Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dopskåp till lillasyster - Roombox for littlesisters baptism

I haven't felt like doing any miniatures for years now =( I know I get periods in life without any minis, but I kind of miss it, but just don't feel like catching up.. It's like it has become something I have to do, not something I want to do.  I feel like I should do something, and that I really should post here.. and keep in touch. But I haven't. Sorry for that.
But when I got a baby-sister I felt like doing a roombox for her baptism, just like I did for my youngest brother six years ago. I'm a very big sister, I have kids of my own (that haven't got any roomboxes.. oops) but my oldest daughter, 7 years old now (!) have been asking me to pick up miniatures again. So here we go.

The "roombox" is something from Ikea, Variera. I don't know what it really is =) something for the kitchen.. but I immediately saw a very cool room, wider in front and a bit more narrow in the back.
Off course I wont add the extra handle, I'll just skip that, and put up some wallpaper on the back to hide the screw holes.

I realized it was quite deep, and it might become a bit dark (I haven't got the hang of lights, yet, and didn't have time to fix light in this roombox) But I thought it would be nice to have an extra wall, with a hidden room in the back, so I made a new wall (from thicker cardboard) and glued wallpaper on the walls. Made splines from regular white paper.

I thought an open door would be nice, but that was too hard for me to build right now, so I made it easy, just an open door frame.

I placed a wooden pram in the "back room". With a little plastic doll. And some small shoes at the floor.

 I placed a glow-in-the-dark-star at the wall.

I made a simple shelf. I knew I wanted a special "bapthism-candle", like the candle at least we here in Sweden get at a baptism. I made a poster with her name and the date. To place at the shelf.

I placed some toys in the shelf too. The pop-up toy is a miniature from a toy my first born got from my father and his wife when she was new born. The sheep feels a bit like my signature toy, a favourite to make =)
The teddy bear is made from a pipecleaner. I made one just like the one I made for my brothers roombox six years ago.

And the baby-figure is also very similar to the babyfirgure in the roombox I made for my brother. (so they will match :) )

The jigsaw puzzle is made of paper, I cut out one piece and placed at the floor.

The candle is in place, with a poster and a white angel. 
The little train on the shelf is a bead.
The dollhouse is made of cardboard.

When I was done my husband helped glue a translucent plastic "paper" over it all, to keep away from dust. (maybe it will keep little fingers from trying to move around all the glued pieces too :) )
When the glue had dried I just cut of the rest of the "paper", to make it fit the roombox.

All done.

And there you have it, my first attempt at miniatures, for a long while.
Merry Christmas
Best wishes

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Still on a break

My break has come to be a lot longer than I first thought.. I just feel to busy to do miniatures, and I have always done things in periods, and right now I'm in a sewing-period. And knitting.
But some needlefelting animals has started to sneak-up on me.

For a long time I have wanted to make a miniature cat mum with kittens. And I finally took some time to make one. My now 5 years old daughter thought I should make one just like it to her too, so.. I better start working on a new one soon =)

And for Valentines day I got some help from both my kids to arranging a photo:

 or, rearrange..

I haven't had much time for blogging, but I post some photos on Instagram every now and then, but I hope to be back on the blog, some day =)

Thanks for stopping by
Take care

Friday, August 19, 2016

Miss you..

I miss you, all my mini-friends.. I'm sorry I've been away for so long, and I won't come back just yet.
When the baby was born I thought, wow, this is easy. She was sleeping a lot and big sister helped and I was sooooooo lucky, I love my family so much. Time flies and the baby is 10 month old, soon a whole year :O She is climbing EVERYTHING! I run around trying to ease her fall... she is still a happy baby, she brighten my days. And big sister is a proud and wonderful sister. We play and have a nice time together, so I'm busy trying to enjoy this right now.  And I have taken up my interest for sewing. And I got a new "strange hobby" cloth diapers.. All my spare time go to diapers.. =) I buy, sell, sew, and think about diapers all the time =) My miniatures have to rest for now, when baby is diaper free, I'll get back to minis =)

I have sewn these diapers and big sister wanted something too, so since she is a dress-lover (never wears anything else than dresses) I made her a dress, crocked.. but she loves it. And baby got some pants too. Now big sister asks for pants too, that will fit under a nice dress that is =)

Fitted diaper

Matching pants 

Dress for the big girl and a fitted diaper for the baby

And wetbags for dirty diapers on the go =)
PUL fabric was a nightmare to sew in, but I finally got done, and now I dare to work on a diaper in pul too =)

Thanks for your patients and friendship, I look forward on seeing what you have been up to when I was gone =)

Take care and see you later =) 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Gifts again

4 months, my baby is 4 months old, how did that happen?!
Life is catching up with me and I thought of taking a miniature break, but I just can't, I have to make a little something every now and then, to feel good. I would go nuts if I never get to make something creative.. so every now and then I make something, but I don't have much time to work with, so the blog is often left for later.. =)

I showed you gifts last time, I knew I should have waited a day or two, because more gifts were on the way. Jennifer is so sweet, and when I won her giveaway, I got a few (a lot of extras) to share with my kids. We had a blast looking through that package =)

Lovely cards made by Jennifer

In Sweden when kids go to the dentist they often get to choose a present after, from a big box of things, this reminded me of that, but we didn't have to chose only one thing, we got the whole box =)
My daughter and I divided the things between us, and she put hair clips in both her own hair, mine and on her favourite sheep =)

Stickers, with my daughters favourites =) She loves Lalaloopsy right now (And Hello Kitty) First we loved EAH dolls, then they stop selling them in Sweden, now when we found Lalaloopsy, they have stooped selling those too... Bad luck for us..
Any way my kid was very happy for the stickers, we made posters for her dollhouse, her Lalaloopsy dolls were very happy with their new posters =)

Then I got this in the mail too, I bought these candle holders from Finland, found them in a Facebook group; Lundby Lovers
They are inspired by Alvar Aalto's candle holders. I just love them.

