Saturday, June 20, 2015

More rabbits

I have made a lot of random clay things lately. Pop corn, candy, animals to put fur on, things for my Fantasy roombox. I hope to show everything some day =)
Most people on our swap got a bit delayed, so I'm still waiting for my packages, exciting =) I sent my stuff a bit early instead.. I was happy to get it done, then I didn't have to worry about what to send and when. And that was good, because I got a cold (again!) and had terrible pain in my throat. But I feel much better now. And got well enough to celebrate midsummer at my grandmas yesterday. =)
I will show my swap things as soon as I get my packages, so you have to wait a bit more to see what I made =)

But until then I thought I could show a new rabbit. I get stuck in things, when I make a rabbit, I can't just make one, I have to make them until I get sick of them... And I can never finish a project, I just keep doing random stuff, and the same thing over and over, sorry for that..
I so admire people that has a clear vision, a new project, and then they finish it, work on that thing for weeks, even month or years, and just do what needs to be done. I just start thousands of things and never finish anything..
Anyway I wanted to try to make a rabbit that had two colours. I decided to use white wool and colour it with a black pencil. Next time I'll try to mix two different colours of wool (I just need to wait for a package of new wool first..)

I thought this may be my the mother of my baby bunnies =) 
And she seem friendly with the dog of the house, but I would advice her not to touch that bone of his...
I made this very short and simple video with my furry mini friends =) I bought a stand for my phone and wanted to try stop motion, and it was a lot of fun =)
Remember it's just a quick first attempt, afterwards I saw the giant lamp-foot that shouldn't have been there.. and a few other mistakes..

And I decided to show this Persian cat after all, it's my first clay/wool Persian cat, it was hard to make, and I'm not that pleased with it, the face and the tail is a bit odd. But I hope the next one will be better =) It's a bit of a lottery doing these I think, you don't know if you made a good clay base until you have put fur on it, and then it's too late to fix any mistakes.
Maybe I should try add some whiskers to it. Feels like something is missing..

Next time I hope to show the swap things =)
Take care

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Baby bunnies

Baby rabbits, how cute are they?! I almost want to buy myself a rabbit again.. But, I don't have space for a big cage and doesn't have the time to take care of a new animal right now. But later, in a few years, I want rabbits again! I got my first rabbit when I was 6 years old, he was amazing, almost like a dog. Came when I called, walked freely in our apartment and walked outside in a leash.

Anyhow, I thing rabbits are great to practice on, in miniature. (I made one before you know: I need to start sculpting better, but the fun part for me is putting on the fur... =)

I made a few different white rabbits to practice on. Still, dabbling with the sculpting....

Two babies are done by now.

They could need a cage, (Feels a bit hard for me to make, but I have to try some day..) but now they run freely in the Pettersson family house, and couch.. (I hope they are housebroken, don't want any stains on that new couch..)

Little Lovisa was so happy to get two baby bunnies =)

I have been working on a few secret projects now too, since I couldn't help myself and entered a swap =) I will send 3 packages soon, I'll show pictures of what I made and sent later. =)
Swaps are so much fun, but I get a bit stressed out; what to send? how much? and are my things good enough? Well I decided to enter nonetheless.
I have told myself to only work on my own projects now, and don't even think of selling and make to others, but that was too hard, so a swap was just what I needed right now =)

Take care