Sunday, July 28, 2013

Two new books

I got a gift voucher on and bought two books =) I had a hard time deciding what books to buy, but I thought about James Carrington's book for awhile and I like clay and would love to be able to do dolls, and I like embroidering and wanted some new patterns (but there are lots of great free patterns on line too). So these two is what I bought in the end =)

Needlework designs for Miniature projects - 64 Charts for counted cross-stich and needlepoint - Eileen Folk Dover publications Inc.

I was a bit disappointed that the patterns are in black and white. The only colour pictures in this book is on the cover (both in- and outside the cover). I love the carpet on the front and I thought I could use the screen pattern for a carpet too =) I like that dragon =) And I like doing carpets =)
I think the book is OK, but it's not a favourite, yet ;)
You can look a bit inside the book here:

1/12 Scale Character Figures for the Dolls' House - James Carrington Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd


  1. Dockboken är ju väldigt trevlig. Den andra känner jag inte till, men tråkigt om du blev besviken. Fast det är ju alltid roligt att ha lite olika böcker.

    Lil på Lilsdolls

    1. Ja, det kan vara kul att bläddra i, även om den inte var precis som jag trodde. Det vore kul att kunna bläddra lite i alla dessa böcker som finns på nätet men som jag aldrig ser i nån butik.. men man kan ju kolla lite på amazon i vissa böcker, men den visade inte så mycket av just denna bok.

  2. I love minatures tutorial books. I am sure you'll enjoy having these in your collection.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. I love tutorial books too, I've seen there are some great tutorial books from Japan, but I haven't got a hold of any one yet =)

  3. I can imagine you bought the needlepoint book, from the cover it looks great. It's a pity indeed the patterns are not in colour, for I find it difficult sometimes to choose the right colours all by myself.....
    I think you will be having lots of fun with your book from James Carrington, I am looking forward to see a doll you made from this book.
    Hugs, liduina

    1. Maybe I will like the needlepoint book better after awhile, I'm happy they show at least one picture in colour (at the cover) and maybe I will learn to stitch after black and white patterns too =) I've only tried colour patterns yet =)
      And I hope I will make a doll soon =)

  4. Unos libros muy interesantes y muy prácticos, harás bonitos trabajos con ellos. Un saludo, Eva

  5. Are you going to show us how to make dolls! I love to see how everybody's techniques differ.

    1. I will try to remember to take some pictures during my doll-making later =) I have done some dolls before, here are some pictures of how I made two dolls: The dolls I've made so far I used a template/mold I've bought (which I cant find now). I tried sculpting faces myself too, but that's hard =)

  6. Hi _0/
    I just wanted to inform you that you won the second prize in my giveaway draw (just check out my blog if you do not believe in * grin *).
    So..if you could a-mail me your address so I can get your prize sent to you.

    Congrats (^^)

    MiniHugs, Irina


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