Monday, April 28, 2014

Swap with Lisa and Jennifer

I got two packages today =) I was thinking a few days ago; maybe I should save the packages for my birthday, (at the end of this week) or maybe open one package now and then... Then the doorbell rang and I got both Lisa's and Jennifer's packages and before I knew it, I had opened them both ;)
My 2-year old was cheering me on, saying "öppna mamma, öppna!" (Open mum, open!) And we both just sat and looked at it all.
I thought about making one post for each package, but then I had to decide which package would go first and I'm no good at decisions =)
So this post will be about both packages =)
I love my packages! 
So many wonderful things, and I could really see that both Lisa and Jennifer tried to make the package personal =) I did tell them both it was my birthday soon. And I told Jennifer I love chocolate, and she sent me both chocolate cake and a chocolate bar.(And cookies) I've always loved cakes, cookies and sweets =)
And Lisa sent me a cake too! Looks like my dolls will have a great party =) They even got a party hat and paper plates.
And I love bags, and I got this wonderful white bag from Lisa. With purple pepita inside, I love that pattern =) And I love kits, I'll have a lot of fun assemble these boxes!

Here is the package from Lisa
There was suppose to be candles on the cake, but they fell off during the trip over here, but I manage to glue 2 of them in place again =) I think these paper plates are very cool, and like I said, the bag is wonderful!
Thank you Lisa! This package surely makes my birthday this year a lot more special!

And the package from Jennifer!
A wonderful card and lots of sweets and sweet stuff she made. The pitcher of glass is very cool, I think its amazing how anyone can make something so tiny out of glass (Jennifer didn't made it, but someone did =) ) And her friend made the kettle-holders. The rest is made by Jennifer. There are lots of green, yellow and pink, my favourite colours. (But I do like all colours)
Thank you Jennifer! I'm so very happy for my gifts!

And later I found this flask, it didn't make it to the first picture of Jennifer's things.

I asked my doll Lisbeth to help me clean up on the third floor. (I'm almost done with the last floor now) But I found her eating cake and admire Lisas bag instead. Looks like they had a party in the house, paper plates on the floor, and Lisbeth is wearing Lisa's party hat...

Down stairs I found Konrad, at least he is helping me with the cleaning... Since I got so many new things for the kitchen, I was very eager to clean it up and actually start working on it, I haven't even started to build the top cupboards and paint the parts I have..
Konrad tried some rubber gloves, but I don't think he has ever used rubber gloves before, he's wearing them a bit odd... And he seem to be eating both cake and chocolate bar instead of cleaning... well, I'll let them have their cake for now, and we will try to clean another day.....

Hope my packages for you (Lisa and Jennifer) arrives soon!
You can see what I sent to Lisa here: 
And Jennifer here:
Take care

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I've been up to lately

Thanks to all of you that wanted to swap with me, I hope to do this again sometime =) Then I'll reserve a spot for you Kikka if you are still interested by then =)

My carpet so far
I thought I haven't done any minis since the fair, but I did embroider on my carpet again, and I started to make a few more pull-toy-sheeps (I already have another buyer for one..) and made some plastic sledges.

But I felt very non-creative and hollow after a few months of "work" every day for the fair. But I hope to get going with my house again, sometime soon. And I might take up on an old project, my Fantasy-project. I hope I'll get a little push in the right direction from Jane, since she is sending me a swap-package later =)
And soon I'll get some swap-packages from Lisa and Jennifer, that might give me a ton of inspiration to continue my work =) And then I'll get a package from Irina too. How lucky am I?!

I was talking sledges. I'm a bit off season here, the snow melted away weeks ago but I started to think it would be nice to make a sledge, just like the one my daughter have. A Stiga cruiser =)
I made a red one for me, and my daughter saw it and wanted one for herself, so I made a blue one for her (her favourite colour right now) Then I just made two more, I was still in selling-mode I think ;)
I Haven't attached the pull-string yet. I was thinking of making a seatbelt too, but I don't know if I want to =) We will see.
I started making a pull-sting; red, white and blue, but then I remembered our string is just white, but on all pictures on Google they had red, white and blue strings.. Because it took me quite a long time to make this string, I might just have a simple white string on the rest..

