Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some setbacks and some progress

First, I've started the new carpet as you could see in my last post. But I realized I missed a row, just like Otterine wrote about. I thought of just keep going and cope without that row, but it annoyed me =) So I unravelled some stitches and started over again. And I wonder how many times I got to unravel even more stitches, I keep miscounting. But I'm on the move now and hopefully it will get easier the more I make. This is how far I've got =) For awhile it felt like I didn't get anywhere, but now when I look at it I see how much I've done, and not how much I have left =)

So far I've used:
Pastella mouline 043 Egeskov (dark red)
DMC mouline 311 (dark blue)
DMC mouline 806 (lighter blue)
On a canvas with 11 threads on 1cm (I can't find any reason why some countries use inches when centimetres are sooo much better, just wanted to say that ;) )

I'm having a little break in my 1:144 scale house and set focus on my 1:12 house. But I'm having a really hard time deciding which room should go where.. I'm almost certain about the nursery, since I've already done the walls there. But I cant decide about the floor.. Should I have popsicles? or thicker sticks?
There is an annoying spline beside the walls at the top flooring. If I choose the thicker floor the spline wont show as much, but it's harder to cut this sticks and I get a "higher" floor than with the popsicles, but, they are low so that I see the spline and it might get harder to furnish the room with that level difference..
Here you can see the spline at the sides.

 Popsicles, it's hard to see, but there is a level difference for about 5mm

Thicker and longer sticks, there are a level difference here too, but not that much as the above.
Beside the nursery I thought of having a boy's room (the poor boy fell inside his package while he was inspecting the floors..) But then I wondered if I should make the parents bedroom beside the baby's... Who leaves a baby on another floor? but the great thing about dollhouses is that I can do what ever I want, it doesn't have to be realistic... but I like realistic... =)
The wallpaper suits the boy, and I have a nice tablecloth that would make a cool floor (and I dont have enough cloth to cover the bigger bedroom down stairs) And I like to give the parents a bigger bedroom, but I like to have the nursery next to the parents bedroom... I've been thinking of this for several days but I can't decide... I have to think a bit more...

And like I had nothing better to do I tried furnish my very unfinished kitchen ;) I think I have selected the room for it, but I got a bit uncertain, should I take a bigger room for it, or not. But I think this smaller room will be it! Now I "just" have to choose floors (which will take forever if I know myself right..) and wallpaper and put it all up =)
I have this kitchen-furniture that I actually don't like, but this is what I found and could afford, so I'm thinking of giving them a make over. I will have to sand them to get rid of that shiny wood colour, I want them white or light green/yellow. I'm thinking of using my new tool, but I cant do that while my daughter is asleep because of the sound, but I cant do that when she is with me either because it is to dangerous if she gets in the middle (like she always do, she reaches every thing and she just takes all my stuff ;) ) So I don't know when I'll be able to do that. But I thought I could start painting the inside of this strange stove ;)

I have never seen a real life stove with a drawer like that! and the oven can't be made of wood like that! so I wanted to paint it black inside and white on the outside and remove the knob to the fake drawer. But, like I said, setbacks! My black paint has dried! Paint should not be allowed to dry like that!! So I found another black paint bottle, and guess what, its totally dry too! Before I throw it away I thought I'll give it one last shot, so I pour some nail polish remover into it. And it worked =) It's not like it's new, it's a bit lumpy, but I manage to paint the inside of the oven, but it looks... not so good ;) As always I was a bit eager to take the photo, so the paint hasn't dried yet.

And at last I want to thank and welcome my new followers:

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  1. Texture or stone spray paint is an easy makeover for a counter top. I have done a few that way - I have also used fine sandpaper.

    1. Thank you very much for the tip! I will keep a look out for stone spray!

  2. I like the new kitchen.
    Bye, Faby


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