Monday, July 8, 2013

Doing the floor

Yes, I'm doing the bedroom floor right now, a little bit now and then =) Its perfect to do just a few sticks at the time, when I have just a second over =)
I use popsicles, I thought it would be more straight and look a bit better than it actually does, but I hope it will be OK when it's done and I've painted it.. It went a bit crocked and got some holes in it..

I put a piece of thick cardboard in the hole in the floor, and glued a piece of white paper over it, and then I just kept gluing popsicles. =)

This is were I'm at right now =) I really hope I wont run out of posicles.. :S

I got a bit of track when I collected the mail a few days ago... =)
I Bought this kit on aliexpress, wasn't suppose to start it now... but I couldn't help myself... It's a DIY "puzzle", so exiting. I just fell in love with the drums, want them in my house, and the guitar. So I thought I could build the shop as a toy store or a bakery and use the instruments in my house =) Will have to wait and see how this goes..
As you can see, even the instruments are in pieces =)  Lots of small parts, and instructions on Chinese... VERY hard to understand, but there are lots of pictures too =) I think I will get it after all =) (I'm super exited over this =) )

Just checking how the front will look like... =) Before I packed it up again and went back to my house.. =)

And talking about mail...

I just want to show you what I got in the mail last week (I had a great mail-week, got lots of stuff ;) )
I swapped with a Facebook-friend and go this amazing water snail-shells. I LOVE snails =) And this shells are so cute, and amazingly beautiful! She picked them up in France, I don't think you could ever find anything like it in Sweden... (I hope to do a jewellery box out of these later)
I got the shells, and she got lots of punchies from me and this: (slices from my home-made canes)

And I got some fabrics from another Facebook acquaintance, Wenche, I hope to make dresses and curtains later =)

(And before I go to bed I just want to ask; does anyone know how to change the name of a label in the blog?? I have my labels on Swedish, but want them in English now... But I cant find a way to change them =(
Would be very happy if anyone can help me with that =) )
I just google it and found out how to do, a bit tricky but I think I get it now =) If anyone else wonders how to do =)

Thank you all for reading and take care


  1. Estas haciendo un fantastico trabajo con el suelo.
    Enhorabuena por tus preciosa compras.
    besitos ascension

  2. Los suelos con las piezas de maderas quedan muy bonitos, aunque hay que tener paciencia.Bonitas compras e intercambios

    1. Thank you =) I'm done with the floor now, it was a great job to do now and then, very peaceful work =)

  3. Gå in på inställningar till vänster sen "språk och formatering" så väljer du engelska.
    Lycka till med golvet =) det blir säkert jätte fint! Kram!

    1. Tack ,tänkte att du kanske hade nån idé =) Men det var inte riktigt det jag menade.. Jag har gärna bloggmenyn eller vad man ska säga på svenska, men det är de egna ettiketterna som jag namngett på svenska, som jag vill döpa om till engelska, vet du hur man gör det??

    2. Jag googlade o hittade =) Gick inte att ändra, man måste ta bort och lägga till nytt.. lite kenpigt, men jag kanske får till det tillslut =)

  4. The floor looks wonderful. I like your purchases.
    Greetings, Faby

  5. El suelo esta quedando estupendo.
    Un abrazo.

  6. Your floor looks great. I love the wallpaper. Great swaps. Your kit looks very interesting :)
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you! The bedroom wallpaper is a napkin =) great pattern if I get to say it myself ;)


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