Sunday, May 24, 2015

Miniature Pop corn tutorial

Last night Sweden won the Eurovision song contest! =) My family was ready with some pop corn for the big final. (We fell asleep before the end, but saw the rest today) And I had planned ahead and decided to make miniature pop corn too, I never thought of how time consuming it would be to make lots of them =) I made each by hand, maybe unnecessary, but this is how I made them:

 I made a few small "balls" out of white clay.

 Mixed two different shades of brown clay, and used soft pastel.

 Made a mark with the back of a needle, added some clay or soft pastel, or both =)

 Attached it to a bigger white "ball"

 Made another white and brow "lump"

 Add as much clay as you want, then you are done, and on to the next one =)

You can also, instead of using only round parts, use uneven parts to add at the side. I pulled out some uneven pieces with the back of a needle.

And attached that to the white "ball", with some brown in the middle.

After a loooooong while, this was what I had accomplish =)

I found a printie for a popcorn box, similar to the one I have here at home =)
And filled the bottom with styrofoam, this way you don't have to make millions of tiny pop corns ;) I painted my styrofoam with some soft pastel to make it match the rest of the pop corns.

Pop corn for everyone! Even the dolls!

The Pettersson family was gathered in front of the TV, just like us last night.
(You could almost believe I took a picture of my own family here; me, the bump, cute daughter, husband and the box with pop corn.)

Take care

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Re-Ment gifts

My brother came with birthday gifts for me =) He was in Germany on my birthday, so he came to visit last weekend instead, bringing gifts (from Japan, and some chocolate from Germany)  =)

This needle felting kit is very cute =)

Two Re-Ment sets.
I guess it was a surprise for everyone which set of the 8 different sets shown on the box, that actually was inside the box. At least I could not figure out what was inside =) My Japanese is.. well I cant even read a word, so I don't know if it is written somewhere on the box or not =)

My Melody set
 I got number 1. (number 1 or 5 was my favourite, so I was lucky to get one of them =) )

This was inside the box too, I guess it's candy?! 
I don't know if I dare to eat it.. But it should be safe, right?! Not a bag of some drying powder or something like that, that you should NOT eat.. =)

The cup is very cute! And I love the teabag =)

Rilakkuma set
Here number 8 was my favourite set, and guess what? I got number 8 =)

The sign is very cute!
My daughter really liked these too, and I let her play with them a few days, she is very careful and it's fun when we can enjoy minis together =)

And then I got mail from I love little things =) I won these beautiful cutlery, Thank you very much!!

Take care

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I haven't only been growing vegetables this year. =) My belly is growing too, or, first I lost 3kg, but still I look a bit swollen around the waist.. I have been so tired and feeling very sick, ever since January. I use to be able to stay up all night, I'm at my best on the evenings, but now, I have to go to sleep quick.. I'd fall a sleep standing if I don't go to bed.
Some days I feel really sick, especially since I have lost weight and throw up almost every day for several months.. But they always tell me pregnancy is not an illness =) I did throw up and lose weight last pregnancy too, in the beginning. The feeling sick, seem to stay with me longer than usual this time too.. And morning sickness?! more like all day sickness...
I still feel sick at evenings and throw up every now and then, but since two weeks now I actually gain weight again, soon I'll be at normal weight again =)
Feels unbelievable to be waiting for another baby. My little girl, who is already 3 years old is looking forward on being a big sister. She loves talking to the baby and look at my belly.
I thought I could sit and read blogs and do a lot of miniatures before the baby arrives, but I'm just so tired all the time.. too tired to read.. So now you know why I'm so far behind on my blog reading this year.. But I'm hoping I'll have a bit more energy now that the sun comes out more often, and being in the second trimester now.

The baby is expected in October, so I wont be able to attend Stockholm miniature show 11/11 this year. But I'm looking forward on another year, hopefully I will be able to make a few new minis before the baby arrives, we'll have to see what my back and shoulders will allow.. I'm already suffering from back pains, I don't want to think of how I will feel later when I get bigger.. =)

In Sweden we get one ultrasound, in week 18-19. (Mine was yesterday) And I wanted to wait for that before I said anything here on the blog. If everything keep looking good I wont do any more ultrasounds, so next time I'll see my baby is on the delivery. We are all very excited.

Talking about growing, I was jumping of joy yesterday morning when I found 6 small green cherry tomatoes =) I just love vegetables, it's so exciting watching them grow! Like a baby =)

Skandinavisk design i dockskåpet -Yvette Wadsted, Ulf Beckman, Michel Hjorth (foto) Arvinius Förlag ISBN: 9789185689477
I have also been "growing", I got one year older again, and got this lovely book from my mum. LOTS of pictures of Lundby, Brio and Micki dollhouses. Great book. There is an English version of this book too, for all that doesn't read Swedish =)
Here you can have a sneak peak inside the book:
At page 226 you can see my Brio Alphyddan house =)

And then this magazine came in the mail! Great magazine! They had a prize guide too, quite exciting to look at, 3 of my houses were valued higher than I thought, nice to know =)

Soon I hope to show you some clay work, I have been eager to work with clay again, but I can't sit still to long without getting back pains, so I do a little now and then, and then I have to get up moving =) If you have a great tip on what miniatures I could do walking around, let me know ;)

Take care