Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More carpets!

Oh no, I found more free patterns for carpets.... ;) I love carpets (in miniature, in "real life" I do think they are an awful lot of extra work vacuuming....)
It looks like I have to do more carpets... Just look at this wonderful patterns: The one with the figures are my favourite! I have to do that one later. I dont want to start a new carpet while I'm still working on one, I
think the first one just will be lying and never finished, so I have come up with this "rule" for my self =)
I was planing to do the carpet on the front of my new book too, and then I really wanted to design a carpet of my own too... There will be lots of carpets in my future, I hope =) But I made the first one in 6 month, and this second one is bigger (but I do half stitches, not cross stitches as the first one) but I guess it will take a couple of more months.. So I might do 2 carpets a year, not much, but I see it as a relaxing activity. And I hope I get a bit faster as the years go ;)

Anyway, I'm working on some pieces for a swap right now. I love swaps =) Its so exiting! But I always wonder if my things are good enough.. and I think its hard to value my own things.. I hope the receivers will be happy for my things =) I will show you the things later, but I wont show it right now.. But I can give you a hint that it will be a lot of clay work this time =) And I have done one thing I have been wanting to do for awhile now, so I had to make a couple things for myself too ;) (as always)

Hope to show you some new pictures next time =)
Take care

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