Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ever After High: Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman

On Christmas eve they had a sale, and free shipping on Cdon. Lucky for me I had done some surveys online and gather enough points to trade for something on cdon, and guess who couldn't resist these dolls ;)
After all the holidays, they arrived, Ashlynn and Hunter.

These dolls were not on my original "most have list". I never been that into boy-dolls, but then I saw that Hunter looks quite handsome, and I like his hair. And Ashlynn has a special look I think, I really like her face.
They come in this double pack. Ashlynn the royal (daughter of Cinderella) falls in love with Hunter the rebel, (son of the Huntsman in both Red Riding Hood and Snow White, in this series the hunter in both stories are the same..) a secret romance. I like the idea =) Now the romance is out for all to know, even in the series.

Ashlynn has wonderful green eyes, and golden skin. Her hair is long and soft.

Her head band shows the carriage Cinderella went in to the ball. Her shoes are almost see-through, to resemble Cinderella's glass shoes.
Ashlynn is one big shoe-lover (like myself =) )

And her bag is a clock, almost 12, the time Cinderella most run of.

The back of her hair is a bit of a mess..

Hunter, he also has this golden skin tone. And brown eyes.

You can see that Dexter has a much lighter skin tone.

He has flocked hair on the sides and back, and long in the middle. He had this spot on his back head, I think from standing to long in the box, I hope it will go away... but I don't know about that..

I like his boots, here beside Dexters.

He has a hood, attached to a wonderful west, the material is so soft and looks great. I love it. He has great clothes, I LOVE the green sweater too!! He has a plastic bag that can be open, I like it, even do it's very plastic..

I'm so happy I got them, I just love them, the clothes, the faces. Everything =)

Raven, Lizzie, Madeline, Ashlynn, Briar, Dexter and Hunter
And here are all my dolls, so far. (Well I do have two more Madeline dolls, that I showed before, I didn't include them in this picture, it felt weird to have several Madelines on the line up =) )

All the girls

I heard a rumour they will stop selling EAH dolls in Sweden since they don't sell that good, I hope it's not true.. But they haven't been selling all dolls there are now either, and they take more then double the price in USA so I understand they have a hard time selling them.. I hope they will sell all the EAH dolls there are, and to a fair price! =) But now that I learned to shop abroad, I guess this wont keep me from getting more dolls, even if they are nowhere to be found in Sweden =)

Take care

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ever After High: Briar Beauty - Legacy day

Sorry for being so negative on my last post, it's just that I want to make great things, things I have a picture of in my head, and then, they don't turn out the way I want, that's so frustrating.. But I'll keep trying, and have some breaks in between, and just look at all my dolls and feel joy =)
Speaking of dolls, there are more to show from my fast growing collection =)

I wasn't going to buy Briar... But then I found her on Tradera, and I thought this legacy day version was quite beautiful. So, all a sudden she ended up on my now very crowded doll shelf.
Sorry for the not so great picture, but the lack of sun and light has been making me take some really dizzy pictures lately, this was the best I got..

Briar is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty. She falls a sleep every now and then, and my daughter thinks she is very funny. The "basic" Briar doll has nice pink glasses, I miss them in this version, but she has a pretty dress in this version, and a tiara =)

Her cape was attached by some stitches, I decided to cut it loose a few days ago.. But on these pictures it's still attached to the dress.

She has a lovely golden skin tone. That's the best about her, in my eyes =) She has brown eyes, just like me, and brown hair, with pink in it. (I most say I really like how almost all the dolls have a touch of colour in their hair =) )

Have a nice end to the weekend
Take care

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Time for clay again

I never give any new years resolutions, but reading Birgits blog, about her changes, I thought I might do some changes to my life too =) 
I've decided to have computer free Sundays, to spend more time with family and do other things, this also made me not so active on other blogs, I read blogs every now and then, but I haven't been making much comments lately, but I love doing it, so I hope to get more time for it soon =) And to be able to read all blogs I want to, but there are so many great blogs out there =) Sorry if I have missed yours lately!

