Saturday, May 11, 2013


I thought I had shown this before, but apparently I forgot...
Sara got some furnitures for the dollhouse and I pointed out that I really like this cabinet, and just because she is so nice, she sent it to me!! And the clock too. I've thought of collecting these furniture with the "Dalahorse" (From Lundby) for several years now, but I never get started, but now I'm on the go ;) I know there are a blue table and some chairs too, and a chest. I will keep my eyes open for them, I think they will fit right in my "Tomtehus" (Santa's house) Since I have family in Dalarna ( a place where they make this red decorated wooden horses) I especially like this =)
In this catalog you can see parts of this serie. The serie is cold Leksand, a city where I have family =) But that cabinet doesn't have a door, but in 74's catalogue the name is Scandia and this one looks like my cabinet:

On the package there were this cute knife on a plate, the fork unfortunately fell of during the trip. Sara bought them at the Swedish store, Gallerix, but I couldn't find any more of them while I visited. Too bad, they are so cute =)

Thank you so much Sara! You are really too kind!

And when I'm talking about my "tomtehus" I found this fireplace I made several years ago. Like everything els I mad at that time, its not finished. I still don't know really what to do with it, but I might decorate it a bit and off course paint the whole thing. I've made it from a plastic kind of styrofoam, used to protect something in a package =) I thought it looked just like a fireplace so I made one, without knowing where to put it =) And I got one more piece so I could make another one if "I have to" ;)


  1. Congratulations for these lovely pieces of furniture.
    Great idea recycling the styrofoam for the fireplace.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. The furniture is original and beautiful.
    Bye, Faby

  3. Hi, can i ask where you got the tread : Pastella mouline 043 Egeskov
    I am trying to get tread for an old pattern and it uses that kind of tread but I'm not able to find it in any shop or on the internet.

    1. I bought it on a flee-market. I'm so sorry I can't tell you were you can buy it in a store today, it might not even be produced any more. But check out the flee market! Or use DMC mouline instead.


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