Saturday, March 29, 2014

One week...

Only one week until I go to Stockholm for Stockholms miniature show. I'm very exited!! And a bit stressed I wont have the time to finish and make everything I want, but I have a few things to bring, or one suitcase.. =)

I have been packing, deciding prices, making new things and exercise my shoulders =) They don't hurt all day right now and I hope it wont get worse again, but I was very stiff this morning but got better after awhile!

Some photos of my latest work:

I haven't been doing that many dogs, I think they are the hardest thing to do, but I like to be better at it, so I wanted to try some more dogs. This is suppose to be a papillon =) (Don't know the English name for it..)

And then I made a friend for my schnauzer, they seem to really like each other =)
The new one got nose and eyes from polymer clay, and a wire inside the body. I think it's much harder to work around a wire than without, but it's nice to be able to move the legs anyway I want even after I'm done =)

I worked on this cat at the same time as the dog, my first cat with a wire =) This one is already paid for and will be picked up at the fair =)

And then I finally finished a toy racecourse =) I have been thinking of doing one for several years now, but never got to it =) I made it like a jigsaw.
 And finally I made a display for my animals =) Very simple, its made of toilet rolls, white paper, glue and a ribbon to hold everything in place =)

I tried placing some cats on it =) (I forgot the ribbon on this last picture)

If you are able to go to the show in Stockholm, come say hi at mine and Anna's table =)
Take care

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Good news and bad news

Since I posted a picture of all my needlefelted animals in a Facebook group (Miniatyrer i skala 1:12, feel free to join in =) Its my friend Anne that started this group) anyway, I posted a picture and got a great respond and several orders. I've already shipped one teddy of to Denmark (I haven't even visit Denmark myself, but I'm happy one of my teddies will live there now =)) And then the giraffe that will be picked up on the fair, and 2 cats and one cat that will go by mail too. So I've been busy, and on top of that, my shoulders started aching again.. =( I have that from time to time. Some days they really hurt, and I cant move my head. And some days they are OK, I just cant move my arms anyway I like. I've gotten worse and worse the last 3 years, but since I hate hospitals I was hoping it would go away, and it does, until it comes back again.. but this month it got much worse so I had to ask for help. I went to a physiotherapist this week and I got some exercises to strengthen my back and stomach and hopefully I will get better soon!
I had a terrible pain in my back after the delivery of my baby. But a physiotherapist helped me, and I'm better, but not good.. maybe because I'm to lazy to exercise every day...

Anyway enough with the health issues.. and straight to the pictures =)

My winnings from Conny, she added a lot more than I actually won =)
I'll have to start sewing soon =) Thank you so much Conny!!
A teddy bear that moved to Denmark

A dog that got more fur
I thought I made a Bichon frisé, but it got too big, so I added some grey to make it into a Shetland sheepdog, but I was so not pleased, but now I worked a bit more on it, and its OK, but not my best work..

 A sleeping cat

Right now I like doing bodies, not heads.. But I did finish this cat at last =) And its ready to ship to the new owner =)
I think Jennifer was right, this tiny sofa could make a great animal bed =) I will place it in the same room as the "big" one later. When they get a room...

The first two giraffes I made, are gone =( I just can't find them, I have been looking everywhere, but they're gone.. I really hope they will turn up in time to the fair.. But I made another one for the woman that asked for one, so at least I have something to give her at the fair, but I really hope the first ones will turn up too!! I'm getting crazy looking for them...
This new one is already packed and ready for the fair, and hopefully he will stay in the box and don't run of to the other two....

These cats moved in to my unfinished house, but they may move again.. I decided to bring them to the fair, I hope I can make new ones for myself later (If I sell these) =)


And finally my 1:144 scale house is done, it took me a lot of time getting that roof in place, I have change it 2 times, and I thought of how it would be for a long time, then I could finally decide with a little help from Anna =)

Only 17 days left until the fair, time really flies!! I have so much more to do.. but I haven't been in the mood for anything for a couple of days now, but I try make something anyway. Next week I'll go to the funeral for the man who got my first finished roombox... I think he was a great man who will be missed by a lot of people!