I also tried making some new critters, but that was hard. I realized I'm no good at sculpting =( but I hope the bad sculpting will be hidden under the wool.. And I might just have to keep trying, to get better, but I have too little time and patience for that right now.. My patience are really bad right now..
I have always loved clay, but lately I haven't had much time for it, and I loose my temper with it all the time now =) I will take a deep breath and start over again =)

I tried making a cat that is supposed to look a bit spooked, he didn't turn out the way I wanted, the body is a bit off and the head looks a bit small. But I'm making a new one right now, hopefully I learned something the first time =) One cat will move in to my witch in the Fantasy roombox =)

Sorry for this negative post, I'll try to keep it more happy next time =) I still have a lot of dolls to show you =) (and I have a few more animals to put fur on too)
But first the cat:

 He is lurking around on my workspace =)

And got spooked in my dollhouse, he most have seen the mess, that didn't get on camera =)

Addition to this post:
Hobbyrian has started a new webshop, with clay for good prices, for us Scandinaviens! Check it out =) I just made an order myself =)

Take care

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ever after high: Raven Queen

I never post two days in a row.. But since I have been buying dolls like there is no tomorrow I need to be a bit quicker with my blog posts, if I want to show them all ;)
Another trip to ToysRus resulted in another doll =) My daughter wanted me to buy Raven, but I wanted Cerise =) I looked online, on Cerise, and was so happy they had dropped the price on her and all the Ever after high dolls. So when I saw she was in stock in a store near our city, we went there, I was so excited.. and then, I couldn't see her.. So I asked, and they didn't have her =( I was so very disappointed.. But my daughter thought I could buy Raven instead.. and that's what I did..
I have been looking when I got home, and Cerise is nowhere to be found right now (at least in any store here in Sweden), hope I get her someday..
I did want Raven too, I want them all... Raven, Apple, Cerise, Cedar, Ashlynn, Hunter, Blondie, Cupid, Kitty.. You see, I have many more to go ;) And they keep doing new ones too, I have to stop looking at new dolls, this will be very expensive and crowded for me..

Anyhow, Raven, daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow white. I love her character in the webisodes. And Dexter is in love with her and she is Madeline's best friend, so I thought my Dexter and Madeline doll really wanted me to buy Raven =)

I most say I think she looks kinda cool =)

I love her long black and purple hair! It's soft and beautiful!

And her skirt is very beautiful! I just love it! (would love one for myself ;) )
Her bracelet/ring is not my favourite, can't say I like it at all, but I don't like to remove anything form the original clothes, so she gets to keep it =) Maybe I'll learn to like it.. It's just that the ring doesn't stay on the finger, it keeps twirling..

Madeline was very happy to see her friend =)
(I love how they are different heights)

The shy and "awkward" Dexter came to have a look at his dream girl =)

I think they found each other just like in the webisodes =) Just look at Dexter, he can't take his eyes off her =)

A sneak peak on Briar. I love how these dolls both have different heights and skin-tones.

Next time I'll show more of Briar =)

Take care

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ever after high: Lizzie Hart

I have been buying dolls quicker than I have been making blogposts =)
I tried buying my first doll on Amazon, by my self. I'm very happy that Jane helped me the first time, with Dexter. I had some troubles getting everything right, but at last, I could buy my Lizzie doll! The second one from Wonderland =) The daughter of the Queen of Hearts. (Some how I have come to love Alice in Wonderland, even if I never finished reading the book, or seen any movies about it.. But I loved Once upon a time in Wonderland, the TV-series) 
Lizzie is nowhere to be found here in Swedish stores. I did find her online, from Sweden, but she was very expensive, I could order her at less than half price, including shipping from USA, instead of the expensive price here in Swedish online store.. Crazy!
Any how I was so happy to get her. She is beautiful (my husband doesn't like the hart on her eye, but I do) =)
My first Royal doll (They are either Royal or Rebel, I tend to like the rebels more =) )

I really like her dress!

