Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August swap

We had a swap in a Facebook group I'm in. We have had swaps before, I attended twice, this is my third time. You can read more about the last times here:
I love swaps =) Its so exiting, you don't know what to get. And sometimes you might get something you never would have bought or made yourself, and that is very exiting I think =) It gets you to think in new ways. And it's great to trade things you don't use or in my case, things you have made yourself and have to much of ;)

This is what I gave away =)

Lisbeth got this:

A needlefelted cactus, a saw, an angle, a "christening
candle" (In Sweden every one who gets baptised gets a candle with this red symbol on it, don't know if you get this in any other countries?! =) ), a swedish flag, some coffee-filters, a cat and some bananas. Everything except the bananas are handmade by me =) And I did send her some linen too.

Magdalena got this:
A needlefelted cactus, a saw, an angle, a golden frame, a golden cup, some slices from a strawberry cane, a liquorice-cake, a scull with a candle, and some blue fake suede fabric.

 This is also handmade by me, except for the fabric ;) 

And Sarah got this:
A mannequin, a needlefelted cactus, a saw, an angle, a pair of shoe blocks, some bananas, a piggy bank (or a rabbit bank =) ), a toy- Volkswagen Bus and 6 Clarice Cliff inspired art deco plates.
And like the other things, These are also handmade by me, except the bananas and the mannequin =)

(I will make a post of how I made the Volkswagen Bus later =) )

And this is what I got:

From Pernilla:

She had made a book and bread and sent a plate and the thing I was most impressed by, a tiny table cloth that she had crochet with sewing thread =) Amazing work =) Very cute package. Thank you very much!

From Linda and Sarah:

The card in the back is a painting of Carl Larsson a well-known Swedish artist =) I wonder if I can us that in the mini-world too?! =)
I got a very nice small printed fabric and two very thin pieces of leather (I might "have" to do more bags now =) ) and a little box with salmon slices, (I have tried to do salmon slices before, but I failed, so I know how impressive these are ;) ), an angle, roses, a skull and two hangers (they are actually paper-clips for scrapbooking) I asked in the Facebook group if anyone had seen these before, and a couple of days later that's what I got in my swap =) very funny! and the flower is made by Linda, very beautiful and the little charm is made by Sarah, so cute, very kawaii-looking =)

A big package from Sara =)
A "whiteboard" for a café/ bakery, ( I always wanted to make a bakery, so this will be perfect, when I get on with that idea ;) ) some straws (for making drinking glass or jars), a football (I believe this is a rubber =) ) and a watering can (also a rubber) bathroom scale (I was only just thinking of making one of these for my house, but now I don't have too =) ), a small house, Styrofoam egg and water-balloons (for make balloons), plastic sticks to use with glue or paint or what ever I like ;), a beautiful white mirror, a pacifier, a lock and a key, a clock (That Sara made of a button), a candy bar (made by Sara), 2 toothbrushes that can be cut to make dish-brushes, some rubber band (for making wholegrain pasta), one pair of flatware, some "spider web", a cup of chocolate and a "dammsugare" (like a cookie) on a plate (made by Sara) and brown air-drying clay.

Great swaps =)
I'm so happy with my packages =) Like the other times I have joined swaps =)

Take care


  1. fina saker du fått och gett bort! jag vågar inte vara med i såna här swaps för jag tänker att det jag gör är för fult... men jag borde kanske komma över det.

    1. Så tänker jag varje gång med, men sen går det över =) Hittills har ingen klagat, och alla är så snälla som är med, så nästa gång vågar du kanske också? Ska försöka komma ihåg att peppa dig att vara med nästa gång ;)

  2. Hi! Nice swap! It is always so exciting to make and get little packages!
    You spoke about the candle/ baptism!
    In Finland every one who gets baptised gets a white candle! No marks on it! :)

    1. Thank you, always nice to know how things is in other countries =)

  3. Las cosas que habéis intercambiado son preciosas. Me imagino la alegría que da cada vez que recibes una

  4. Ahh beautiful! I do love a surprise swap, its like a gift day , you received fantastic wares ;)

  5. Very nice Hannah, you got some amazing stuff! Love it all!!! :)

    Many mini hugs,

  6. It is many wonderful gifts you have swap. I love your bananas and your candles.
    Enjoy all your lovely gifts.

  7. Wonderful gifts. I like swap.
    Bye, Faby

  8. This swap contains a lot of very different mini's; that's great. Have fun and enjoy!

  9. Fun stuff! I'm glad everybody had such a great time with it!

  10. Thank you all! Swapping is a lot of fun =)


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