Monday, May 27, 2013

Work from the weekend

Saying I was taking a break with my 1:144 scale house was just the perfect way to get started with it again ;) I painted the roof...

... and made and painted a fence.
No, it's not finished, I need to ad a "top" at the fence too. I might use Darias idea with thread. =) But I was eager to continue the big house, so this will have to wait some more =)

When I just decided something about the 1:12 house, I change my mind, again... I thought I could make a nice parquet floor by the popsicles. Just cut them and place them in squares...
But when I saw the result I was a bit disappointed.. This doesn't look like a beautiful livingroom floor, it looks like a terrace floor.. Not that it's anything wrong with that, but it was not the look I wanted...
Don't know if it would get better with a little paint, or if I should just come up with another idea..

Have to think about that floor a bit more.. So I moved on and when my husband was at home I finally got the courage and opportunity to try my new multi-tool =) (used it on the balcony to avoid lots of cleaning after ;) )
I thought sanding with the tool would spare my hands and go faster then by hand. And faster it is, but afterwards I got spasm in my hand ;) It vibrates a bit and I held it really tight so I wouldn't slip or drop it ;)
But I manage to sand all kitchen parts, I didn't do it perfectly, I just wanted to get rid of that shiny finish so that I can repaint them in a lighter colour.
My poor doll couldn't stand the mess, so she arranged the pieces again, even do everything in here is totally unfinished.. ;)
I'm actually thinking of removing that window.. I like the light, but it feels a bit in the way.. I would like to have top cupboards (is that the right word?) too... and maybe some tiles between them. we will see...

I have this bathroom with decor, I don't like the decor, so I thought I could sand it off with my multi-tool =) This is made in some kind of ceramics?! quite heavy and hard.

After a quite long while I manage to get rid of the most of the decor on the toilet. But it was very time consuming and hard to get it nicely done, so I will just paint the other pieces and hide the decor that way =) maybe it will look nice with the decor in the same colour as the rest (white that will be)

I think some new paint will cover the "scars" =)
But I'm glad I can open the toilet-lid now, that was almost impossible before..

The whole house is a mess, I'm glad I haven't installed the stairs so that my doll can go up stairs and see all this mess ;)

And speaking of paint... I wanted to paint this bookshelf in some nice bright colour, but I didn't have that much to choose from, so I got an idea to use nail polish =) I loved to paint my nails when I was younger, so I had lots of different nail polish, but I never use them any more, and they dries up, just like my paint... so I thought this could be a way to use one of them, but it was already a bit dry, and I don't know if I will have enough... =/ I will have to try to paint the rest another day, I let this dry on the balcony, it smells quite a lot...

And finally I found the perfect wallpaper in a drawer. Its a napkin, and it might be really hard  to put it up on a wall, but if I glue it to a regular paper it might be easier?! I will have to try!

I would say I got quite a lot done this weekend even do we were off to my mum yesterday to celebrate mothers day =) My second mothers day as a mother to the worlds best child =)
Take care


  1. Muchos proyectos abiertos y muy interesantes. No te queda tiempo para aburrirte.

    1. Thank you, I get board so easy I have to have many things going =)

  2. Hi Hannah, you have been very productive! I like the napkin you plan to use as wallpaper; I think it will look lovely. I have a tip in using paper napkins (perhaps you already know and you found out yourself before). I remove all layers from the napkin until the toplayer is left over. I cover a sheet of paper with a glue named "Mod Podge". I let it dry, place the top layer of the napkin on it. Cover with a sheet of special paper you can use in the oven. Then push a hot iron on it; after removing the oven paper, the napkin is smoothly glued to the paper. You can cut it with a pair of siccors in shape and place it in your house.

    1. I tried glue the top layer to a paper, but I only had a glue stick at home and it wasn't that good. I have heard about mod podge but have never seen it in any store here in Sweden. I will try using regular wallpaper glue (I used it for the wallpaper in our bedroom, real size) Sounds great with the iron, its hard to get rid of the marks of the folded parts.. I will just keep trying =) Thank you so much for the tips!

  3. Ditt lilla hus öär så litet och gulligt! Fin ide´att göra staketet. Tänk att du slipade av toalettstolen. Fantastiskt kul att du vågade försöka, (fast det verkar jobbigt). Tycker det blev bra. Kommer att bli jättefin när du målat den. Lycka till med köket.

    Lil på LIlsdolls

    1. Tack! När jag såg att toaletten inte hade nått hål i botten o att den var så tung tänkte jag att det borde gå då den ej var ihålig, sen testade jag försiktigt och det verkar ju gå bra, men det tog sin tid, så jag gav upp idén att göra det med alla delarna.

  4. You were very busy! Your house looks great. I like your wallpaper idea it has a great pattern on it. ;)

  5. You've been very busy!
    I like the tiny house. Godd idea the wallpaper with a napkin.
    Bye, Faby

  6. ¡Cuánto trabajo! Todo tiene un magnífico aspecto, estoy deseando verlo terminado. ¡Ánimo y a por ello!


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