Thursday, August 22, 2013

A little trade

I just realized I never showed you what I got in the little trade I made with Ulrika. I did show you the mice I gave her, but the furniture I got never made it to the blog =)

The chairs on the left did not come with the trade, I bought those at panduro. (they were charms, but I cut of the ring on the top) They are a bit to big, but I might have a place for them in a house later.

I thought I could build a log cabin or something for these furniture. They are 1:144 scale. And I would like to have a small log cabin =) I always liked those.. You who have followed me since my last blog at know I did do a larger log cabin before, or started and never finished... maybe I can finish a small one before I get on with the bigger one.. we will have to wait and see ;)
I did transfer all my old posts to this blog, so you can check out the log cabin here:

Now its way past my bedtime, again.. So I'll see you later (or earlier another day I hope)
Take care


  1. Hi Hannah! Those are really tiny. The fridge is the cutest ever!! You are right building a little house goes much faster. Can't wait to see what it will look like.
    PS I did paint the bed myself. It was fun to make and easy.

    1. I just realized I didn't have anything in the photo that show the size, they are really tiny =)
      I haven't got the hang of making tiny furnitures yet, I just like to make the house =) But I hope I can make some furniture later.

      I'm very impressed by your bed, great paintwork! I could never paint that small, and beautiful!

  2. Si que pueden quedar bien en la cabaña. ¡Ánimo y a terminarla!

    1. Thank you, I hope to finish the cabin one day =)

  3. A good idea to build a log cabin for these cute pieces. There are very nice tutorials for making 144" items on the net.
    Hugs, Drora


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