Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Do I dare to say rabbit, again?!

We had some vacation, and we travelled to south Sweden as usual, but before that, I did make even more rabbits...
Don't want to bore you with all the rabbit pictures, but here are some more.. A family picture, seem like there were 4 babies, I think 2 of them will have to move when they get old enough ;) But 2 will stay at my dollhouse, with the mother. =)

And I guess this is the rabbit father, he has shorter fur than the rest, it was fun to try cutting it shorter =)
I don't know if I'm done with rabbits for now, we will have to wait and see, there might be more, just because I like making them =) And there are so many more colours to try... =)

One day I realized I had quite a lot of air-drying-clay left. I thought I should work on that a bit more. (I made a few ice cream cones before) But when I found it, it was all dry =( Note to self: NEVER forget air dry clay!
I had a short cry (another note: never find destroyed mini-material once pregnant and extra sensitive) But then I thought I had to try if there was anything useful left. I got to make a few ice creams, and then I realized I could soften some of the clay with water, doesn't look like it was before, but it was OK I think. I had a lot of hard work to make just a few ice creams. I might try to use some more another day, I got so sick of this stupid thing I had to take a break. The cones are polymer clay and the ice cream is that air dry clay that drives me mad  =)

I thought it would be easy with air dry clay, no oven, just wait and it's done, and you can make it in containers that doesn't stand the oven.. but.. polymer clay doesn't dry like that stupid thing, I think I'll stick to that! =) So I was back to "normal" clay again..

Like I said before, I made a few cakes for my daughter, and I did make some for me too =) Tried using liquid clay on the left one, wasn't a success.. Have to practice a bit more.. and the right one was far from perfect too.. More practice I guess...

And some stones for my Fantasy garden, which one do You like the best? 
With white and brown eyes, just the brown or no eyes?? I can't decide which one I like the best.. I have been working on more magical fantasy stuff, but I'll show that later. The tree, anyone remember that?! Haven't gotten any further with that.. =( I got stuck on the boring leafs..

But I made a few paper minis too, some packings for the kitchen, and then these train puzzles I showed in my last post. Here is a close up, here you can see how you can move the parts =)

And the Glow-in-the-dark-stars (also from the last post) in place at the roof at my nursery. It was a bit difficult to photograph them.. But I tried to show you them in different lights/darkness.



And some final pictures of things I picked up on our vacation =)
I visited Dockbutiken, I had a great time, a small store (with a big web shop), so many things to look at! I can't believe I had this much character, to go out of that store and not bring half of it with me home.. ;) There were also a lot of dolls I would have loved to bring home!

And my mother-in-law saw these on a supermarket, very cheep tools for my clay.

Btw, do you remember the buyer that scammed me on Etsy/paypal?! I just found out I was far from the only one, she has scammed a lot of people now.. I wish Etsy and Paypal could arrange something that made it possible to block people like that.. Well, I'm glad I got to know the truth now, and I feel better knowing I didn't do anything wrong, not the post-office either, she was just dishonest.

Hope you all have vacation too =) And are enjoying summer, if there is summer now at your place too! (We do have summer, but it has been a bit hard to see, since it has been a bit too cold for my taste this summer..)
Take care

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Hi again! =)
Now I've finally got my swap packages =) I shipped my swap-packages a while ago and got 3 myself too. The last one from Norway had to wait all week in the post office, I finally got it yesterday.

We had a sad week here. Mums dog has been ill for awhile, he had a heart disease and got pills for it. But lately he had gotten worse and this Wednesday I followed mum and her dog to the vet, there was nothing they could do. And we ended up going home without him =(
This is the worse part of having a pet! We got him as a tiny puppy, he was acctually a birthday gift for me, at my 17th birthday. He was the most energetic dog I ever meet =) He chose my mum and loved her the most, so I got another dog, he passed away 2 years ago, and of course I was reminded of that at this hard time, but it felt good to know what was going to happen and that I could be with them both at their last breath.
He will be missed..
But now to much funnier things, the swap!

This is what I sent:

To Kirsi
A mini book, glow-in-the-dark stars (for the roof), pop corn, pop-up toy, pull-toy-sheep, a lollipop, a train jigsaw puzzle, and a piece of cork (to make pinboards, shoes, you name it)

To Magdalena
(Not the best picture..)
A block-puzzle, pop corn, pull-toy-sheep, glow-in-the-dark stars (for the roof), a lollipop, a train jigsaw puzzle, 4 Art Deco plates and a piece of cork (not in the picture..)

To Anna
A poster, glow-in-the-dark stars (for the roof), pop corn, pop-up toy, pull-toy-sheep, a lollipop, a train jigsaw puzzle, and a piece of cork.

And the packages I got:

From Sara
A few posters, 2 waffles (My daughter really liked these..), 4 red roses, a clock (very cool 3-d effect) and a clay colour tool.

From Anna:
Plants, legs for a table (I have a few parts to chose from to use on this), a poster, Nintendo, spade, packages of seeds, Barba-family, toy bird and "gardening pants".

From Liv
A carpet, kitchen towel (I have been wanting one of these for a while now, so that was extra fun to get), stickers, clock, glass jar with candy, cake stand, cake, pot, cookies, plate, cookie jar, bowl of ice cream, bowl, calender, sign, lemon slices, tea cups with plate and spoon.

It was once again a fun swap =) Exciting waiting for packages and to open them =)

A quick update on how I made my things:
I have made a few of these things before, like the pull toy sheep (old news by now, but still as fun to make!) pop up toy, plates and I did show you the pop corn.
The lollipops are from this tutorial:
The block-puzzle:
The glow-in-the-dark stars, are miniatures from my own stars, I thought these were so much fun when I was a kid, and wanted some in my dollhouse too =) Made them out of glow-in-the-dark polymer clay, and then I printed a label, to make them a liitle cooler ;)
And the jigsaw puzzle was fun to make, I printed them here: and glued them in different layers, all in paper and cardboard, and cut them out careful and glued "balls of clay" on them. You can actually "play" with the puzzle, my daughter is very found of them, she takes all pieces out, and try to put them back, but its a bit hard since they are sooo small =) Great practice in fine motorics ;)

And a fun thing about swaps, it always makes me very creative and I make a lot of stuff for myself too, not only for the swap. This time I got stuck in clay and have been working on clay every day for a long while now =) I could sit forever, but sometimes I have to eat.. and play with my daughter, so the time I actually spend with clay is not that long.. =)
There have been a lot of cakes for her dollhouse, she just realized she can ask me to do stuff for her, and week as I am, I always end up doing as she said ;) So lots of cake for her dollhouse, and plates and bowls.
And now they have a party:

I think a party will make a good ending to this post, so take care and if you like us finally have summer heat, enjoy, it might be over before you know it =) (They say we will get much colder weather next week, again.. but I enjoyed the sun and heat while it lasted!)