Thursday, December 26, 2013

A fantastic gift

Giving is fantastic, but I have to say; getting presents can be quite fantastic too ;)
One day before Christmas (you know we Swedes celebrate Christmas eve the 24th, and get our presents from Santa that day, I know for example you Americans have to wait another day for that ;) )
Anyway, the 23/12 I got a package with many great things from Sushi flavour. I won her competition/giveaway and a gift voucher of 100kr in her webshop. Such a pleasant surprise. I just went ahead and ordered straight away =) This is what I got:
Air drying clay, deco glue, fake sugar, mini-beads, and extra presents; ice cream glasses and 2 canes
Johanna even added some extra gifts, 2 ice cream glasses and 2 fimo canes. I was very happy! Still am ;)

Thank you very much Johanna!!
You should all go visit her shop and her blog. She makes wonderful jewellery and have lots of fun crafting materials. I look forward to make some ice cream out of this later. I have never worked with air drying clay like this before, looking forward to try =)

I can take the opportunity to show my mini-related Christmas presents too =) I got a big bag from my mum, to keep my crafting things in, and she already filled it with lots of great stuff.
Filled with fabric, fimo gloss varnish, wooden sticks, fimo clay and doll clay (and much more).

And my grandmother gave me some furniture to build =)
(And some ribbons I put in the bag.)

And some tools for cutting things.

I got so many presents this year, I most have been really nice ;)
Hope you all, like me had a great Christmas among people you love!
I will keep having the Christmas spirit and enjoy the company of my family. My mini-making seem to take a break, but I hope to be back after the holidays =)
Take care

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Meet the Pettersson family

When I was a kid I loved miniatures, making small things and playing with my dollhouse and my Barbies, and to draw and write stories. I think I could combine all these interests now too, by writing on my blog, coming up with a story about my dollhouse family and make miniatures (and collect vintage Barbie dolls). 

So I had a bit of fun coming up with names for my dolls =) I thought they should have a typical Swedish last name, a "sonnamn" (name ending with son) I married into a name like that =)
I thought they should be the Pettersson family =) (Petter is a man's name, so it means Petter's son, but nowadays the whole family have the name, even if the girls aren't a son ;) and even when their father doesn't have that particular first name, families inherits the name in many generations instead of taking the fathers name) Anyway =) I started thinking of how many they should be, and their first name =)
I started with the mother (who has a twin sister in a drawer here...) =) She got the name Lisbeth and the father who haven't got any cloths yet, he's Konrad =) And they have 3 kids, and Lisbeth is pregnant with a forth. The boy is called Jon and the girl Lovisa. But the baby haven't got a name yet... He/she hasn't even got a body yet ;)
Here they are:
Konrad, Lisbeth, Jon, Lovisa and "the baby"
I have done the body for both mum and dad, and mum's cloths. I don't think anyone is "finished" yet. I haven't even started on clothes for Konrad. And I'm thinking of giving Lisbeth hair, don't know if it's even possible (for me anyway)... And Jon, he is bought all finished, but I'm thinking of changing something.. I don't know what, but I would like to make him more unique... And the baby obviously needs a body =) and clothes, just like Lovisa.

When I was looking for the girl, I found 3 of them! I had no idea I had 3 similar dolls =) But every one has something different from the other, skin-tone or hair-tone..

Since the family has been very nice this year, they haven't even complained a bit about me not finishing there house, and having to sleep in a drawer and not having clothes... I gave them a surprise ;) They got to visit Santa in his unfinished house =) I think they were very hungry, because there is missing lots of food =)
I plan to set up a full typical Swedish "julbord" later, I started making food last year (isn't it great that polymer clay food doesn't rotten ;) ) but there are lots of food still missing, that needs to be done..
(I will write a post about how I made my Santa later =) )

As you can see Santa brought them all gifts. 
Jon got a train (can't remember were I got this from =) ) Lovisa got a Winnie the Pooh figure (This one use to be a necklace =) ) And the baby got a needlefelted teddy bear. Lisbeth got a book (I copied a book I have and printed it, glued it to a catalogue and cut it, very simple) And the kids all got books too (That I have got from Anna) =) And Konrad got a shirt (he could really need one.. but this is only a "fake" shirt.. folded fabric with fake buttons from polymer clay in a box I've made of paper)

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!
Here is a picture of our Christmas tree, this year we have a real one =) (Hopefully I will be able to make a miniature tree one day too.) We use to have a fake plastic tree, but it's nice to have a real one too, it smells good and is very beautiful. (We are missing a star at the top..)

