Monday, October 27, 2014

New Book

Dolls' house details  Over 500 craft projects in 1/12 scale - Kath Dalmeny

I bought this book from a Facebook group. There are many projects and some of them looks very interesting. I hope to try some of them soon. Some on the other hand are very easy and a bit amateur-looking. I can't say that I'm impressed by for example the food in this book, but the toys are more my style =) There are many great templates and good ideas.
It's published the year 2000, and I get a 90's feeling from it.
You can have a sneak peek in this book here:

As you know I'm a book-lover and I'm happy to have one more to my collection.

Last but not least I'd like to share a new tune from my husband: I think this is my favourite on his new album, and since today is just Monday, I wanted to share it with you all =)

Take care

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stuck in the nursery =)

When I was a kid, my brothers favourite animal was monkeys. I had a hard time choosing a favourite, since I loved them all =) Ants, spiders, dogs, rabbits, lizards, frogs, wolfs, elephants and giraffes (and everything else that lives) But when choosing an exotic animal, giraffes was always high on the list. They were tall and kinda skinny (just like me, well, OK, much taller than me, but still..)
I guess this is why I like doing miniature giraffes so much =) Even do the spots are kind of annoying ;)
I was thinking of doing something for my house, but I ended up doing another giraffe, so here it is:

It's up for sale, since I already have a giraffe on my own =)

Two friends in the nursery =) 
The one in the back is staying with me, and the other one hopes to find a loving home soon.

You know I started with the nursery for my house. The funniest room to make since it's filled with toys, which I love =)
The other rooms are just on hold.. I just don't know were and how to start, I guess I'll have to take it one step at the time..
Anyhow I made a bedding to that empty crib of mine. It has been empty for so many years, but when I saw another girl (in our FB-group) doing a bed-set, I finally got started too =) Sometimes I need someone to "tell me" what to do, or see something done, and then I finally get started.

The dog was admiring the new bed-set =) 

Mini-Bä already made herself comfortable

I also went trough some of my boxes and found this cute teddy bear that I bought 10 years ago, finally I unpacked it and placed it in my dollhouse =) 
Looks like I can't make a new blog-post without another teddy bear showing up... ;)

I also found a knight's castle and a "painting"

I made this castle about 10 years ago, maybe even longer ago. I think it will go to my boy's room.

And this brooch is a memory from a deceased friend, it makes a great "painting". I always loved the motive, my mum has a poster with this motive in her bedroom and I thought it looked nice in the nursery. I always read a prayer about an angle that watched over our house when I was a kid and went to bed, and I imagine the kid's in this house does that too.

I forget how fun it is to decorate, I always think I'm really bad at it. But Jane's Dalicious
challenges made me want to set up a scene, a room and decorate =) 
 And I speaking of Jane, she is a very nice person, and I'll be posting about something she helped me get, as soon as I get it ;)

Take care

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Got some mail

I LOVE getting mail =) email is fun, but regular mail is just wonderful! And when it contains miniatures, it's the best!!!

Awhile ago I could not resist these miniatures.. so I bought them on FB.. (I think the balloons, which are too cute, are Re-ment, they should be in a box..) And the toy monkey is so very cute, but it was broken when I got it =( But I've glued it together again.

Didn't think I was going to save the teddy bear, but... I get too attached to things, quickly.. so the bear just run into my house before I could think of selling him..
Here he is, hiding behind and cuddling with one of my own bears..
But I guess Birgit agrees with me, one can never have too many bears.. ;)

Have no idea were this monkey originally came from, but he is really cute!!

Then I got a consultation prize in a guessing contest on FB, and the woman who held the competition knew I like fabrics, and retro patterns, so she sent me some retro fabrics. Lovely! Now I just need to collect enough courage to cut into them and make something out of them.. I always spend a great deal of time not knowing what to do, how to, and if I really should cut a lovely fabric like that...

I also got the last issue of Miniatyrvärlden, the one and only miniature magazine in Sweden. And guess what, I saw my name in it =) But it shouldn't have been there.. It was a picture of Anna's miniature houses, and it said that it was from Hanna and Annas miniatyrer. (First of all I spell my name with an extra h, most swedes don't, but I do =) ) and second of all Anna and I shared a table, but we didn't sell together, we just shared the space =) and Anna has miniatures, the English word for miniatyrer.. and it was Anna's houses, so my name shouldn't even be there.. but it was nice to see it ;)
Anna's mini-Lundby-houses are wonderful, I got one myself, you can see one of her houses in this post:
or at her blog:

And I also bought some books from a FB group (I love how there are lots of FB groups about miniatures) I bought 1 book and 2 magazines. (I will write more about the book later)

And then a very nice lady got lots of watchmaker stuff, glass and pointers. And she wanted to share with all who wanted something, and I asked for some glass (for tables) and some pointers, for candlesticks. Just needed to pay the postage, a great deal =)

Then I bought a glass cabinet, I have longed for this a long while, and finally I got it at a great price, on FB. I'm thinking of repainting it. Maybe green, blue or some other bright colour?! I'll think about that.

And when I went to a flee-market to buy some new dresses for my little girl (she loves dresses) I found these cute animals. My little girl got a few, the rest I kept for myself =)

I thought they could look good in a dollhouse..
I think I was right =)

I've been on a shopping spree... have to stop that now. We have very little space at home.. and I earn 0kr a month.. so I shouldn't go around spending money like this... But I LOVE shopping =) and I did sell a few things, some collectable items and miniatures, so I felt like I could spend that money, right away =)

Before I ended my shopping spree I did order a hand mixer too, looked several times, and then when I got just enough money, I spent it all on this wonderful thing =)
Her blog: and the Etsy shop:

  It's wonderful and you can even remove the beaters and the dough hooks!
I got a little gift too, a sign =)

The miniature next to my real one =)

I have gotten so many great mails lately, I'll have to stop buying things now.. but it was fun while it lasted ;)
 Take care