Friday, May 3, 2013

A new book

I got a new book for my birthday yesterday. Nukkekoti Väinölän Tapaan by Maria Malmström. Its in Finish, so its impossible to read ;) But the pictures are so beautiful and I think I will understand most of it just by looking at the pictures. There are some great tutorials and like I said, wonderful pictures!
So I recommend this book to all who loves miniatures. You can buy it at
Or just look at her blog: or her facebook page:

Jag fick en ny bok i födelsedagspresent igår, Nukkekoti Väinölän Tapaan av Maria Malmström. Den är på finska, så den är ju omöjlig att förstå ;) Men det är så vackra bilder och jag tror att jag ska fatta bara av att se på bilderna. Den har många bra steg-för-steg beskrivningar och som sagt massa fina bilder!
Så denna bok kan jag rekommendera. Den finns att köpa här:
Eller så kollar ni bara in hennes blogg: eller facebook-sida:

I've had a sad day since my 8,5 year old dog died today, so I haven't done any minis today and I dont know when my creativity will be flowing again.. we will see.. Maybe its a great way to forget my sorrows for awhile, but today I'm just having a sad day and hopefully I will be able to be happy soon again, even if it doesn't feels like it right now...
I did this miniature of my dog last year: He was so much cuter than this miniature, and loving and caring, but very shy. You can see the original post her:

Idag var en sorglig dag då min 8,5åriga hund har dött. Så det blev inget pyssel idag och jag vet inte när jag får tillbaka min skaparlust. Vi får se. Men det kanske är ett bra sätt att tänka på annat, men idag ville jag bara vara ledsen. Förhoppningsvis blir jag glad snart igen. (Klart jag blir, men just nu känns det så hopplöst)
Jag gjorde ju en miniatyr av honom förra året. Men den gör honom såklart inte rättvisa. Här kan ni se mitt förra inlägg om detta:

Can you spot the mini dog? =) He is sitting on the sleeping Ossian's neck, over the text.
Kan ni se mini-hunden? Han sitter på nacken på en sovande Ossian, över texten på bilden. =)


  1. So sorry for your loss hon. Best wishes and hugs to you.

  2. Oh it's so sad when you have to say goodbye to your dog. For a long time you can hear it go around and when you come home and open the door, you get quite sad when it did not comes running. Perhaps you will soon get a new dog.
    I've also had dogs for many years, but has now also been without a dog for many years. I actually go and want me to get a dog again, but it's also a great work.
    I have seen the book on her blog, and it looks absolutely gorgeous, too bad it is not in English.
    I hope you will soon find your creative spirit again.

  3. Dear Hannah, I am so sorry to hear you dog has died. It is such a sad thing to loose your pet. I can imagine you don't feel like making mini's at the moment. Just take your time to overcome the loss, you will find happiness again and the good memories of your cute and loving dog will stay with you forever. I wish you much strenght.

    Congratulations with you birthday and thank you for showing us the lovely book of and link to Maria Malmstrom.
    Hugs, liduina

  4. The little dog is so cute.
    Bye, Faby

  5. Congrats for your birthday and your new book!
    Tha minidog is cute!

  6. Thank you all! My daughter at 1,5 year is full of joy and she is great at making me smile, so even when it feel like the end of the world, she can make me smile =) But today she missed the dog too, she loves to bring me the leash and go out on a morning walk together. Today she just went looking for him and got upset when she couldn't find him to put on the leash. But she will accept the new way much faster than I, for me it feels very strange to walk without him =(

  7. im sorry to hear about your doggie

  8. muchas felicidades por tu cumpleaños!!!
    Cuanto lamento la muerte de tu perrito,son de la familia y su pérdida es siempre muy triste,ánimo!!!

    1. Thank you Pilar! It's over a year ago now, but I can still share a tear now and then for this lovely dog!


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