Monday, May 20, 2013


Anne is a very kind mini-friend of mine, and she helped me by printing some things for me since my printer gone crazy... Among other things she printed a new carpet-pattern for me, so now I can sew at other places than beside my computer =) 
I can see the missing row Brae talks about now I have the chart in my hand, I don't know if I will fix it or not, if I add the extra rows, I will have to keep it in mind every time I look at the chart in the middle, and if I forget I will get the whole thing wrong.. we will see, I've already started and didn't know where the missing row were, so I'll have to change some things if I add that row...

I also got this cute puzzle (found it on this lovely blog): I had puzzles like that when I was a kid, so I was so glad to get one in miniature! It takes more time than I expected to put this puzzle together, so I only did 3 pieces today when my kid was asleep =) The poor thing is missing out of all the fun while she is sleeping ;) But like I've said before, she is just to young for minis right now. 

I painted a layer of nail polish over the pictures to fixate the ink. I don't have any spray, I guess that would be perfect for this, but the nail polish worked, I didn't smudge the pictures =)

 I never use the tweezers but I tried today, and I think it will be useful to my 1:144 scale work =)

This is how far I got today, I will carry on tomorrow =)

Yesterday at my daughters nap I made a bed for my mini-house. I lost the fun of that project, I got bored like always, but I might get the spirit back in a while or a year or so ;) I liked making the house, not so much the furniture.. and I just realized my wallpaper wont show at lots of places when the furniture is in place, what a waste of time and work... but if I don't glue the furniture to the walls I might shift them around and get a look at all the wallpapers so it wasn't a total waste.. ;)

 I'm thinking of adding some details to the bed, and a quilt of course. =)



  1. Hello Hannah, it is nice to see the progress on your tiny house with every post I visit. And the puzzle-squares you made are lovely as well. I am sorry for commenting a lot less latety...due to several causes in "Real life" as they say in Blogland....
    Keep up the good work ! :-)

    1. Thank you!
      Don't worry about that, I do like to read your comments, but I know there are more things in life than to read and comment other peoples blogs ;)

    2. Bra att du fått ett mattmönster utskrivet. Inte kan man se att det skall saknas någon rad i mattan du gjorde. Den är så fin. Roliga små pappersminiatyrer du hittat! De är ju jättesmå. Knepigt att få till. Gullig säng du har gjort!

      Lil på Lilsdolls

    3. Tack! Ja, det är lite knepigt med de små pappers fyrkanterna, de är mindre än mina fingrar =) Men det går rätt bra ändå.
      Det är i det nya mattmönstret det saknas en rad eller om det är två, jag la ihop 1/4 till ett halvt mönster, men nu efter ser jag att det saknades rader, får se om jag gör något med det.

  2. Wonderful little bed ;)Your paper house is coming along nicely =)

  3. Impressive all the little fine things you have made​​. Your bed is so nice.

  4. I like the puzzle-squares.
    Your tiny house is wonderful.
    Bye, Faby

  5. Hi Hannah! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I am glad I found yours and now I am your new follower! Back to reading! Mini hugs, Natalia


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