Thursday, September 12, 2013

A tiny log cabin

I got very inspired to start building in 1:144 scale again after seeing this at kilmouski and me and then Anna started on a house too =)
I should finish my first one, but, I started on a new one instead =) I got this cute kitchen, a bit old fashioned and I immediately thought of a log cabin for it, and not any log cabin, a "härbre".  Its an old "storage house" for food and things, they hang the food high so that the animals wont eat it before the people could ;) And it was built on rocks or poles. But mine will stand on the ground, since it wont be for storage. They did sleep in this small cabins too, mostly in the summer, and I believe many old härbren have gotten a make over so that they can be used as cabins nowadays. I've seen many of these old cabins/ härbren in Dalarna, Sweden. And since I almost believe that I am from Dalarna (which I aren't, but my grandfather were and my mother lived there for a long time and my grandmother still lives there, in a cute cabin, not like this, but in a typical red swedish cabin) anyway! ;) I've always liked log cabins, and härbren =) I saw this drawing: and I started draw a plan myself and this is what I came up with =)

I thought toothpicks would look like logs, if I painted them =) So I started out with some paint, I thought I would have this house in "wood-colour" (not red like most cabins in Dalarna are, but I have seen some wood-coloured log cabins too! And maybe it's more common to have a red "normal cabin" than a red Härbre?! I think so anyway) I used watercolours and let them dry in some styrofoam.

I started carving the toothpicks, but I realized it would take forever to do this, so I came up with a way to cheat ;) It wont be as beautiful, but it will save time and I think it will do.

I just glued toothpicks on each other and used a paper template to see how many I had to use. I will glue the walls together later.

I made an opening for the window =)


I had a hard time decide if I should have 3 or 4 walls?! I will make the roof movable, so that one actually can see the kitchen furniture inside =) but I don't know if I should have one wall open too, but I would like it to look like a house...

Working on my cheating method for the sides ;) 

And when I was done with the three first walls, I decided to make four of them =) So I will keep working tomorrow =) And we will have to see if I use 4 or 3 walls later =)
To be continued....


  1. Hannah it already looks wonderful. Yes, it's very tempting to work on small scales. It's also practical, larger scales take a lot of room.
    Brilliant idea and very good execution.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you Drora! I have come to like the smaller scales more and more. I love houses and I realized I wont be able to have as many different houses (in 1:12 scale) as I would like, but I have plenty of room for 1:144 scale houses =)
      But I do like to do furniture and things in 1:12 much better than in 1:144 scale =) I will keep working with both scales, I might even try more scales later =)

  2. I love log cabins! and I am loving this house! What a awesome idea!

    You gals keep spurring my micro mini side!!

    1. Thank you!
      Hope to see some micro minis from you soon then Jane ;)

  3. Vaya paciencia!!! Creo que es un acierto el tratamiento que has dado a la madera. Me gustan la diferentes tonalidades de la madera.

    1. Thank you! I do like the shades on the wood too =)

  4. Your tiny log cabin is wonderful. I like the coating.
    Bye, Faby

  5. The walls of your log cabin look very convincing, though made of toothpicks. And you are clever to use a template. Well done, Hannah! I hope to see more :-)

    1. Thank you! I'm still working on it, so I hope to show more pictures of this in a near future =)

  6. Wow great idea to use toothpicks they look great as logs. Your cabin is looking wonderful. Looking forward to seeing mare.
    Hugs Maria


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