Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Needle felting and flee market findings

Summer is going to it's end (but here in Sweden we finally got sun and some heat, I have been missing that yellow warm thing!)
My husband got back to work, me and my daughter are back to being home alone.. with a big stomach and some serious back pains. But we have been outside enjoying the sun a bit, me on a bench, while she has been running around the playground.
I hope I will have time for some bloging and reading blogs this autumn, but I'm afraid I wont have much time for miniatures this autumn since the baby is expected in less than 2 months now! Were did the time go? But now it feels like I'm stuck in time, with pains and a big (Everyone keeps saying I have such a small stomach) bump that just wont let me move.. I'll be so happy once the baby is on the outside instead of the inside, being pregnant isn't my favourite thing to be.. But I keep trying to think how fast 9 month will go.. But right now, stuck and unable to move..

Anyhow I saw Jennifer got an Instagram account, I started to look it up again.. After a few weeks I even downloaded the app for my phone, but never opened it =) Then Jane Chérie talked about Instagram too, and now I finally manage to open the app and open an account, so now I'll try to learn and maybe post some pictures there too. I do love blogging because you can write, a lot.. =) And I tend to do that.. I'm better at writing than taking pictures, but it's fun to take pictures too, and I will try to combine these two, and I love to follow others and see all their amazing pictures. So if you have an account I should follow, let me know =) And if you want to follow me, this is my accound: Hannahsminiatyrer

I haven't felt like doing much lately, I'm just too tired for everything now, but I haven't given up on needlefelting just look at the bunch of cats and giraffes appearing the last months..
I do dream of attending another fair, maybe next year?! I try to do a few minis to add to a "selling box", and hopefully I'll have enough things to attend a fair next autumn =) I hope to bring my daughter too, she is a great helper and I think she would like to see all those miniatures =)

Yesterday we went to a big flee market, I was looking for dolls and dollhouse furniture. No more dollhouses =) But.. The first thing I saw, was a nice Lundby Dallas house. Original wallpaper, just like I want it! And nice condition. It lacks a few plastic things for the windows, a door to the garage down stairs, two parts for the fence, and a half door to the stable at the side and the front downstairs. The chimney is loose, I have to glue it back on the roof later.
Here you can see the house in the catalogue of Lundby 1975:

 With the "front" attached

Without front wall

Also found a box of furniture. I'll see if I'll keep everything or sell a few of them (I already have the stove, since I was a kid, really like that one, but now I have two of them =) )

I also found this cute littlest pet shop Blythe. I have been looking for them =) I was so happy to find her, and she was very cheap too =)
A great day at the flee market! Sunny and great findings =)

Take care

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mini BenJi

I started working on my first clay/wool dog awhile ago. And wanted to make mums dog in miniature, to give her on her birthday. I have been thinking of making a miniature of him for years now, but always end up thinking it was too hard. But then I finally started and the real dog got to see the unfinished one before he passed away. When he died (about a month ago) I felt like I had to make the best mini dog ever.. hard to live up to =(
"Funny" how I think of doing a miniature for years, and when I finally do, the real dog dies.. Not the best time to work on this, I was about to cry every time I tried finish him.. But I got done, a few hours before the birthday party..
He was a mixed breed, shih tzu, lhasa apso and tibetan spaniel and a few more breeds further back too. A unique dog that is =)

Here is BenJi wondering what I was working on while we was "babysitting" one day. (Last time he was here..) My daughter took her role as a babysitter very serious, she took good care of him and wanted him to have a nice stay at our place =)

This very unfinished picture just reminded me of one day he and I was out, the wind blew really hard that day, and he was just a little puppy and the fur stood up, all over =) He looked kinda like this =)

I had to stop sometime, it was hard, I thought I could do better all the time, and added and remade things all the time, then I just had to put a stop to myself and say that I was done! Which I did (but look at the last picture, I did add some more white fur on the nose one last time before wrapping the gift..)

Visiting my dollhouse

I added a bit more white to the nose and tail, and then I decided I was done =)
I wasn't totally satisfied, but this is my first dog, I might get better at this in a few years, and maybe I'll do another one then.. But I have to say he is kinda cute, even do he might not look just like the "original".

Take care