My Instagram followers have already seen this picture but I share it again here =)
Like I said, I try to make some miniatures every now and then. This little dog was waiting for me, without legs, for a year, finally he got some legs =) Now he is just missing eyes and a nose.. I wonder how long it will take to make them... I try to finish some unfinished objects right now =)

And I had a bit of fun photographing Aragon while he visited my dollhouse family =)
 Lovisa was so happy to see uncle Aragon again =)

Jon was more sceptic, since Aragon missed his birthday, but this skateboard made him light up again ;)

Hope you all are doing well, I read blogs every now and then, wont be able to comment as much as usual, but I like following you and I just can't keep away from the miniature-/blogworld for too long, so I guess I'll be talking to you soon again =)
Until then;
Take care

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Sometimes with war and all nasty kind of stuff going on, I lost faith in humans... But then, blog friends all over the world just embrace me with the sweetest and most kind words and presents, and when I look at my daughters, while they smile and how the big girl is so sweet to the baby, it's almost too good to be true. Life can be so wonderful! But in some of the blogs I read about much sorrow and death this year too, this year has been both up and down I guess, as always.
But I hope for a good 2016 for us all, and that the kindness of blogland will spread all over the world =)

Talking about kindness, I have got many presents lately! I'm overwhelmed! I just have to show you!

First I won a giveaway from:

Penelope sent books for my daughters and these wonderful shoes made by PatriSan. The books were very popular, so are the shoes!
The first time I saw PartiSans shoes, I knew I had to have a pair! But I didn't even dare to ask the price, and I'm so bad at buying from abroad (but Etsy made that easier for me, lucky for me, bad for my wallet)
And all a sudden, I'm the owner of these wonderful shoes! Can't thank you enough Penelope!
I have always loved shoes. When I was young I cried in the store, not because I didn't want to try on the shoes, but because I couldn't try on every shoe there was ;)

Then Kikka surprised me with gifts:
The Pencils are very cute, will go very well with a scene I have been thinking of making, someday =) Thanks Kikka!!

And Birgit surprised me last year (then it took me a year, to send her a little surprise back =) Since she is a bit quicker than me, she had already made a new gift for me this year)

I wonder if Birgit recognize the horse in our little Christmas tree?! (a gift from last year) My daughter loves it and got to hang it herself this year.
And my husband asked a few weeks ago, don't we have a new calender for 20016 for the hobby-room? No, we hadn't, but now, we do =) Thank you Birgit!

and Sara sent a beautiful card and my favourite character from Mumin (Moomin), Ninni (the invisible girl)

And Jane Cherié sent a card too, I was so surprised and grateful, thank you all for thinking of me!

Maybe life is catching up with me now.. Husband's back at work, I'm busy with the kids, and all kind of colds..
There has been way to many sick days here, for all of us. But I hope for a healthy 2016. I feel very blessed having these wonderful kids!
But I miss having more time for miniatures and blogs... but sometimes I just fall down exhausted in the couch, wanting something to read, and then the blogs are great, but I realize it's hard to comment every post I want to, so forgive me for not keeping up...

Sometimes when I (try to) clean the house I get this crazy idea I should just quit, sell all my dolls and quit making and collecting minis.. It'll be so much easier to clean.. and all these millions of "good-to-have"garbage and material, would just leave a lot of space.. But, who want clear space in their home, right? I guess everything will stay as it is, until I can pick up were I left it. But, I have to baby-proof everything again now, so all the needles and small items are packed away for awhile. And to make up for the lack of creativity, I bought a few books about miniatures to keep me busy the few times a day (nights) that I have a little time for myself =) Will show them later.

Wishing you all a happy new year!!
Take care

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Found a great tutorial on band-aids, and I actually got some time to try it out. (The baby sleeps a lot some days, especially since she too got sick =( But not as bad as the rest of us, but enough to worry me, like crazy. Yesterday she was awake all day, and very sad, but today she sleeps all day.. The rest of the family is feeling much better now, it took a long time, this cough was no fun, but I'm glad it's almost over now!)
Anyway, back on the tutorial =) here it is:

And I had some fun today taking some pictures, not the best pictures, but I was stressed that the baby would wake up =)

 Mum have told Lovisa not to climb the couch, but Lovisa just can't help it, it's so much fun, until...
..she fell down...
And hurt her arm on the way. There was blood..
 ..and tears..
Then came mum
A hug always make it better
 and of course a band-aid helps a lot!
And lucky for the Pettersson family I made more band-aids, so now they are ready for more accidents...
The big package is the first one I made, just printed the sheet I found on the blog I linked to in the beginning of the post. It was a bit too big I thought, so I tried making it smaller, this was the smallest (1,1cm and the big one is 1,5cm) I could make, it was a bit too small, very hard to make the band-aids that small, so they are a bit too big for the packings, but, it works =) They were a lot of fun to make! And I think they look so cute, and I love minis that actually works, like the real thing!

I read a lot of blogs while breastfeeding, it's hard to leave comments, since the keyboard is too far away, and my hands are tied, to the baby, but sometimes I manage to do it, other times I just read. It's a great way to spend my time while being "stuck" on the couch =)
I enjoy every second of my wonderful baby and you see, I even got some times for minis too =) Life is good!
Take care