Monday, November 18, 2019

Mini-present from this summer

I haven't been making much miniatures this year. I just find it stressful, so I'm still on my break, but.. My mother turned 60 years old this summer and didn't want anything, except "maybe a roombox, if you have the time". I was gonna tell her sorry, I just can't. I can hardly look at my miniatures without getting all stressed out. But then I got this idea, that felt fun and "easy". So with just a few days left I made this. It's very small, I can't call it a roombox, because it's not a room =) Don't know what to call it, but it's some kind of miniature..

I started out with a jar of glass. A small one. I wanted this little scene dust free and to be able to look into it from all sides, so a glass jar was perfect.
I needlefelted a base of brown wool. (It's not that well documented, so I have very few pictures to show..)
And added grass, trees and a rock. I had this little rabbit I made a few years ago that I thought would suit the environment. (Its made of polymer clay with fur of wool)

 I added a little worm in the soil. (Yes, this is very much alike the forest I made for my Fantasy roombox I posted about awhile ago =) It was so much fun to make, I just wanted to make something like it again.)
 I added polymer clay mushrooms and a snail.

 This is the finished result before putting it inside the jar.

 The result, inside the jar.

Take care!