Thursday, August 15, 2013

Winnings and new stuff

I forgot to tell you in my last post that I was the very luck winner of two contests/giveaways this summer! First I won a TV from skalaminimal on FB and then second price in Narina's giveaway.

Here's a picture of the TV, in the box, I will place it in my house later =)
I will take a picture of my other price when it arrives =)

I have had some sleepless nights, I have too many ideas I could not sleep, but I got to do some of it last week =) But I'm busy with my daughter and cant spend all day mini-making ;) But its fun being a full-time mum too, but sometime I miss making miniatures all day and night and when ever I want.. Maybe my daughter will be making miniatures with me some day =)

Last week I was so eager to work with my clay again =) And my daughter and husband most have felt it, because I got 3 hours on one day to my clay =) (and I still got to see my lovely grandmother, aunt, mother and brother =) My brother might be the man to thank for this too, because he played so much with my daughter for two days in a row, so that she just fell asleep when we got home =) )
You know the saying: less is more, that is so not true when it comes to "clay-time" ;) I could have worked day and night, I'm just so inspired right now!!
Anna made some Blythe-dolls and just like her, I would love a Blythe, but they are so expensive.. But I never thought of making my own in miniature before Anna made one, then I just "had" to make one too =)
This is my first try. I thought I could make the legs movable.. I haven't finished this one yet... I went nuts and made a few more instead ;)
They are all quite different from each other =) And I don't know if anyone will ever look like a real Blythe..

I have been working on them for several days now, and I'm still not done, but some are almost done. I don't think any of them really looks like a real Blythe =( But they look like dolls, and I will have to be happy with that, and since I LOVE dolls I might just keep all of them ;) (They might fit in my future toy store, if I don't use them all in my house =)
And I tried making a baby doll too..  but I'm not really satisfied with my results..

I don't like doing eyes.. Why do we have to have 2 eyes, and why do the look so similar?! ;) I hate doing two of some thing..
I saw this tutorial and thought I could do some eyes for my needlefelted animals, but as I said, I don't like doing eyes.. so I haven't started on them yet ;)
But I did give my dolls some simple clay eyes, I think they turned out OK.

Last week when I started working on the hair I remembered how hard it is to wig a doll, I just can't get it right.. I tried with some fake hair, some plastic hair that wouldn't bend that easily.. I just got out of self confidence and patient, and the dolls were out of scale and proportions..
My first "hair" (on these dolls that is, I have done a few dolls with hair before too =) Like these: but they are bigger and a bit easier, but though enough for me ;) )
At the back she looks like a birds nest or some thing, not pretty at all! Don't know if I can fix this later?!

And to dress these dolls... don't get me started on that ;) I just gave up this for awhile, but then I tried making dresses from clay and I did do one doll with both clay dress and hair, completely made of clay:

But today I remembered that I got a "yarn" of linen. I got it from a plumber that thought it would be perfect for my mini-making and he was right =) This was so much easier to work with, and I got my patient back =) I tried some doll hair from Panduro too, looks like yarn.
My daughter woke up before I got the time to give them a haircut ;)
But this is what I got so far, I will keep working on these dolls later, but like I said yesterday, I'm working on some secrets for the swap too =) But today I wanted a change and worked on the dolls and finished my jewellery box =)
yes, the box is finally done =)
This box can be open, didn't take any pictures of that.. you just have to trust me on that ;)

Finally this long post has come to an end... =) I thought I wasn't going to write as much today... but I guess "I'm a writer" I just cant help myself.. writing is my thing ;)

Take care


  1. Hi Hannah, despite all "Real Life" obligations and chores, you found time again to spend on mini's. And you made a lot of them :D. Your tiny dolls are looking good! And the jewellery box is too. Congratulations on the prizes you won.
    Hugs, Liduina

    1. Thank you!
      I'm glad I'm unemployed ;) I cant understand how people manage to both go to work, cook, clean the house and do other necessary things and do miniatures =) I have a hard time finding time and I'm at home all day.. =)
      But I sometimes skip the cleaning.. ;) Like today.. I have to vacuum soon, but today I wanted to have some fun ;)

  2. Hannah,
    I love the TV, congrats on your win and we all have real life obligations that keep us from minis :) you have made very cute dolls I might have to make some for my baby gift


    1. Thank you! I'm very happy I got to win things =) I never won anything before, but now I'm on a roll I guess ;)
      And I would love to see your dolls, hope you make some dolls one day, I will keep my eyes open =)

  3. Congratulations on your fantastic wins!

    It is good to get away from the mini grind of clay and work on other things ;)

    I do the same pass by the table for a few days then work on clay for 4 hours straight ;P Saves the fingertips

    Your dolls are lovely and the jewelry box is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I gave the jewellery box to my mum today, and she liked it, but I guess she is partial ;) She might be my biggest fan =)

  4. Felicidades por los premios. Las miniaturas son así, probar una y otra vez hasta conseguir lo deseado. Los joyeros me gustan mucho. Un saludo, Eva


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