I was very busy the week before the fair, this is what I made back then:
I made three owls one or two days before the fair =) They are quite simple and fun to make. I sold 2 of them and the last one is on it's way to Jennifer right now =) I think I'll make a few more for my nursery later.

I also made two frogs, both sold quite fast =) I'll have to make another one for my nursery too =) I love toys and I have always liked frogs, so I most have a plush frog in my nursery =)

I manage to make a cat too. I worked a lot the last week before the fair and manage to make a few things =) The eyes are maybe a bit too green on this cat.. But I did make them a little darker, with some brown spots in them, but I fixed that after I took the photo and I didn't have time to take a new photo...

And last but not least a French bulldog. I was very uncertain about selling this one, you know me, I get very attached to my animals, and this one was very hard to sell, but it was a very nice girl that picked it up, so I hope it has a good life with her now =)

A sleepy French bulldog puppy
I tried to capture the wrinkles puppies have in the neck and body =) And how they can fall asleep everywhere, any time. I think this one fell asleep crawling up the sofa or something =)

Soon I'll open my Etsy shop =) I'll let you know when. I just need to list a few more items and read the rules a bit better. I most say, I'm getting old and slow, new things are just hard to learn.... =)
I will try to sell one or two things now and then, but then I have to think about if this is what I want to do. I get very attached to things, and it might just not be worth it to stress and make things and sell. When I only make things for myself, I don't stress that much.. But I like when people like my things and wants them in their dollhouses, and I do like the extra money ;)
It's not as stressful to sell on the net, I don't have to have a lot of things ready at the same time, like I had to with the fair. But I hope to make it to another fair in the future, I'll just have to get a lot of time preparing for it, not 6 month like I had this time =)

Have a nice week and take care

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Do You want to swap??

Addition to the original post: I have had a great respond to this post and have already gotten 4 swap partners =) I'm thrilled! But I'm sad to say I can't accept more offers right now, so the swapping is now closed for this time! Thank you all for your interest, and maybe we can do this again some day =)

I thought I would bring back lots of my things from the fair, but I sold more than I thought, but still, I have some "leftovers" ;)
I thought it could be fun to swap some things. My birthday is coming up and it would be nice to get some packages for that, so if any one is up for a swap I would be thrilled =)

I made 3 packages thinking it would be fun to swap them for something else.. I love miniatures (off course) - handmade, bought, all miniatures =) and dolls, fabrics and materials for mini-making, so I think I'm easy to please ;)
If anyone has a bit of silk gauze I would love to try embroider on that, can't find any here in Sweden, so if anyone have some extra, let me know =)

Package number 1 - This package is taken and will be shipped to Lisa
A grey needle felted dog with movable legs, an old worn out needle felted teddy bear, a miniature children's counting book (In Swedish, and it contains pictures of my needle felted dogs, the title is: Räkna med Hunden= Count on/with the dog) a needle felted cactus, a blue handbag and a pop-up nativity scene card
All handmade by me (the card is just cut out and glued together, I have not made the design)

Package number 2 This package is taken and will be shipped to Irina
A needle felted cat (Siam), a miniature children's counting book (In Swedish, and it contains pictures of my needle felted cats, the title is: Räkna med Katten= Count on/with The cat) a sign (Saying: Home is were memories live forever), a blueberry pie, a chocolate cake in a cake tin, a pop-up nativity scene card, 6 Art deco plates and an embroidered carpet.
All but the carpet is handmade by me (the card is just cut out and glued together, I have not made the design, I have not design the sign either...)

Package number 3 This package is taken and will be shipped to Jennifer
A needle felted teddy bear, a miniature children's counting book (In Swedish, and it contains pictures of my needle felted teddy bears, the title is: Räkna med Nalle= Count on/with Teddy) a duck, a pop-up toy, a stack-toy (You can actually play with it =) ) a needle felted owl, a toy vw-bus and a children's coat (wearable).
All but the duck is handmade by me.