Take care

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"The big bunch"

I have been thinking of collecting all my needlefelted animals and take a picture of them, and maybe use as a business card for the fair =) And when Jane was talking about the "big bunch" in a comment I finally got started on that picture. Actually they were a lot more than I thought =) And still I couldn't find my mouse, and I have given away one dog, sold 4 mice and 4 cats and given away some sheep and several teddy bears =)
I do have a terrible separation anxiety, but I think it will be best for some animals to move, so I can make room for new ones, I love needlefelting and I can see how I get better and better and I want to develop even more so some have to go (I wouldn't mind the money they could bring either... ;) ) But now I'll always have this picture of them all, before I start selling them =)
I hope I will have many more for the fair, because so many of these are staying with me ;) The Pettersson families dog, the mini version of my late dog, some teddy bears, some cats.. yes, I wont sell them all, so that's a relief =)
I borrowed my husbands camera for this, it was great, even with a not that great photographer like me =)  The super macro button made me start wishing for a new camera after all ;) (I do like to stick to things I know, like my old camera and computer and stuff like that.)

The dogs
The schnauzer, Chinese crested and a lying white poodle will stay with me, and I'm starting to really like the white terrier too, so he might stay as well.... If I'm going to keep every other animal like this it will take me a good while to get a big bunch.... ;)

The cats
Two of these have already moved in to my 1:12 house. But some are going to the fair =)

The newest dog, I think he looks a bit old and tired =) And I have no clue what bread he is, but I kinda like him anyway =) I hope some one on the fair will like him as well, and bring him to a good home =)
One new dog and one new cat =)

I hate to brag, and I'm always uncertain of my things, are they good enough?! but I have to say I think this cat is kinda funny ;)
I made two cats that are "washing" them selves, one grey (which I'm almost about to keep for myself... ;) ) and one white one. (The white one was a bit quick to the selling-box, so he didn't make it to the picture, but you may see him at the picture above, on all the cats)

Then someone asked for a giraffe, so I started making one =) or 2 so far, took much more time than I first thought, all these spots are kinda hard to do, I roll and roll the wool to get a tiny piece to add on the body =) Fun, but it took 3 hours (effective time) to get it done. I thought I should time a project to see how much time I spend on things =) But the dogs take more time, so I never remember to time them =)
And it doesn't really matter, but I thought it would help me decide prices.. which is so hard!!
I hate deciding a price... I'm afraid I will overcharge people, but I think I have been very cheap so far..
Since I get a little separation anxiety I could just as well keep my stuff if I'll sell them too cheap, so I think I had to raise the prices so that I can feel more happy about selling things =) Otherwise I could just keep them =)
So I have double some prices =) And right now the cheapest teddy bear cost 40kr (around 6.2USD or 4.5euro) and the most expensive dog is 230kr(around 35.5USD or 26Euro). My cats cost 90-130kr. (14-20 USD or 10-15 Euro) Since all my animals are a bit different I have different prices on almost all of them =)
I hope to start an Etsy shop after the fair and sell some animals now and then =) I'll tell you when or if that happens =)

Do you have a tip on how much I should charge for my things?? I don't want to be too cheep or too expensive, I want a perfect price ;) Buts its hard to know what the perfect price should be =) Do you think the prices looks OK right now??

And when I was taking so many pictures I got an idea to make a tiny children's book. First I made a book with my teddy bears, first picture is with one teddy, then two and at least ten teddy bears =) Then I made a book with cats and then dogs too. This was fun, but took more time than I thought it would. I will be selling these books on the fair too =)
 Sorry for the bad picture..
I've made them in Swedish right now, but I could just change the text and make some in English later =)

Next time I'll show you the generous package I received from Conny =)
Thank you for stopping by to read my blog =)
Take care

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A cool video

Kitty Störby Jutbring is a member of both a Lundby group and a miniature group on FB that I'm in. She is kind of well-known in Sweden for her appearance in both TV, radio and magazines. She is also a bloger and she has posted some pictures of her dollhouse on the blog. (Nice to see that celebrities have hobbies (especially the miniature hobby) just like the rest of us ;) ) And now her husband made this wonderful video, I think it's so cool so I'll share it with you =) Who hasn't been dreaming of wondering around in a dollhouse like that?! And their baby, the star of the video is very cute! And Kitty has done a great job with her house! And the video is very well-made, looks just like the baby is inside the dollhouse, for real =)
  I dont know the Störby Jutbring family in person, but Kitty asked us (in the FB group) to share the video, and since I loved it I cant see any reason why not, so here it is:
(I manage to get it into my post by sharing it from youtube, I had no clue I could do that, you learn something new every day ;) )

And then I'll just tell you that the white poodle is finished, I think...

And a last picture of her posing with her friend the grey poodle.... =)
There is only a quick post today, since I have to get back to work on more animals for the fair. =)
Thank you all for your comments on my last post!
Take care