Tuesday, April 16, 2013

If you start making a shoe it might end up in a bag.... ;)

I found this glove outside. It had been there for a couple of month, I saw a black lomp in the snow, after awhile I went to check it out, and it was a leather glove. The poor glove was torn apart and I don't think anyone will miss it because it has certainly served its purpose of beeing a glove, now its just trash... But I took it home of course ;) And thought I could do a pair of shoes...
I took some old sheets that had been turned apart too, and started making a pattern, it was too hard!!!! It seems like I cant make shoes, so I gave up.. this is what I got, any tip on how to make it better???

As I said, I gave up, and started doing a bag instead, not of the leather (which I might do later) but out of paper, or cardboard.
I saw Birgittas very cute bag.  I got so inspired and since I have a bag like this, which I had since I was a kid, I thought it was a great idea to make one in miniature too. 

I will show you how I did =)

I took a quite thick cardboard and made a bag-shape. (I recommend you to use thinner cardboard if you try this). The glue dried too slow, so I had to take help from a piece of tape to hold the shape together. I then glued this on to the same piece of cardboard and let it dry over night (not that it took that long to dry, just that I didn't have more time for minis that day ;) )

I did make the pattern on a checkered paper first, but then I did the sides and they didn't fit, so I made a new bottom directly at the cardboard.

Then I did the same thing all over again, but this time I used the first part as a pattern. This is going to be the lid, so its a bit bigger then the first, bottom part. On the picture you see the back, attached to the lid, its all upside-down =) Hope you get it, although my tricky description ;)
(addition: I later realized that If you want to close the bag, its smarter to make the lid without the backside, I don't know how to explain this but, to open and close the back, the boarder on the back needs to go, otherwise you cant bend it all open...)

Then I painted it. Fortunately I had the same colour as on my big bag. =)

Then I mad a "lock" out of a tablet blisters. I used a small scissors to cut it out.

Then I made a handle the same way as the lock. But I glued a small piece of paper on it too. And glued a piece of fabric as a hinge. (I thought I was nearly done, but had forgot the trim, which I just remembered before I glued the pieces together.)
(addition: Her you see a lid with all the boarders, but if you remove the back, it will open more easy) 
I glued folded paper around the sides, and attached the "hinge" and then its done =)

My tiny bag =) The lock and the handle doesn't look the same as the original, but close enough I think =)

And finally I will thank and welcome my new followers:



And yes I already got tied of writing in both Swedish and English, so today its only English, but I might do both from time to time =)
I might even fix this post and add some Swedish later, but I don't have the time now (but when will I ever get time?!) =)


  1. Den blev jättefin och mycket lik den riktiga i form och färg. Bra gjort! Tycker om att göra miniatyrer av egna grejer. De är extra kul att se på.

    1. Tack! Ja, det är extrakul med miniatyrer av saker man har i "verkliga" livet =) Jag tror jag ska satsa på mer sånna, det var kul. Jag såg ju att du gjort en miniatyr av din säng och det var ju så kul att se =)

  2. This is so cute!!! You made a fantastic copy of the pink suitcase, and very tiny. Thanks for showing us how you did this, I'll keep it in mind....perhaps a future project (I hope so).

    1. Thank you! I will keep my eyes open and look for your mini bag later ;)

  3. Te ha quedado la maleta preciosa, es igual a la grande, felicidades!! Besitos

  4. Casey did a lot of tutorials on you go I hope you find this useful

    your bag is cute, you should make more then you can stack them up as a display

    marisa :)

    1. Thank you for the link! I will check that out, it looks so easy, but it isn't ;) But maybe I get it after looking at Casey's shoes.
      And maybe I will do some more bags, I would like to try to make one in thinner cardboard too =)

  5. The pink suitcase is gorgeous. Thanks for the tutorial.
    Bye, Faby

  6. Gracias por la bienvenida y felicitarte por tu maleta, es una copia exacta de la real. Un saludo, Eva

  7. How sweet two indentical suitcases :)

  8. Сумки удивительные!!! Мне тоже предстоит не мало сделать таких!!!!
    Вы талантливая девушка!!!! У вас очень интересный и позитивный блог!!!!!

    1. Thank you very much! I really like your blog too! You are so talented!


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