The pantihose seem a bit too big on one leg =( I believe its a miss in the production, I've seen it on a Raven doll in store too. Too bad, maybe I can restitch it some how.. Otherwise I love her pantihose, just like I love Madelines too =) I just love pantihose, on other people that is.. I never found them comfortable myself, but I keep buying new ones for myself, that I never use... =)

 I like her blue eyes =) 
And yes, I leave the rubber band on her hands, I don't want her to lose the ring or bag when my daughter gets to hold her =)

 Madeline and Lizzie, and my daughter's "Madeline-doll" on the side =)

Yes, there are more EAH dolls to come, I have a few left I haven't shown yet =)
And I hope to get some time soon for more miniature animals, I'd love to try other breeds and species =)

Take care

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Funny Bunny

I thought it was about time to post some miniatures again, and about time I tried making some new ones =) 
I really want to be great at making miniature animals and dolls. I've tried dolls several times but I always end up disappointed with my result.. Animals are also very hard. I have made a few needle felted animals I really like, but I can't say they are lifelike, more cute and like plush animals. That's great too, love those too, but I wanted to make some lifelike animals too.. and tried flocking a few years ago. Disaster.. tried again, not good. And again, first it looked like yet another disaster, but in the end, I kinda like it. Not the rabbit I thought it would be (I should have learned by now that nothing ever ends up the way I think, it's the clay and the wool that decides...), but this got to be an OK "lejonhuvad kanin" (I don't know the word for this type of rabbit in English, direct translated from Swedish it would be: Lion headed rabbit.)

 I made a quite simple "base" out of polymer clay.

Added some paint. And then I started gluing wool-yarn to the body. I have been admiring Steve Panners work for quite some time, and when he posted this turorial on Youtube, I had to try this once more, even do I said to myself that this is not my thing, and I just can't do it.. But I guess "practise makes perfect" (or in my case, no longer disaster)

Finished rabbit:
 I added an extra nose of pink polymer clay too, I thought the original one disappeared in the wool =)

I'm not that pleased with the result from this view, the nose is a bit weird.. But it's OK, for being my first clay/wool rabbit ever..

From this view I kinda like it =) Now I'm super excited to try a cat or a dog or more rabbits, but right now I have to go to sleep, and this week and weekend I have no time, so I have to wait several days until I can try this again, I hope I haven't lost the will to do it by then =)
(And yes, I finally feel better from the nasty cold I got, still a sore throat in the mornings, but I'm getting better =) )

Take care

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Madeline vs Madeline

I couldn't resist getting the first Madeline doll too. The one I first saw and the first version of her. I first thought this was the most beautiful version of her. (My daughter still does) But I start to think my first (the hat-tastic version) is the best. (I'm still so thankful to Jane who got me that doll!!) =)
Me and my daughter went to ToysRus for Black Friday and she went straight to the shelf with ever after high dolls, took down a Madeline doll and gave it to me and said: Here, you can have this, it's from me!
So I couldn't resist buying her, I'm glad there were a sale so I actually could buy her when my daughter was so sweet and gave her to me =)

I have told my daughter that these dolls are a bit delicate, not for 3 year old girls, and that they are expensive, so I can't give her her own Madeline doll. And she accepts that and got this Stacie dolls from me, whit movable arms and legs, and she said this is her own Madeline doll, she even got polka dot pants.

I love her dress and polka dot pantihose.

Madeline and Madeline =)

The lips have different colour. And I think the face looks different too.. And of course, the hair! And different earrings, necklace and dresses.

Different gloves, and one of them has a ring.

Madeline reading Alice in Wonderland =)

I am totally hooked on these dolls, and I just want them all =) But I was not going to buy more Madeline dolls, two was enough, until there were a new one on Tradera (Swedish ebay) with starters bid 1kr, of course it didn't end that well, but still much cheaper than in store.. so.. here we go again =)

Madeline Getting fairest
Now I only miss Legacy day and Mirror beach Maddie.... (But I rather buy another character than even more Madeline dolls, but I do love her, and she is my favourite and they are all so beautiful, and Legacy day Madeline has wonderful shoes....

By the way. I haven felt like doing any needle felting lately. But all a sudden I have these three new ones.. Really I have no clue where they came from, I was trying to do a dinosaur one day, and I ended up with yet another teddy, and then I had this new wool I wanted to try.. and guess what, a new teddy appeared.. So my needle felting days aren't over.. I just cant came out of the block that make me don't want to, being able to make cats or dogs any more.. I guess I'll just keep doing teddy bears until I get bored and hopefully want to make something else.

Take care