Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dolls and stick horses

One day my daughter asked me to do a blue mini stick horse for her dolls. She sat by my side the whole time and was very happy when I was done. (Now she wants to be a grown up so she can needle felt herself...)

I got stuck in horses for awhile.. But now I want to move on to something else.. But it's nice to do a lot when I feel like it, then it might take years until I want to do another horse again =)

As you could see on my Instagram, I did manage to do a dress for poor mini Blythe. It was harder than I thought.. But first I did a dress for a naked Lundby mum, it was easy and it fits perfectly.

Then I thought it would be easy to make another dress for LPS Blythe, but I was wrong...
The dress just came apart and the fabric wanted to come apart and then I used a lot of glue.. and in the end I just forced it on the poor doll after taking her head off.. The dress came apart again and I used more glue and now she is stuck in the dress.. =) Might be for the best.. I don't want to make another dress for a long time now...

Here she is with her friend. 
(The dress on the right is not made by me, only the left one)

Finally she was able to leave the bedroom.

The girls had a nice time in the livingroom. (My daughter thought Lalaloopsy should be in the picture too!)
And we had some rainy days, so the girls got to watch the same TV show me and my daughter watched this week; Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstocking)

I went looking for my Lundby furniture at my mum's basement, found a whole box of Lundby dolls =) Some will move in to the Lundby Dallas house.

I have gotten stuck in buying dolls too, I just love them, the apartment is quite full of dolls and miniatures by now.. Barbie, Ever After High and all kind of small dolls.. But since Sweden stop selling EAH I got a bit mad and don't know if I want to buy more.. it's not as fun to order abroad and they even deleted the whole EAH site in Swedish, and all the episodes are gone. So now me and my daughter can't watch them together.. I know they still make new ones in English, but she doesn't understand English yet.. and I think it was much more fun to watch them together with her.. and when they even deleted the old episodes so we can't even watch our old favourite ones I just gave up! But I'll save all my EAH dolls, and maybe I'll buy Kitty and Cupid too, really want them, but have to look abroad then.. But the Swedish prices were crazy, so I understand they didn't sell good enough.. 2 times or 3 times the price on, that is just stupid.. But when they gave up EAH they sold them very cheep, so I have manage to get hold on some new ones for a good price, have to take pictures of them some day..

But now I just rest a lot, building up some energy for times to come..
Take care

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lundby Dallas in action

Things are happening in the Dallas house. First we had to do some cleaning:

Daddy got a new ride

And a scary Furious Smurf was lurking around

(No doll was harmed during the photos)

And then there were lights!

And a 3,5 year old girl REALLY interested in mommy's dollhouse

(Lots of work to be done, wires to hide..)

(I have to dig deeper into my old boxes of furniture, I think there are more kitchen pieces to be found..)

And a swap with Sara, with a doll that my daughter snitched right away..

I was not going to have any Lalaloopsy dolls, there are too many dolls out there for me to collect everything.. but this one is so cute I had to have it, and now I want more.. (I almost doesn't have this one, since my daughter say it's her collectable doll, that she collects, and I can't play with it, (wonder what she got that from ;) ) but she lives in my dollhouse)

And finally there is a cranky doll in the house that refuses to get out of bed until I give her some clothes..
Tried cheering her up with a teddy bear, but I agree, she should get some clothes..
And a name.

Take care
I'll try making some clothes for poor LPS Blythe now..
(Update: here are a dress, not the best one.. but I might try again later.. )