If you are interested in any of these packages, pleas leave a comment or send me an email at: hannahsminiatyrer @ gmail. com (without all the spaces)
I can ship anywhere so all countries are welcome! 
I can add or change things to a package if you like, just tell me what you would like to change =)
Hope I can find 3 people that are willing to make a swap =) Because of the postage price I think 3 packages are the most I will send, so no more than 3 people can make a swap with me this time (But you might not be up for this at all, than I'll just keep the packages =) )
IF/when a package is spoken for I will try update the blog fast, so that all can see that the package is no longer available.
I give myself the right to turn down an offer, or say yes, so if you are interested in a swap, tell me which package you would like and tell a little about what you can offer to me (you do not have to be very specific, just so I know if I am interested or not) =)

Have a nice week and speak to you soon =)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stockholms miniatyrmässa april 2014 / Miniature show

Först vill jag bara säga ett stort tack till alla som besökte mitt och Annas bord på miniatyrmässan i Stockholm i söndags. =)
Thank you all who visited our table at the miniature show in Stockholm!!
And a warning to you all; there will be a looooong text here.. keep scrolling if you only want the pictures =)

I couldn't keep my promise, to take lots of pictures on the fair.. I did borrow my husbands camera, since mine is all messed up and only works when it wants too.. But when I had taken a few pictures the memory card got crazy, deleting all pictures on the camera and said it needed to be reinstalled. (My husband could recover them later) But, you wont be seeing lots of pictures since I had to stop taking more pictures after the card got crazy... =( But I took some, asked if I was allowed to photograph and they said yes (I said yes to every one that asked me too =) I think we should be prepared to be on picture when we enter a public place like this.. but it's nice to be asked =) )
Anyway, I was so busy I couldn't get any time to take pictures, so its not just the cameras fault..

I got to meet Anna for the first time, I felt like I knew her already since we have been talking a lot on the internet, but its nice to meet in person too =)
She is a lovely person in real life, just like I thought before =) And she is very talented with miniatures and a generous person!
I'm so glad I got to do this with her!! I'm also glad I brought my mum, she was a great help this day. Great company on the train, and the bus home, and she handle the money and counting while I was to stressed to count (I hate counting)

You know by now how easily I get all stressed up, so I was really stressed on the morning of the fair, I couldn't sleep that well the night before (even do I got to stay at mum's friends house and they cooked and baked fresh bread and gave us breakfast and drove us to the hotel where the fair was..) Long story short, they were lovely and gave us very great service! =) But I missed my husband and daughter that stayed at home..

My Sunday started of great, first mum's friends bought stuff, before the fair =) and then I sold at least 4 things before they even open the fair. And then the costumers kept coming =)
I had a "Fyndlåda"/bargain-box with small stuff I didn't need, 1kr or 5kr each, that people loved, and bought almost all of them..

A picture of my side of the table before the opening:
The bed on the left is made by Anna, and the tablecloths is made by my mum, the rest is my stuff, I brought so much stuff I didn't even have room for it all =) But I never agreed to the saying: Less is more... ;)

My animals 
I have already sold two teddy bears, a giraffe and a sheep. And my favourite dog, the one in the left corner sold just after I took this picture, before the opening..

Many of this small stuff is still with me.. But the kitchen, all ice-cream cones, nativity scenes and one cactus is sold.

Here is a pictures of the whole table at the beginning, we weren't done yet, Anna is unpacking some lamps, and my 5kr-bargin-box isn't in place yet.. but I have already sold my favourite dog on this picture.. 
Anna's things on the left and mine at the right (except the bed, that Anna made)
Picture taken with my old cellphone, Anna's lamps are in place =)
There were many people looking at Anna's tiny Lundby houses and her cute guinea pigs (I have bought one before) And a lot of people looked at my miniature schnauzer, but noone bought it. Almost all my cats are gone by now, but the dogs were harder to sell, I'm not to sad about that.. you know me, I get attached to my things and have a hard time selling them. But so many people told me how they fell in love with an animal and had to buy it, so that was wonderful to hear!!! 

