Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Even more cats and dogs =)

Last Sunday Stockholm had the miniature fair, without me. Seem to have gone very well.. Just me sitting at home missing it..
Here are some pictures from the fair:

I so wish I was there.. But I couldn't this year, and I have some other Big plans for this autumn, will tell you all about that later =) but that means I can't go to the fair this autumn either. I feel a sudden need to attend a fair.. Have to go again!! But I have to wait..
I'm thinking of collecting a few (hopefully hundreds) of things for a future fair. My daughter said she wants to join this time, I think she might have gotten big enough soon. She would make the cutest salesgirl ever!! I'll sell lots with that cute face at my table ;)
But I have to wait and see what the future brings. And I still do my things just for fun, no selling, and that works great. I have done a few more things I wanted to show =)

Still working on the "rainbow" of teddy bears =) I have a few more colours to try out!

I have been working on eyes. It's so hard to make them in miniature, eyes are never only one colour. They can have hundreds of shades in it, and that is so hard to capture.. But I try to get better and better and try different alternatives.
So far I've tried wool, polymer clay, polymer clay with paint, cane of polymer clay. Nothing is perfect, but some gets OK.

I made a cane with lots of different brown colours, the cane was far from perfect, but with a little paint I think these eyes works for my new poodle. I think it looks better in real life, looks a bit to big and staring on photo =)

One of my first poodles had both wool nose and eyes. I think the new poodle is a bit better than the first one, so I hope I have gotten better =)

This brown little poodle got black round polymer clay eyes that I painted brown, black and white.

I think it looks like a playful puppy =)

And finally a sleeping puppy Labrador. But, guess what, I haven't done the eyes yet =) I think this one will have sewn sleeping eyes.

Now to some cats.

 This sceptic cat has wool eyes, a bit too dark blue, but I think I'll let them be.
Let's see what he is so sceptic about...

The cat: Hey! What are you doing? You wanna play, with ME? Don't even think about it you crazy dog!

I gave the cat from my last post polymer clay eyes with some paint. Can't decide if I like it or not.. Maybe I should paint a bit more black, around the eyes?! I don't know.. Maybe the eyes are just a bit too big?!

A grey cat with wool eyes.

I hope my creativity will keep flowing =) I have a fun time making new animals. I just love sitting out on the balcony in the sun creating. =)
But guess what, my daughter got a cold again, but this time I will not get it after her, I can't get yet another cold, I'm too sick of that! So this time I refuse to get sick ;) (Will see how that works out for me...)

Take care

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cats and dogs

"Plötsligt händer det!" = Sudden, it happens!
If you say that to a Swede, they will think you have won the lottery. Can't be any Swedes out there that hasn't heard or seen the commercial that has been going for several years, always saying: Plötsligt händer det. And it's a commercial for winning the lottery =)
But no, I didn't win the lottery, but the block I had, that made me throw all wool away as soon as I tried to make a needle felted dog or a cat, it's gone (for now). You know I did make a dog recently, the white unknown breed Birgit named "White cuties". =) And then I just started two cats and yet another dog, and then one more. Maybe it's the sun, I have been sitting outside in the sun everyday, needle felting a bit.
My cold is getting better, I have been feeling low for a long time, coughing. But now I hope it will go away completely! (And never come back :) )

Below is a loooong text about Etsy problems, if you are not interested, just scroll down to the pictures =)

I had a set back, I don't handle set backs well.. I sold a thing on Etsy, sent it. And then I got complains that the mail didn't arrive, I told her to wait a bit, but still no mail. I have no idea what happen to that poor tiny sheep, but it's lost. And since she didn't pay for traceable mail, the mail office told me it's impossible to trace it. So, I sent her a new one, after a few days she told me she didn't get it (but mails take at least 10 days to USA so that was not strange..) But now the 10 business days has gone by, and I really hope it will arrive this time, I couldn't afford traceable mail myself, I have already lost money on this deal. So I just hope it will arrive. I have never experienced lost mails before.. She hasn't contacted me again, but I just saw on paypal that they refund her all the money. So I didn't only lost 2 tiny toy sheep on this, I also paid for shipping (twice) and Etsy and Paypal fee and then she got all her money back, so I lost a lot of money on this deal.. =( I had no idea that Paypal automatic refund all money just if a buyer ask for it. I had nothing to say in this.. because I didn't send by traceable mail. (Which I offer all buyers, but it cost a lot more than regular mail so I see why noone wants to pay for that.. and even more if you just take back all your money after awhile..)
I have written in my Etsy policy that I don't refund money for lost packages if the buyer doesn't pay for traceable mail, but that apparently doesn't matter..
Am I angry? oh yes. am I sad? Very much. Feels like I'm accused of something bad, but all I did was send not only one, but two mails. I have been feeling very bad for all this for several weeks now, but now I just have to let it go.
I wish I could block the buyer from buy from me again, but Etsy doesn't allow me to, they don't block anyone. So I am taking a break from Etsy. This took to much energy from me, it should be fun selling a few extra things now and then, but instead it got stressful and made me sad. We'll see if I want to try again later. But for now I lost the fun in it.
Sorry for all the negativity in this post, but I wanted to tell others how Paypal can take back money just like that, so it doesn't come as a surprise, like it did for me..

Now to funnier things. When I decided to needle felt just for fun, no selling intentions, I got a lot done, I might collect stuff for a new fair some day, but for now everything stays,  and when I get really crowded again, I can always look through everything and maybe send a few to friends or collect a bunch for the fair =) It feels great not having to stress anything.

