Monday, February 1, 2016

Gifts again

4 months, my baby is 4 months old, how did that happen?!
Life is catching up with me and I thought of taking a miniature break, but I just can't, I have to make a little something every now and then, to feel good. I would go nuts if I never get to make something creative.. so every now and then I make something, but I don't have much time to work with, so the blog is often left for later.. =)

I showed you gifts last time, I knew I should have waited a day or two, because more gifts were on the way. Jennifer is so sweet, and when I won her giveaway, I got a few (a lot of extras) to share with my kids. We had a blast looking through that package =)

Lovely cards made by Jennifer

In Sweden when kids go to the dentist they often get to choose a present after, from a big box of things, this reminded me of that, but we didn't have to chose only one thing, we got the whole box =)
My daughter and I divided the things between us, and she put hair clips in both her own hair, mine and on her favourite sheep =)

Stickers, with my daughters favourites =) She loves Lalaloopsy right now (And Hello Kitty) First we loved EAH dolls, then they stop selling them in Sweden, now when we found Lalaloopsy, they have stooped selling those too... Bad luck for us..
Any way my kid was very happy for the stickers, we made posters for her dollhouse, her Lalaloopsy dolls were very happy with their new posters =)

Then I got this in the mail too, I bought these candle holders from Finland, found them in a Facebook group; Lundby Lovers
They are inspired by Alvar Aalto's candle holders. I just love them.

My Instagram followers have already seen this picture but I share it again here =)
Like I said, I try to make some miniatures every now and then. This little dog was waiting for me, without legs, for a year, finally he got some legs =) Now he is just missing eyes and a nose.. I wonder how long it will take to make them... I try to finish some unfinished objects right now =)

And I had a bit of fun photographing Aragon while he visited my dollhouse family =)
 Lovisa was so happy to see uncle Aragon again =)

Jon was more sceptic, since Aragon missed his birthday, but this skateboard made him light up again ;)

Hope you all are doing well, I read blogs every now and then, wont be able to comment as much as usual, but I like following you and I just can't keep away from the miniature-/blogworld for too long, so I guess I'll be talking to you soon again =)
Until then;
Take care