Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Google troubles....

I'll just start talking(writing) about how google messed up my day, so if you aren't interested in accounts and google, just skip reading this first text, and jump straight on to the minis, after all this text... ;)

So, I got an new email awhile ago and thought it would be easy just changing the mail on things like blogger.. If I ever knew how much trouble it would get me... I wonder if I ever had made the new account in the first place...
First of all, the transferring thing between mails in gmail didn't work.. So I gave up that and thought I might save the old address just to have access to older mail... So I started sending my new email to people and changing it on different sites, and then to blogger...
I could not get it to work so I gave up, but then I tried again yesterday, using different browsers and finally!! So now both Hannah and Hannahsminiatyrer writes on this blog ;) (Yes, that's both me)
But then I got new troubles.. First of all my new mail got a google+ account, I have no clue how it works and just let it be... but then my blog told me they would come together, as one.. so all a sudden one could only comment with google+ on my blog and my full name were shown every were.. I was so not pleased with this, but now I got a blogger profile instead of the google+ profile they just made for me..
Then I realized all blogs I follow through google friend conect are done with my other email.. so looking at my new profile I follow 0 blogs... Google is driving me MAD!!!!!
I dont know if I have to add myself as a new follower with google friend connect, once more on all blogs I follow... I'm just sick and tired of google right now... (and when I was going to look at youtube, the stupid "google+ thing" came up and change stuff I have no clue about..) And I couldn't add myself as a follower on a new blog I found today, but I tried another one, and that one worked, only it didn't use my blogger account, it used my full name again.. I have no clue what's wrong and right now I give up, again!
Sorry for this long text about stuff that can't interest anyone.. but I just had to get it out of my system ;)
Now to the minis!

And now you are all saying, wait a minute, haven't I seen that cat before?! And yes you have, like several times.. ;) But I change the nose.. again... =) Third times a charm, right?! =) I think I'm done with the black cat now. I did gave him another nose first, but it looked terrible, and I thought I've completely ruined him, but I manage to fix it =) I could work on one piece for a life time.. improve things and I bet I could ruin them and then improve them again and again... so some times you just have to step back and let something be finished =) So here is me, stepping back... =)

You know the poodle I was working on?! She gave me a hard time.. I liked her better without a face.. I have change the eyes 3 times now, but I finally found out the best eyes for her, eyes made of fimo and paint. Now I just have to fix the "hair" and ears.
She is a bit of a mess at this point, but she is being more and more cooperative ;)

My mini house from the last post is still not done.. I always have a hard time finishing things, I always leave them nearly finished... But I'm really thinking of finishing the mini house in a near future! =)
And I still have a cold, but I'm better, but now my daughter starts coughing, but she is quite happy anyway =) 
Thank you for reading and take care and stay healthy =)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bed set and a new 1:144 scale house

Well Birgit was right :) I did manage to cut into the lovely fabrics, some tiny pieces, for a pillow and quilt for my cradles, I have two cradles to sell, and one of my own.. that haven't got any bed set yet..
And I just wanted to thank you all, you are ALL so nice, I love reading your comments =) Inspires me to improve and keep working on my minis =)
Thank you all!!!
So after all encouragement I tried making some bed sets. I just need to glue the bottom and legs to the green cradle, and then I'm done. (But when I say that I always find something else to fix or add...)
I've also started a make-over at a changing table.
I'm not done yet =) I will add wallpaper to the door too.

And guess what, just after I "revealed" my new fabric "addiction" I won a giveaway, from Conny, with new fabrics =) How great is that?!! Will be looking forward on getting my mail now ;)

Last time I promised pictures of my new 1:144 scale house, so here they come =)
I measured my 1:12 scale house and devided it with 12, and drew a floor plan. I decided I wouldn't make the big doors that opens in the front.
I wanted a 50's and 60's look. And looked for old wallpapers on the net (everything is so much easier when I have a printer) and just printed the wallpapers I wanted =)

And made a parquet floor, just drew and painted on the wood. And then a brown carpet and some printed floors.
The house is 5,6 cm high.

I wanted a red wooden facade, but when I started painting I realized it was more orange than red.. But I didn't have any red paint left.. so this is what I got.. I'm NOT pleased with the windows.. They are not straight and equal... But I don't want to repaint it.. I don't know if I'm even able to remove the old paint.. and do a better job next time.. so this is how it will have to be.

