Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Thank you all for your kind words about my rug tutorial, it was my first video ever, hope there will be more =) And thanks for the kind words about the music by my husband too. I'm very proud of him, he is a great composer and he can play all instruments (at least guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, flute, I might forget something, but I'm sure he could play what ever instrument that comes across his hands =) ) OK that will have to finish my bragging about my husband ;)
From my husband to my daughter =) She is the best girl in the whole wide world, and she is a fan of my miniatures, but she never get anything that I made.. until a week ago..

I'm very found of the miniature nursery and toys. I guess that's why I can't stop making teddy bears and toys, I hope I'll get to do a miniature toy store one day. But now to my latest mini-toy =)
My daughter has a favourite toy/blanket sheep that she got as a baby, and she loves it very much and calls her "Bä" (The sound a Swedish sheep say =) ) Bä follow us everywhere! At the beginning she was white.. but now she has her own, worn look... =)
I thought it would be fun to have a mini-Bä in my nursery, so I needle felted one. Then I felt a bit bad to keep it for myself, so I did another one for my daughters dollhouse.
I put it in her house and waited for her to see it =) And she said: Oh a baby Bä. Bä has become a mum! She was very pleased =) And now mini-baby-Bä is playing with Bä. He is so small I'm a bit afraid he will get lost soon, but I guess that's life when you give small kids very tiny things.. (A week has now past since I made him, and mini-Bä is lost from time to time, but we always manage to find him in the end) =)

 Bä meeting mini-Bä for the first time, they kiss and cuddle.

There is something very exciting on the TV, all the smurfs and the dollhouse dolls are lined up in the living room for some TV.
And Bä and mini-Bä got to look at the telly as well =)

Giving her one thing I made, made her want more.. =) So I'm working on a mini-pram she has been asking for.. Maybe I'll have to make two of everything from now on, so that she can get one.. or just hide away my stuff like I used too ;)

Last but not least, the teddy bears, they seem to increase =) These are the colours I made so far. It's fun to make them in different colours, I'm working on a beige and yellow one too =)

Take care

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tutorial Rya rug / Long pile rug

Finally my rug tutorial is done =) First I doesn't post any thing or read any blogs for almost a whole month, and now I post once a week ;)
Before the vacation I got hooked in making rya/long pile rugs. First I had a pattern in my mind, but it was impossible to make it like I wanted, so I changed the pattern, and then change again, and I was quite pleased with the pattern even if it was completely different to the vision in my head =) I started thinking of a new pattern, and started another rug =) But still, the pattern was not what I planed.. But it was OK =) And then I gave it a third try, still not at all what I planned, but nice. So I'm very good at making rugs I first not planed on making ;)

I have already given you a sneak peak on this black and white rug. And now I wanted to show you how I did. I looked at a video on youtube, for real size rugs. And then I scaled down and tried and this is what I made =)

If you try this tutorial, please let me know, I'd love to see your rug =)

And if you like the music on this video you can hear more here:
And if you are a bit curious about me, you get to see at least one picture of my husband by clicking that link ;) Since "Boray" is my husband =)
Take care

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I won! =)

Guess what I got:

Yes, I won Pirkkos giveaway =) Jiipppi for me! Actually she had to make a redraw since the first winner didn't show, I feel a bit bad for that poor person, but I'm very lucky I got a second chance and got to be the winner at last.
I have won giveaways before when my own creativity is lacking and I feel a bit down (just like I have done right now), then I win a giveaway and get more creative and happy again =) I think I need to be at least a little creative to be happy =) But I wonder if I should feel down more often, so I can win more often ;) Winning wonderful miniatures from wonderful miniaturists are truly wonderful!!

Pirkko added lots of candy, she gave me two of each, which made my husband really happy, he got half =) Both of us love liquorice and chocolate, so this was perfect. And look at the cute card! (I'm sorry the picture wasn't that great.. it was a bit too dark when I shot it..) And a wonderful flower, that I put in a vase I had (a bead). Thank you Pirkko! wonderful gift. I'm so happy.

Will see if I take another vase later, just tried it out for the photo.

 And the "big price" the blanket with wonderful patchwork! And very cute cushions. I tried it on my bed

Look how great it fits my bedroom, I haven't made any bedding for this bed, no pillows or anything, so this was just perfect. Sorry to show such a mess in the house..

I also got patterns for patchwork, to try on my own. I did try patchwork before, once or twice, and it was a mess... Not a straight line anywhere.. I hope I have a better luck now that I have these patterns =) I will try when I get the time, that could take awhile.. =)

I'm so happy for my price!! Thank you Pirkko!! Don't forget to look at her wonderful blog =)
Take care

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back, again =)

I think I spoke a bit to soon last time, saying I was back.. I was back home, but no more than that.. But now I have been catching up on blogs and made a few miniatures, but not that much..
Not much going on in my miniature house right now.. And I miss the summer and the heat, my daughter got a cold, I have been cleaning and doing laundry after our vacation.. and feel kinda uninspired..

But I did finish a rug, and started a tutorial on that, will be posting that soon, I hope =)

Is there a nativity scene I see there on the left?! Looks like noone has been here to clean since last Christmas..
I have a feeling my mini-family The Pettersson's took a vacation too. Looks like they have been doing some laundry too ;) (Tutorial on my washing machine is here: seem to be the post most people have read actually =) )

My white poodle tried lying on the new rug I made =) This rug will turn up in a tutorial soon =)

I don't know what the Pettersson's say about dog's in beads, but I haven't made the final bed set for this bed yet, so I'll allow it for now..

My brother went to Japan to study for a couple of months, I would have LOVE to come with him, or just visit him there, but it's a bit too expensive for me (and with all the wonderful dolls and miniatures they have over there, it would most certainly be an expensive trip for me;) ), and I have my family to look after too =) So I settle with buying some Re-ment plates instead... and some cute toys =) Found them in a group on Facebook.

You know I love toys, and I just couldn't resist these babies!! I have not showed them to my daughter, she would have taken them in a heartbeat......

I decided to try selling these bears on Etsy, I started with the green one, and I just got the grey/brown one out on Etsy too, the other one might just get out there when I get the time =) And I started to work on the "bear-line-up". A brown, a blue and a white teddy bear is in the making.
It's strange but ever since the fair I haven't felt like doing any cats and dogs.. Or I want to make them, but I just can't.. I have started on a cat, but I never feel like doing the head.. it's a headless cat at the moment.. I might get over that soon, but until then I'll keep doing bears, I enjoy that and I like to have them in all kind of colours =)

There was going to be a Stockholm miniature show this fall too, just like the one I was at in April. But I couldn't go, I haven't made enough things and it gets to expensive to go just as a visitor =) And then they cancelled the show because of troubles with the hotel (I was very happy then that I didn't bought any tickets to Stockholm), but now Miniaturemama Lena and friends are going to set up a new show 26/10, so if you are near Stockholm, go and take a look, I wont be there, but I know they will have a LOT of fun over there!
Read more about it here:

Take care