Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Fantasy again

I started up a Fantasy roombox some years ago. I had big plans and a beautiful picture of a magical forest in my head. But I had no idea how to make it. I stared with a "grass-carpet" but I didn't like the outcome. And lost all will to continue with that project. But my oldest daughter have been asking and asking when I will pick it up again.
The I saw a lovely pin cushion by lilla.ludenben and I thought; off course, everything gets better with a little wool =)
So I started to rework the whole forest and added wool. And I'm much happier with the outcome now. I realize I will never get that perfect result I have in my head, but I have to practice not looking for perfection all the time, because the world is far from perfect and I can never finish anything, ever, because it wont be perfect. (That's often why I start new projects all the time, if it's not done, it's allowed to be imperfect, but once you say something is done, it's done, and then it should be perfect..)

Anyway here is the result, I still can't decide whether to have wool on the tree or not. Maybe I can change it now and then =)


Unfortunately the wall got messed up by lying in a drawer, have to try to fix it later, haven't glued it into place yet.

I'm not done yet, I think. Feels like I could keep adding stuff for ever =) And it's too small, I can't fit everything I want, maybe I have to build another room to connect with this one somehow later on.
Have a few other stuff to work on right now, but will keep working with this every now and then, I hope!

Hope you all are well, it's so nice to hear from old friends once more =) Have a nice day.


  1. I had a lot of fun looking at your pictures - so lovely and so many fantastic details to discover. I really love the dragon peeping out of the pond… but also those fantasy snails sliming around and the friendly stone faces. Your decision to take out your wool was the right choice according to me - not only that it's totally your personal touch because you're a felter… but it also turned out great and gives your scene a real fantasy touch. I'm impressed how good your high wooly grass looks… Shouldn't you take this wonky wall as a sign? The perfect opportunity to add more base space! ;O)


    1. Thank you Birgit! more space.. hm.. I could need a lot of space to have room for everything =) But it would have been fun to make a bigger forest, but, I wanted to make a room too.. so much to do, so little time and room for it all =)

  2. Muy original utilizar lana. Realmente es como un sueño. Preciosos colores.

  3. El resultado es fantástico, me encanta !!!!!


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