I havn't made the roof yet, Dont know how I want it.. Have to think about that, and while I was thinking I found an old cardboard minihouse as well, so I'm working on that too. It was unfinished, like several of my things are...It most have been lying in the drawer for at least 7 years =)
I printed some floors to that house and have started painting it, but I have no picture of it, yet...

And last but not least I wanted to show some furniture I bought on FB =) They were cheap (just like I like it) =) and I really wanted a highchair, so I'm very happy with the new things.
My daughther was with me when I opened the package and guess who snitched every single one of these furniture.. Saying: "Låna mammas"... (Borrow mums) Well I'm a sneeky mum and I snitched them back when she wasn't looking ;) She manage to get rid of some bows on the bed, I'll see if I glue them back on again, or if I paint the bed first?! I have to paint the table, because there is an ugly sticker on the top, that wont get off, but I like making furniture a little more unique, but I realize I'm no good att painting, it never ends up the way I want it =( But I have to practise and use a better brush or roller.
I'm thinking of painting the chair too. Actually I'm not that found of this dark red wood, but I end up bouying them anyway ;) Maybe beacause its common, or I might like them without knowing ;)
The tiny sofa looks just like one I have in 1:12 scale, would be nice to have them together in a scens somehow..

Now it's bedtime for me, and since I got a cold I should have been in bed awhile ago... but.. I hate going to bed! There are so many fun things that can be done beeing up, instead of sleeping.. But I have to sleep and get well now! So Good night =)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fabrics and animals

I've become addicted to fabrics.... and especially Tilda fabrics from Panduro.... =) I have no idea what to make of them, but they are so wonderful to look at! And I'm a bit afraid of cutting them, what if I destroy them =) We'll see if I get over that and start using them soon ;) I'm thinking of doing a bed-set for my cradle.. soon =)
My Panduro fabrics
When I haven't been looking at my fabrics, I worked on a couple of needlefelted animals and painted a kitchen and started on a new 1:144 scale house.
Two cats ready for Stockholms miniature show so far =)

I've shown the black cat before, but I added some whiskers =) And everytime I think I'm done, I think of something more to do... I might give the black cat a fimo-nose, like the white one.. so I might not be done just yet....

I've understand that cats often do this, being in the way of your work ;)
Lucky for me, the paint had dried before the cat jumped up looking for attention... ;)

I gave these cats pads.

And then I started thinking of a dog I made before, he could use pads too, so I reworked on this dog too, and gave him pads and attached the head a bit better, and fixed his legs.

And now I'm working on a toy poodle =) But I took a break yesterday and started building a new 1:144 scale house too =) (I'll show you pictures of the house later)

As you can see, I'm still busy =) I'm so happy I'm able to work on my minis almost every day now =) I'm really enjoying myself right now, you never know when time runs out again =)
Take care

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I won =)

Natalia had some very generous giveaways last new year. And I was very lucky to win one =)
I have never made curtains before (or I made a very simple one for grandmas roombox) but now I hope I will finally try making some for my house. And the fabric is perfect, goes very well with my wallpaper I think. It might be a curtain, or a sofa, or maybe both =)

But I try to work on things to sell now, and save my own house for later =)
But every now and then I make something for myself too =) Like a teddy bear for my unnamed dog. The Petterssons dog =)
Just look what he did to that poor teddy bear.... ;)

I'll do more "used" teddy bears later. I found a poodle I made years ago, before I started needlefelting, and just tried to make it out of wool anyway, it wasn't great, and mums real dog thought it was a great toy, so he chewed on it, and all I got left was a piece of wet wool... And I started thinking of a song I liked as a kid, "Gammelnalle" with "Mamma mu". (Old teddy bear) I loved it, it was about an old teddy that lost his arms and legs, but he was still happy =)
Nothing in the real world is perfect, so why not have some broken old things in my mini house as well =)

But back to the "selling-stuff", I've made some fimo angles.

And started painting them =) This is the first one, looks like I've missed a spot on the neck, I have to fix that later!

I lost my inspirations this weekend, but I hope to get back on track soon =) Just looking at minis makes me want to start "working" again! (or should I say play, its more fun than any work I can think of ;) )