Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dopskåp till lillasyster - Roombox for littlesisters baptism

I haven't felt like doing any miniatures for years now =( I know I get periods in life without any minis, but I kind of miss it, but just don't feel like catching up.. It's like it has become something I have to do, not something I want to do.  I feel like I should do something, and that I really should post here.. and keep in touch. But I haven't. Sorry for that.
But when I got a baby-sister I felt like doing a roombox for her baptism, just like I did for my youngest brother six years ago. I'm a very big sister, I have kids of my own (that haven't got any roomboxes.. oops) but my oldest daughter, 7 years old now (!) have been asking me to pick up miniatures again. So here we go.

The "roombox" is something from Ikea, Variera. I don't know what it really is =) something for the kitchen.. but I immediately saw a very cool room, wider in front and a bit more narrow in the back.
Off course I wont add the extra handle, I'll just skip that, and put up some wallpaper on the back to hide the screw holes.

I realized it was quite deep, and it might become a bit dark (I haven't got the hang of lights, yet, and didn't have time to fix light in this roombox) But I thought it would be nice to have an extra wall, with a hidden room in the back, so I made a new wall (from thicker cardboard) and glued wallpaper on the walls. Made splines from regular white paper.

I thought an open door would be nice, but that was too hard for me to build right now, so I made it easy, just an open door frame.

I placed a wooden pram in the "back room". With a little plastic doll. And some small shoes at the floor.

 I placed a glow-in-the-dark-star at the wall.

I made a simple shelf. I knew I wanted a special "bapthism-candle", like the candle at least we here in Sweden get at a baptism. I made a poster with her name and the date. To place at the shelf.

I placed some toys in the shelf too. The pop-up toy is a miniature from a toy my first born got from my father and his wife when she was new born. The sheep feels a bit like my signature toy, a favourite to make =)
The teddy bear is made from a pipecleaner. I made one just like the one I made for my brothers roombox six years ago.

And the baby-figure is also very similar to the babyfirgure in the roombox I made for my brother. (so they will match :) )

The jigsaw puzzle is made of paper, I cut out one piece and placed at the floor.

The candle is in place, with a poster and a white angel. 
The little train on the shelf is a bead.
The dollhouse is made of cardboard.

When I was done my husband helped glue a translucent plastic "paper" over it all, to keep away from dust. (maybe it will keep little fingers from trying to move around all the glued pieces too :) )
When the glue had dried I just cut of the rest of the "paper", to make it fit the roombox.

All done.

And there you have it, my first attempt at miniatures, for a long while.
Merry Christmas
Best wishes


  1. Roombox is lovely and back room is also a very good idea.Merry Chistmast to you and your family!!!

  2. Ya veo que no se te ha olvidado del todo lo de hacer minis. Has hecho una bonita escena.

  3. Espero que esta escena te haya inspirado a volver al mundo de las miniaturas!!!
    Feliz Navidad!

  4. There's no need at all to apologize for not blogging and for not being in the mood for miniatures… with your little girls at your side it's only natural that other things are more demanding. Nevertheless it's good to see you here… and this special box was fun to see. This Ikea box makes a great job as a roombox and you've added so many special details that this is to become a family treasure for sure.


  5. Beautiful roombox! That ikea box is perfect for a roombox. I love the back room and all the details you put into this room- your signature sheep, the candle, the dollhouse, the jigsaw puzzle. Congratulations on your new sister!


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