Thursday, April 18, 2013


Today I wanted to make a purse after I saw this post by Casey:
I just used a regular cardboard. And made a shape I thought would be nice for a purse, and stuffed it with toiletpaper =)
Then I glued the fabric on the sides. The fabric is a piece of blue fake-suede I got from my husbands aunt =) I got quit a lot of this fabric and I love it and made a sofa with it before. I have some small parts of it too and thought it would be perfect for a purse.

I have tried to make purses before, but only the kind you could open, and that's a quit hard job to make a purse that you can open and put things into, when its that small its hard to sew, and glue makes it a bit clumsy I think, but this can't be open, that made it a whole lot easier =) I didn't sew a thing and just used glue on this one.
I made a handle from a bit of leather that I got from my mother-in-law (isn't it great to have lovely people that give you stuff to use for your crafts! =) )

All done, or?? My pregnant lady (she needs a name now, I cant keep calling her the pregnant lady all the times...) got to try the bag, and she said it needed some details..
so back to work..
I added some leather-details and a bead (you can see the bead on the next picture)
An now my doll thought the bag was so handsome that she fell backwards in surprise.. ;)

Here is a picture of the doll and the purse beside the bag with leather and felt pieces that I got from my mother-in-law. There are lots of purses, shoes and sofas in here.. ;)

I started making a suitcase today too =) But I will show you that one another day, because Im not finished yet. I saw the trunks Felma wrote about here: and got inspired to make one of my own =) But this one is more of a suitcase than a trunk, I might do a trunk later.


  1. Hello, I have left you a prize on my blog, stop to pick it up.

    1. Thank you! I dont know mush about awards and I dont use to give them myself, its to hard to chose candidates =) Hope you know I like your blog anyway! Hannah

  2. Väskan blev verkligen jättebra. Roligt att se den.

    Lil på Lilsdolls

  3. Lovely purse honey! Your becoming such a wonderful mini maker with so many different supplies! Gret work!


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