay, took too much time.. Anyway I was more into the idea to use paper, but I have no good paperpunch for it.. maybe I should just buy one.. We will see how I'll do.
But guess who is sick again?! This is my third cold in four month! It's just not fair.. =) But a cold wont kill me, so I prefer that over something really bad, but I feel really tired and down at the moment. Haven't even been up to reading blogs lately either.. Hope to start doing that again soon, it always cheers me up =)
But let's take a look at a new doll =)

I saw Mattels pictures of Cerise before, and I wasn't that impressed.. But then I saw a doll and I loved her, seem to be different versions of her.. More about that can be read here:
But my doll has golden dots on the lips, not silver like the new ones... hm.. And I think I have the first eyes.. but the second stand.. Anyhow, I love my Cerise doll. I'm so glad to finally get her.

Cerise is such a great character and a beautiful doll.
Cerise is the daughter of Red riding hood (and the big bad wolf, that's her secret, her father is a wolf)

This doll had to travel from UK to me in Sweden, for an OK price =)

Some of her hair was attached to the arm, with a rubber band. I got rid of that now. The hood had a plastic thing inside, so that it would stay up. (It stays up good even without the plastic-packing-thing)

The rest of the hair comes out of the hood. (I just love the print on the hood/cape)

She has a plastic picnic-bag. I haven't been able to open it, so maybe one shouldn't be able to do that..

She shouldn't have a black dot in her face, but mine has.. But I kinda like it =) a miss in the painting, but that makes her a bit more unique ;)

Since her father is the Big Bad Wolf, she has wolf-ears. I have to say I'm quite disappointed on the ears, looks more like an elf of something, than a wolf. In the webisodes the ears has fur on them, more realistic.. But I'm glad at least they are pointy.

A pleasant surprise was her pointy nails. That's a bit wolf-like and cool =)

She has long legs ( I like that, since I always had quite long legs myself =) ) And I think her leggings and shoes are very beautiful.

She is taller than for example Madeline.

I'm very happy with my new doll. I have so many now, more than half of the basic dolls =) But it looks like no Swedish store sells any of the new ones =( The Ever After High doll shelf keep getting smaller and smaller, I'm afraid they will cease to exist here very soon.. But I might just have to buy a few more, from other countries instead.  =)

Take care

Monday, February 2, 2015

Ever after high: Cedar Wood

Someone was selling Ever After High dolls, unboxed, in perfect condition on Tradera. (Swedish ebay) I wanted to buy them all (at least the ones I didn't have before) But the prices went up and I wasn't home when the auctions ended.. But I manage to get Cedar. She is very hard to find in Sweden, so I'm very happy! (I missed out on Cerise =( But I decided to order her from amazon uk, so I hope to get her soon too =) )

Cedar Wood is the daughter of Pinocchio, she is made of "wood". First I disliked her, plastic made to look like wood.. Not for me, I thought.. But after awhile I came to love her, like all the others ;)
I think she is very cool with her wooden body. She even have a wooden head, but not so much in the face, but I like her face, and how you can see wooden details here and there =)

She came with her hairbrush (shaped as a key, every doll has it) her history and a stand.

She has a plastic bag, that can be open, I like that, but you can't fit much in it, since there are plastic parts inside to keep it together..

 I love the cricket in her hair =)

The bretelles reminds me of Pinocchio, but I think these clothes are my least favourite of all my dolls so far.. I do like the collar and bretelles. And she has some really great details, and I love the doll, but the clothes, I don't know, I just don't care for them that much. But still, I couldn't resist getting this doll, maybe I'll learn to love the clothes just like I seem to love everything about these dolls =)

Right now I'm working on some minis too, will show you more soon =) And like I said, I hope to show Cerise soon too =)
I'll just give a little sneak peak, what was baking in my oven today.. From a wooden doll to a..... tree =)
If you have a great suggestion how to make leaves on my polymer clay tree, feel free to let me know =) I have no idea how to proceed at this point...

Take care
(I'll take care of my sick daughter and hope not to get sick myself again for the hundredth time this season...)