Sunday, March 10, 2019

What's up?!

What I have been doing since last time, well, it has been a lot of knitting (and realizing I have osteoarthritis in my fingers, not so bad, but still quite painful at times, all I can do is to keep moving my fingers and hoping it wont get worse when I get older..)

Wool is such an amazing material. I love wool yarn. I have knitted a few clothes for the kids and for example this scarf. My youngest daughter asked for a dragon-scarf. So I made one =)

And I go a new obsession, plants, and especially Coleus. I started collecting, trying to cross different plants to get more colourful new plants from seeds, very exciting. But as always my interest clings off a bit when it's not all new and exciting any more..
But I do still spend a lot of time with my plants, caring for them and just looking at them =)
 My "Plant-shelf" with extra lights during Winter.

Coleus Roring fire
I hope to maybe, try to needlefelt something again. My youngest kid is 3 years now, and she should be old enough to keep away from the needles, I'm really scared the kids would hurt them self at the sharp needles.. (The young one is not as careful as her older sister..)

I bought new needles (Unfortunately I broke some of the old ones) and I made a new pin cushion. Using the tutorial from lilla ludenben:


For Christmas I got an exciting package from Birgit.
Thank you sweet Birgit and bears!

A calender filled with sweet and beautiful beary-pictures. 

The small trees are so cute, my daughters wanted one too, these days I have to be quick and put my things away before the small hand grab them for their dollhouses... 

I did start up the Fantasy roombox once again too, pictures of that later =)
Have a nice day


  1. Preciosos coleos, me encantan.
    Felicidades por los bonitos regalos de Birgit

  2. Hola Hannah! Me alegro ver de nuevo tu blog y que sigues haciendo cosas.

  3. Sorry about your fingers. It is good that you keep working with them. The little knitted scarf is very cute. Your plants too are beautiful, especially the amazingly beautiful leaves in the photo.
    Congratulations for Birgit's lovely Christmas gifts. Enjoy all.
    Take care,

    1. Thank you Drora! I feel very lucky to get Christmas gifts from Birgit =)

  4. It's so great to see a new post from you - although I'm sad to hear about your fingers. I suffer from it too so I have a good idea what this means to you. Keeping your fingers busy is the right strategy… and digging in plant soil too. It's fascinating that you're experimenting with the seeds… who knows - maybe in a few years there will be a coleus called "Hannah" in every garden shop… ;O) And I see there's one happy girl wearing a wonderful scarf, she's a young lady of good taste for sure - and if I've been able to make you happy with my modest gifts that's all I ever wanted.


    1. Sorry you have it too. I hate it when the body doesn't keep up with all my ideas, but I'm glad it's not worse for me! Just going to keep the fingers busy =)
      I really like the gifts, and my daughters too =) Have to hide it away to keep it for myself ;)


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