Saturday, November 7, 2015


Found a great tutorial on band-aids, and I actually got some time to try it out. (The baby sleeps a lot some days, especially since she too got sick =( But not as bad as the rest of us, but enough to worry me, like crazy. Yesterday she was awake all day, and very sad, but today she sleeps all day.. The rest of the family is feeling much better now, it took a long time, this cough was no fun, but I'm glad it's almost over now!)
Anyway, back on the tutorial =) here it is:

And I had some fun today taking some pictures, not the best pictures, but I was stressed that the baby would wake up =)

 Mum have told Lovisa not to climb the couch, but Lovisa just can't help it, it's so much fun, until...
..she fell down...
And hurt her arm on the way. There was blood..
 ..and tears..
Then came mum
A hug always make it better
 and of course a band-aid helps a lot!
And lucky for the Pettersson family I made more band-aids, so now they are ready for more accidents...
The big package is the first one I made, just printed the sheet I found on the blog I linked to in the beginning of the post. It was a bit too big I thought, so I tried making it smaller, this was the smallest (1,1cm and the big one is 1,5cm) I could make, it was a bit too small, very hard to make the band-aids that small, so they are a bit too big for the packings, but, it works =) They were a lot of fun to make! And I think they look so cute, and I love minis that actually works, like the real thing!

I read a lot of blogs while breastfeeding, it's hard to leave comments, since the keyboard is too far away, and my hands are tied, to the baby, but sometimes I manage to do it, other times I just read. It's a great way to spend my time while being "stuck" on the couch =)
I enjoy every second of my wonderful baby and you see, I even got some times for minis too =) Life is good!
Take care