Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm back =)

We went on a vacation for two weeks. My husband only had two weeks of vacation this year and as always we went to my mother-in-law in south Sweden. We took the car and made the loooong road trip. It's a bit sad that we live so far away from each other.. But these days we can always chat for free with skype =)
Any way, I didn't make any miniatures or read any miniature blogs while we were gone. My computer got to stay at home this year, but I did check some email and stuff on the phone =) But now I have lots of blog-catching-up to do... And miniatures to make, but I seem to have run out of creativity.. I have been very creative and made lots of things the last years, but right now I don't feel like doing anything.. especially not needle felt =( I hope this will change soon!

The day before the trip I was thinking of my Etsy shop, and if I should put it on hold for the vacation (but I didn't) And then, I got a custom order. I was thinking of removing that option, but I never go to it.. But I was thrilled, but soon I realized it was a bit to stressful for me, especially since I didn't have the wool colour the customer wanted, I offered to make it in another colour, but we ended up saying she needed to look for another seller..
After that I removed the option to make a custom request.. I do work fast under a bit of pressure, ( I finished the teddy bear in only one day, but I did have a babysitter that day, so I could work without a curious girl hanging over my shoulder all day =) ) but I get very anxious I wont be able to make it good enough for the customer. So I removed that "button" on my Etsy shop. I might offer custom orders in the future but for now I will only sell things I have actually already made and that people choose from a picture, that way I know that's the thing they want. But if anyone want something in particular don't be afraid to ask me =) I think it's a lot more pressure if someone make an "order" than if it's just a request by mail =)

Well, since I haven't been making any minis on the vacation I have nothing to show.. But I did make that teddy bear in the "wrong" colour, so here it is:
I was thinking of making teddy bears like this in lots of different colours and line them up in one photo, I think that would look cool. =) Maybe I will be able to make some more one day, when the inspiration gets back.
This bear is supposed to look a lot like the orange one I made before, but all my animals gets a bit different from the other, that makes them more unique, and I do like that, but some times I just want to "copy" what I have already made once, but that is just impossible!

I hope to be able to post a new tutorial soon, just need some technical help from my husband first.. so stay tuned.. ;)

Take care