 Take care

Sunday, December 8, 2013


 I got this lovely knife a few days ago. I won Doriens giveaway =)

Very well-made and  beautiful! Thank you very much Dorien!!

And now to the snow, this is more like it ;) We had a storm here in Sweden a few days ago, worse in south Sweden and not much here in the middle/north... But there were some wind and it did snow quite a lot. I was so happy =) (Because I love snow)

Can you feel it? I think I do now =) The Christmas spirit is seeking up on me =) And.. I manage to do one more dog. (Not from the new wool I was washing, I used some "old" one first) I don't know if I'm finished with this one... or if I should add brown, grey, curly fur, long fur or something.. I have no clue what breed it is.. it was suppose to be a west highland white terrier, then it became a big chihuahua, then I made the ears go down and made it into...nothing...

Do you have any idea what breed it is? =) Should I add some wool to make it look more like a special breed, or just let it be a mixed breed?! =)

My daughter was very happy for the gift, she plays with the "dollhouse" and opens the door and make a baby doll go trough it, and close it again =) And then she plays with the furniture out side of the "house". Her favourite is the toilet =) and the bed.
We are very careful to put pictures of our baby on the net, so this is all you get, a picture of her back ;) But its a pretty back, the worlds prettiest I think!

Today we got to light the second candle (out of 4 before Christmas) and I wish you all a: "God 2:a advent" (Happy second advent)

Take care

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I love Christmas, snow, candy and good food and family. But this year I haven't got the Christmas spirit, yet, I believe it was the lack of snow, but today we finally got snow, not just a thin layer, "real" snow =) I want looooots of snow for Christmas...
Any way, my daughter will be 2 years old this week. Time flies, really!! She is still my baby, and that's what she calls her self, baby =) But she is so big now, she is walking and talking like a big girl =)

She loves the doors in my dollhouse, and I'm longing for the day she is big enough to play nice with a dollhouse, but she is a bit young, still =) But I couldn't resist, so I made a roombox for her.. Its not pretty, but it has a door, and I got lots of great wooden furnitures for smaller children from a girl in a Facebook group about dollhouses. So This is what she will get for her birthday, and then I have even more furniture to give later. I might have to make some more rooms, to fit all the furniture =)
This is very, very simple. I thought I might ask her to paint the walls and maybe we can make a floor together too. She will get a real house later, but since she is so young I thought this will be enough for now =)
She might use her duplo figures in this house, she loves duplo =)
Her duplo figures. 
She calls them mormor (grandmum) bebis (baby) pappa (dad) mamma (mum). The bigger girl is suppose to be the mother, and the shorter is the little girl.. But she change the two of them ;) So I'm the little blond girl... =)

Back to my miniatures =)
I have been cleaning wool. I got some wool from a nice girl. Shropshire wool. I liked the colour when I got it, looked nice, then I put it in some water, and like magic, it became white! It's a nice colour now too, but I would like to have some beige/cream coloured wool too. I might try to colour some wool later.
I have dried it and now I'm just waiting for inspirations to make more dogs ;) Meanwhile I have been making some bags. Again =)

My lady tried one out =) She liked it ;) But these three will be added to my pile of things to sell =) As you know I'm saving things to sell, I need to work a bit faster if I want to have a full table next year.. =) I'm too slow to actually earn money from my hobby, and I get to attached to things too =) But I'll give it a try.

I did try to make a new dog today, but it didn't work.. I teared it apart and gave up, I might just not be in a good mood for dogs right now, maybe I'll try a teddy bear tomorrow, for no I'll just enjoy watching the snow =)
take care