Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More bags

I thought I was going to do some clay-work today. But I ended up doing more bags =)
I got stared with this one last week, but did the finishing touches today. 
This bag can't be opened. I glued the sides together with a piece of aluminium foil at the middle, to make a rounder shape. And took some jewellery parts, the rings, and made a handle in the same leather as the purse.
I added a bead and its finished =)
My doll got to try it out =)

These are the two purses I've made so far:

And I started making another one to =) A round one.
I cut out 2 round shapes ( I used my glue stick as a template)
I made a round flat ball of aluminium foil to support the sides while the glue dried. And glued a oblong piece of leather around the bottom. (a bit too thick, I should have done it a bit thinner, but you learn from your mistakes, so now I know =) )
I cut a hole, a slit (?), at the side/top (I should have done this before I glued the sides on the bottom, but its possible to do it after too)
I glued the other circle on top of the sides and after the glue had dried I removed the "ball" of aluminium through the hole.
This is how far I got today, I will keep working on this one and ad some yarn or something at the sides and ad a handle. I have all ready glued rings on the sides to attach the handle (as you can see).

To be continued....


Thanks for reading, I love to read your comments =)