Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Carpets and teddies

I thought it would be nice to do something for the dollhouse together with my 2,5 year old. She agreed, for a couple of minuets, then she got bored, but we manage to make a carpet for her dollhouse. She is very pleased with it.
I made one for myself too, but I never got to finish it =) As I said, she got a little bored..

This most be the most simple and fastest way to make a miniature carpet =) I'll just cut it clean and straight later, after I finished it. I used the same glue method as I did before: My easy carpet tutorial
I'll keep gluing some more yarn to mine later.

Then I can tell you that I bought my first silk gauze, from Etsy and a shop in USA. I have been a bit scared of shopping outside Sweden, but it went well =)
Now I only have to decide what to embroider on this piece, I'm almost scared to try, I don't want to waste it... =)

 And the latest news, I couldn't stop making orange teddy bears... ;) So here's a picture of them all. (The new ones that is, I have an old one since before too, and I have sold one too..) But I think I'm done with the orange teddies for the moment.. But you never know, that orange wool might sneak up on me again..
The one to the left is up for sale on Etsy, the one in the middle is suppose to stay with me and the one at the right was suppose to be up for sale soon, but when I dont separate myself from my work as soon as they are done, I get attached to them ;) So we'll have to wait and see where he'll end up, but I can't keep saving every other teddy like this, I'll get too crowded. And I dont want to stop making them =) But I guess I'll have a easier time to let some of them go if I collect them all in a box, then I can choose some to stay and some to go, to get more room. I'm in no hurry to get rid of them =)
Looking around at teddy bears on Etsy I decided to raise the price, once more, and I hope people will buy my things anyway... Now I know someone really wants it, and doesn't buy it because its kinda cute and cheap.. My first teddy bears were half the price this one is...
Hope I did right, otherwise I can always change back to cheaper prices later =) I think the woman who bought a lot of my stuff at the fair was going to sell them for the double price in her store, so if she can, I can, right? =)

Thanks for reading =) Hope you have a lovely summer! Here it's a bit cold =( But I'm hoping for great hot sunny weather soon.
Take care

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My childhood houses

I did love dollhouses as a child too, and I guess I just never stopped loving them. But like most kids I stopped playing with them and put them away when I was "too big" for them..
Sometimes I regret I didn't take up my hobby of making miniatures sooner, but I was "too cool" for dollhouses and miniatures until I was around 18 years old and thought I could love what ever I wanted. So I bought a lot of new dollhouses =) Mostly Lundby scale, I had no clue there were different scales and that most houses in the world were bigger than our Swedish Lundby. And I started making more miniatures for myself and got a 1:12 scaled house. I did start to make miniatures for others and sold a little online before I realized I could make things for myself too, even do I wasn't over 60 years old ;) ( I thought you had to be around that age to collect dollhouses.... ;) ) I'm glad I've found so many, both collectors and miniature makers through this blog and Facebook.

Lets have a look at my first Lundby dollhouse (1:18 scale) =) I got this house for my 3 year old birthday (I think). I loved it and was very careful with it. And mum said I forbid my 2 years younger brother from moving things around in the house. My need for control started early....
This is me, seeing my new house for the first time. My mum redecorated it for me and put up a new wall and wallpaper and floors. I loved it.

And my daughter playing with the same house at my mum's place. We have the dollhouse at my mum's house so far, that way she can play a little with it now and then. I was a bit afraid she would ruin it.. but she is quite careful =) I have only given her some of the furniture I had in it, she will get more of them later. She's just 2,5 years old, she got a head start from me, that had to wait another 6 months to get it.. ;)

My daughter has these bend-me-dolls, I had a mother and a son and my brother had a father and daughter. Our dolls are in a box somewhere, these are "new" ones.
When she saw me packing a purple coat for Jennifer she was very sad she could not have it, so I gave her this blue one that I also made, and she is very happy with it. The doll in the middle is a baby (well it's suppose to be a mother in an older version of these dolls, but we call it baby) That way my daughter have our whole family in miniature =)

And I showed her wooden furniture before, and I hope to give her more of my old Lundby furniture when she gets a little older.

I also wanted to show another of my childhood houses that I loved. This is a smaller scaled house. I have never heard of Pin y Pon and don't know who the manufactor are, but I still love this house and haven't showed it to my daughter yet... I just googled it and saw lots of pictures and finally got tho see how the house looked originally, with one more wall than I have. I can't remember I ever had that wall, I think it was uncompleat when I got it.

La Casa grande Pin y Pon
I always thought this house was really cool! =) Some parts are missing, they were even missing back in the old days when I played with it. Neither mum or me remembers when I got it, but it was when I was a kid.
There is missing one wall, and the doors upstairs have fallen off. You can shut the house by spinning the walls.

I don't know which one is which, if this is Pin or Pon =) I have two dolls, a girl and a boy, I think they look very cute =) Unfortunately her hair is broken, but I glued it in place again =)
You can spin the rooms, here is the bathroom, just spin and you get a new room =)

There are this very cool details like this ironboard, that could be down, to iron on, or up, as a mirror.

The last spin-able room, the kitchen.

The livingroom, with a moveable wall.

Bedroom upstairs. A bed, or if you flip it, a mirror =)
The doors unfortunately broke and fell off when I was a kid, but I still have them.

Pin and Pon

The outside, with flowers and the lamp post, which I really like =)

Hopefully I will be able to trust my daughter with these houses soon =)
Take care

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dragons, as promised =)

Finally it's time for the dragons to get their picture taken ;)
I often get ideas when I'm in my bed, trying to sleep. A few nights ago I thought it would be great to make a forest outside the "dragon-home". I will put up a wall inside my roombox, to be able to have both a inside and an "outside", inside the box =) Hard to explain, hope to show you soon instead =)
I found a perfect background for the "forest"-side of the box. I don't know how to realize my vision and make it more 3dimentional, and make a "floor" that will blend in with the background... I hope to add stones, moss and trees to the outside part..
This is the background I use: 
I just tried the background, haven't glued it in place yet! 

Looks like one dragon found his way to the forest already =) So did my 2-year old... 

Then my daughter decided my dragons could need some food, and after this it was impossible to take any more pictures with out her head and hands being in the way... ;)

But I manage to sneak away another day and take pictures of the dragons.
Finally my newest dragons:
I think I had some kind of beginners luck with my first dragon.. After I made that dragon head, I started working on this one, he's some kind of weird water creature =) He isn't as good as the first one, maybe because he got a body, that was harder to make than I thought.. He's a mix between a seal and a dragon ;)

Then I tried a dragon with wings. That was quite hard..
I'm not crazy about this one, but I guess he turned out OK in the end.. 
Another one with wings. (I see now that I have to repaint the white spark in the eyes...)
And at last, this one is my favourite =) But I realized I forgot about the wings... But he is so old they might have fallen off.. ;) I think wings are really tricky to make.. I have to work on that!
This dragon is very old and tired, just look at all the wrinkles in his face =) I think he is at least a couple of hundred years old..

Here they all are relaxing in the sun ;)
I don't "need" any more dragons now, but I think I'll be making more one day. Its fun to see were the clay takes you =) And the best thing about dragons, they can look how ever I want, there is no right or wrong =) (Well not how ever I want, because I can't seem to manage to create the exact thing that I want... ;) )
I hope I'll get better and better at this and I guess it takes practise to make a dragon look more like I want it, but I hate practise, I want to be great at the start, at everything ;)

I'll keep working on this project and I hope to put up a wall soon in the roombox, but I don't know exactly what I want.. If it should look like a house, or a tree or if I can come up with some other really cool idea for their home.. =) Meanwhile I'm still working on the nursery =)

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