Then there was this lady buying a LOT of animals, for her shop, I was very sceptic, I want to sell to people that love my things and not to people that want to make a profit out of my work. But she said she will place them in her store and have my name at them, and she got a lot of business cards to go with them, so I hope they will be picked up by people that love them, eventually. I forgot the name of the shop, but if you are in "Gamla stan", Stockholm, seeing my elephant, giraffe, cats and teddy bears feel free to leave me a comment with the shops name... =)

I got a lot of comments from people telling me the prices were to low, I should have respect for my work, so from now on I'll raise some of the prices ;)

OK, I could go on and on about this day. It was truly a big day for me. I realize I'm not a great seller, and I get very stressed doing things like this! But I got to try this, and I think I will do it again, some day, but not this year (There will be a new fair 12/10 2014) and maybe not even the next year, but I will be back =) And next time I will know so much more, how I want things and how to get even better, so this was a great opportunity for me, and the costumers were all so lovely!
I will open an Etsy shop, soon. But then I will focus on making things for my self for awhile. But I guess I can't resist selling some animals now and then ;) But it's very stressful to make more and more things, and then have to part with them and sell them, maybe I'll feel better looking at the money, but, money can't buy you happiness, but spending time with my family can, the family will come first and the hobby next, and selling as a third place ;)

Now I'll show the few pictures I got to take on this lovely fair =)

Maria Ganders table
More from Maria
Still on Marias table =)

The next table was Crazy4minis
The table opposite ours had these lovely dolls, I admired them last year too and bought one last year.
The table belongs to Ewa Lindow-Bäfwer

Our "table-neighbour" Lissie Ankarberg, very nice people =)

Gör-det-själv-bordet/ Do-it-your-self-table
Wonderful roombox made by Gia. I love the floor!

Ruth Andreae-Aus is building a wonderful house, here is a small roombox showing the dolls she got frome Anne Collin.

Birgitta Karlsson made this beautiful room in a bag =)

Eva Malmsten

Elaine Mossberg

I had my hands full all day, but me and Anna got to take a quick look around too =) And I did buy some things =)  (I thought I didn't buy anything, but I did, I was just a little of, and really focused on being a good seller, so I was a bit confused looking around on other tables. But there were some lovely things there. I wished I had stayed a bit longer on Hannah Roet's table for example.. and I did go back for more to Johanna Sandqvist, her paintings were amazing.. and I just had to have this carpenter's level from Dockvrån, and the carpet from Miniatyrmama. So I got what I came for ;) And a bit more and I got to sell so much more than I had hoped for..
A BIG Thank you to all of you who just stayed and said hi, or bought some thing of mine. =)
My findings:

Like I said I was focused and stressed so I don't even know what I said to Kikka =) But I was so very happy to see you and I'm very happy for the gift! Look what she brought me:

Me and Anna made a little swap at the end, I got these wonderful shoes, I love them! And this little Lundby house , so cute! And a tablet.

The shoes have moved in already =) The rest have to wait until I clean the house...

My daughter saw the boots from Millimeter and thought they would look great on her doll..A bit big one might think, but they weren't that expensive, so I'll let her have them, at least for awhile ;)

I saw that Skala minimal published some photos on her blog, so if you are interessted in more pictures from the fair, go check it out =)

And  Kikka have pictures too (even a picture of me in the first link) =)

Last but not least I was thinking, is there anyone out there that would like to swap something?? If you know a special thing you really would like, leave me a comment and I'll see if it's possible to swap. Otherwise I'll make some packages (I think 3 would be enough, the postage is too high to swap with all of you I'm afriaid..) and take a picture and ask in my next post if you are interested and then just leave a comment and we will swap =) swapping is so much fun and I have a few things left to trade =)

Thank you for looking at my blog, and take care =)