A cat relaxing while washing himself out in the sun

This kitten needs eyes, I don't like eyes.. They are too hard. So I saved that annoying thing for later.. =) Sometimes I manage to do eyes in polymer clay, that looks OK. Then next time it looks very strange, then I have to go back to wool again. But wool looks, like wool, not like shiny eyes =) I'll see what I can make for this little one.

I often end up making cats like this, in this colours, maybe because my Dad has a cat in this colour, a Persian, with a cute flat nose (but that is hard to make..) =) I have to try more colours, but it's nice to do something I'm used to, then challenge myself more and more, if I try something too hard at once I just give up..

Then I missed my dog again, and I took out the little mini I made of him, that actually has hair from him. And that inspired me to do another try. In the beginning I needle felted quite loose, now I felt harder, and I have learn to cut off the extras, to give them a cleaner look. It's nice to see progress in my work =)
I gave this first mini-Ossian a little "haircut", to give him a cleaner look, but didn't want to change too much. Here is a blogpost when I just made him: And the real thing, with the mini on top.

Sometimes it just feels good to do something you are used to. Like when I did a lot of teddy bears in a row =) Other days I get bored when I try to do something I already tried. But right now I love doing Chinese Crested dogs, and I plan to do at least one more =) I'm in a loop...

Chinese crested number 2

A whole family of Chinese crested dogs. They got smaller and smaller =) Old to new ones from the right to left.

The two new ones. 

My box of both finished and ongoing projects. This is a good inspiration for me, I just sit with the box awhile, and then I feel like doing something new =)

Take care

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Brio Alphyddan

I was not going to buy any more dollhouses now! And certainly not a "Lundby scale" one.. (since I have a few unfurnished, and packed away) But then.. There was this girl in my home town, selling a Brio house, for a good price. And I was looking for this house like 10 years ago, but I gave up, either I couldn't find it, or when I did, it was too expensive or too far away. And all a sudden this just turned up, the girl even drove the house to my doorstep, all I had to do was get out, pay and carry it inside =) (great since I was still coughing and really tired at the time, but now I feel better)

It has the original wallpapers, and I will not change it. It has some marks of time on it, but still, it looks really good. I think it is from 1963 or something like that.
I have found 2 blogposts about Brio Alphyddan here: 
A little different wallpapers:
Looks like mine, but one wallpaper is different:
I hope to furnish this house with furniture from the 60's and maybe some Brio original furniture too (they are wonderful!! But quite expensive..)
For now I actually let my daughter play careful with it. With a few old furniture and dolls I found in my drawers. I have to find a place for this house, we are getting out of space here, but my husband thought the house was nice too, so he "let" me buy it =) Even do we are crowded..

Brio Alphyddan

I think the ground have faded in colour, but I don't know how it would look originally.. But I was thinking more green?!

I'll use this as a bedroom, Love the wallpaper.

Livingroom, with two different wallpapers, I love those too =)

And the stairs, that's my favourite thing with the house =)
There is a bathroom under the stairs. Unfortunately it's glued to the walls, I haven't decided whether I should remove them or not, it's Lundby furniture. And they are a bit broken, but kinda suits the house, I'll see what I do.
Broken toilet.

I did remove a curtain in this window, it fell down on one side all the time, and the pin used to attach it to the wall was very rusty. A few bad marks on this wall, but still OK looking..

The name EVA is written on the side, I thought of removing it, but it's nice to see that it has been used and probably loved once before =)

A careful girl exited to look at Mommy's new house =)

Take care

Friday, March 6, 2015

Twin stars

I bought these from a FB group, 10kr for everything. I only wanted the swan with the kids. But when I got everything, I want it all =)
I don't think any of these things are complete, I found this link, here you can see that there are things missing for almost all this things:

The hourglass should have two cute figures on it. The big flat star should be a cookie stand, in two levels, the star cakes should be on a plate, The vase has the right flowers, but the swan lacks a spoon. The star with a hole in it, I have no idea what it is for. 
I might just try to fix the cookie stand, or use it as a plate =) Everything is so cute. I never heard of Twin stars before, seen some Re-ment stuff with these, but never really looked at them. So glad I found these =)

 How cute are these? really I just love them!!!

We are still sick here, but are getting a bit better. And the sun is shining and I have plant a lot of seeds, I have always dreamt of a garden, but we only have a balcony here, but since last year, they built us a bigger one, with glass all around. So yesterday we had 5°C outside, but there were sun on the balcony and 23°C so I sat out there planting a lot of new seeds. Lovely to be able to sit in the sun, even do it's cold outside =) 
I did do some needlefelting in the sun too, I'll show you more of that later, but now I'd like to show one of my plants that has grown big already, a bell pepper. I never tried that before, so I'm so happy it actually is growing and making a bell pepper for us, and it looks like we will get even more of them soon =) 
The snow has started to melt away, we still have quite a lot on places they haven't been taking away any of the snow, but you can see quite a lot of grass outside our house now =) Specially this sunny side of our house.

Take care!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ever After High: Apple White

Found myself a new doll on Tradera (Swedish ebay). She was in good condition, but without a box (I do love to have the box for them too, but this one was much cheaper).

Apple is the daughter of Snow White. (I think it's a bit weird that she has blonde hair, not black like Snow White..) Anyhow she isn't a favourite of mine, in the series, but I liked her bag so much I wanted the doll =) And she is a beautiful doll, and my daughter love all dolls with blonde hair... And she is a main character, so it's nice to have her.

She has a cute crown.

The back of her hair looks a bit strange.. But it looks good in front.

Her apple bag can be opened. Like I said, I really like that bag =)

Raven and Apple

 All my Ever After High dolls (so far ;) )

And my boxes, where I normally keep the dolls, to get them dust free =)

Take Care