Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back from some vacations

So I'm back from a little vacation. =) I thought I was going to miss the work on my house when we were gone, but I think I needed a break. I was working on the floors and they did NOT turn out the way I wanted =( Don't know if I should do it all over again, or just leave it as it is.. (I guess it's quite hard to remove now I have glued it straight on to the floor... and painted it white.)

Anyway I did bring my carpet on the vacation (we visited my mother-in-law in south Sweden and attended a wedding in a different part of Sweden, we did quite a lot of travelling on a short time period, but we had a great time =) ) and I've been working on the carpet every now and then =) I think it's very soothing and fun =)
This is were I'm at right now, or.. I did do a few more stitches since I took the picture.. ;)

Last week we got back for the vacation, but I didn't get back on my miniature making until today =) (Except for the carpet) Like I said before, I got some lovely miniature shells, I thought I could do a nice jewellery box with shells on. Those shells are beautiful in them self, so I reckon I didn't need to do mush with them.. but I think I manage to make them look less beautiful then they really are.. um.. Hope it looks better when I'm finished.. I don't know how to decorate the box and make it look as wonderful as the shells deserve... This is what I got so far:
But this is just the beginning, I haven't even started on the lid yet =) I think it looks a bit empty.. It might need some more decorations.. I have to sleep on that =)
I did use this too, I believe its used to make flowers?! Nice and shiny anyway =) Like pearl I thought =)

At last I would like to show what I found in the grocery store =) I love mushrooms and I wanted some for dinner and found a great wooden box full of them for 15kr. I thought this box would be great building material =) I was so eager I already started taking the box apart when I took the photograph =) Don't know what to make of it, but I guess it might come handy one day =)

Hope to  work a bit more on my jewellery box tomorrow, but now I say good night for now =)
Take care


  1. Hi Hannah, welcome back from your holiday. I think you did a great job on your miniature needlework; it will be gorgeous when you have finished it! I also like the shell-box you made.
    Hugs, liduina

  2. Trevligt att du är tillbaka! Har saknat dina flitiga uppdateringar:) Fina saker du har gjort.

    1. Tack! =) Jag fick till två inlägg på semestern med ;) men det blev inte mycket pysslat, men nu är jag full av pyssel som bara vill komma ut ;)

  3. Mattan och boxen är jättefina.

    Lil på Lilsdolls

  4. Gorgeous rug! They do take a long time.
    And I love the black asnd white polka dot dress in your last post. Beautiful work!


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