Monday, May 6, 2013

A little of this and a little of that ;)

I went on a small exhibition on a library. If your in Sweden, go see it ;) AnneLo has just started a blog, so you can see a slideshow of some lovely room-boxes, made in exiting "boxes" like a coffee pot, lanterns and old wooden boxes. I was stunned, it was sooooo beautiful.

Like I said I had a birthday last week and I got some nice things =) (you already saw the book) I got boxes (to store all my small things) from my husband. And a cabinet with small boxes from my father, perfect to store my clay, and I got some new clay too =) And even more boxes from my mum. Guess what I had wished for ;) Its perfect with boxes like this to store the small things I've done, and to store different materials like clay, wooden pieces and fabrics =)
The boxes from my husband
The one from my father, Ewa and my babybrother =)
I've already filled this one with clay =)
And the one from my mother =)

And finally the one I already got, I got this from my mother years ago, and I filled it with lots of small stuff =)
And I think making minis helps me with my sorrow, first I was to sad after losing my dog, but now I feel like making things again. The creative dry up didn't last long =) I just can't stop making things. I do work on my carpet awhile every day. Its soothing to embroider and my daughter likes when I sit beside her bed and embroider when she have to take her nap. So its a perfect way to be creative and make something, and still be calm and it doesn't take much time to prepare, just fetch the embroider and start stitching =)
So I did some stitches today, and sooooon the carpet will be done (that means, time to start the next one ;) )

Today at my usual "alone-time" I worked on my little house.
I have done all the wallpapers, and today I fixed the floors. I have to say I did a sloppy job with the floors, but the house is so tiny and I didn't have enough patient to make the floors great. I did a sloppy, fast job, and still it took me some hours to get done, and start assembling the house.
First floor =) The kitchen (at the right) and the hallway/living room (at the left) The kitchen got a piece of a colour chart as the floor which I cut like tiles (This is not straight at all!! and the tiles are in different sizes and.. NOT a great work, but it will have to do)
The living room got veneer flooring. (I cut thin stripes with a pair of regular scissors, I thought it would be to hard to cut shorter stripes and simulate wooden planks, so this long ones will have to do, yes, you hear how I have to compromise with the floors, but in the end I hope I will be happy with the result anyway =) )

I Wonder if I should remake the front.. I tried to cut some smaller bricks over the windows, but I don't like the outcome.. But I might be to lazy to start over again...
Anyhow I will paint the bricks a bit more, in different shades.
The side

And the second floor (the middle walls didn't feel like standing for the photo, I hope they will tomorrow ;) )
A hallway, bedroom and a bathroom. The hallway have regular white paper as the floor, cut to simulate planks. The bedroom got fake wood that we striped of the old TV before it went to the dump. And the bathroom floor is made the same way as the kitchen floor.

And my winning painting came in the mail today. How lovely is this?! I absolutely love it! Liduina is so talented!! Please check out her blog, if you haven't already =)
I will have to make a brilliant frame to this, so it suits the painting! Have to think about it a couple of days.. and were to hang it, right now I haven't given it to my dollhouses yet, I have it for myself over my workplace =)

And last but not least ;) Welcome to my newest followers!
Minna Hatara
Mª Jesus (cant find your blog, make a comment with the address and I will link it here) =)


  1. Nice supplies! I need a drawer cabinet like that!

    The mini spark does keep bringing you back, I have already started thinking on fairies ;P

    1. The drawer cabinets are great, I updated with more pictures and now you can see all the different kinds I have, I can really recommend you to get some =)

  2. It seems to be some lovely gifts you received. It's also nice with some good containers to keep some structure in all the mini.
    It just sounds so nice that you sit and embroider while your daughter take her nap.
    I really like your yellow tile floor, it looks so great.

    Thank you for your welcome

    1. I do like structure, all do I'm quit messy ;) But I try to tidy up some times, I hate it when I cant find what I'm looking for.
      And I like the embroider moments with my daughter, its great that I can stay at home to be with her like this.

  3. Felicidades por tu cumpleaños, por el trabajo que estas realizando en tu casita y por el premio recibido, es todo muy bonito. Un saludo, Eva

  4. Happy Birthday, Hannah. You received some very handy gifts for you Miniature-hobby :-)
    How sweet of you to sit next to you daughter, embroidering while she falls asleep. I think later, when she is older, she will cherish this remembrance as feeling really safe and cosy near her mother. And your tiny house; how cute it is! Very nice work!

    1. Thank you! I think I will cherish this moment with my daughter later too, time flies and soon she will be all grown up...

  5. Felicidades por tu cumpleaños!!
    Wnhorabuena por tu premio y tambien por esa preciosa casita que estas haciendo.
    besitos ascension

  6. Happy birthday! The gifts are perfect for minis.
    I like your tiny house and congratulations for the beutiful win.
    Bye, Faby

  7. Perfekta presenter för dig. Skall bli kul att se ditt lilla hus när det är färdigt..

    Lil/Lilian på Lilsdolls

    1. Om det blir färdigt.. ;) Fast det är så bra när jag visat nått på bloggen så blir jag lite mer sporrad att göra klart saker, annars kan jag vara så att jag bara vill börja på nytt hela tiden, men det är ju så kul när man får se sitt färdiga resultat med, så jag kämpar vidare =)


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