Monday, June 24, 2013

Done! or... not really!

Thank you all for the great respond to my last post =) It's always nice to read positive comments =) Its good for my sometimes very bad self-confidence!

Thanks to Charlotta (a mini-friend from FB-forums) I got some wallpaper for bathrooms. I had a hard time choosing, as usual ;) But I just loved the one on the outside of the book (I got a book with 11 different wallpapers in it)

That particular one wasn't still available, but then I got the idea to tear the book apart and use the paper on the in, and out side of the book =)

It made a perfect floor for my bathroom =)
I thought it would be a bit to much to use it on the walls too, and I don't even know if I would have had enough of it for all the walls. But I decided to use a grey wallpaper with big tiles on. A bit to big, but I think they will work just fine anyway =) I had to take a similar wallpaper on the last wall, didn't have enough of the first one, but they look quite the same, and I think it will suit well together.

This wallpaper is more beige than the one underneath, but they look quite the same, right?!

Soon I will put the house together again, exiting =) But I have to fix some things first... I still have some boring work with the windows left. I didn't find my overhead plastic sheets, so I took some plastic from packaging, but I didn't have enough of it.. =( Will have to look for more..
To the bathroom I chose a blurry plastic, I tought that would suit a bathroom window =) I'm almost done with all the window frames, but I'm out of coffee-steering-sticks too =( Have to get more to do the last ones. I did not like doing these.. boring and the result is quite bad, I didn't get the right angle and its hard to get the glue to stick on the plastic.. But if you don't look to close, it looks quite all right.. ;)

I'm also done with the living room floor, or.. I haven't painted it yet, and I would love it to shine, but I don't have any varnish at home, will have to look for that too... I want a nice but very cheap one ;)

I will do the rest of the floors when I have assembled the house.
I was going to paint the ceilings, but I thought it would be a great deal of work, and then it wont even show that much.. so I covered it with regular white paper =) Its not perfect, you can see some seams.. but it covers better than one layer of paint =) And I thought of skipping the stairs, they take a lot of space and I don't like the way they are placed, so if I chose to have them later, I will have to move them, so I thought I could cover the holes with the paper, but what do I do, I cut the paper and the hole is right there, again... very clumsy of me! I might just have to do it all over again...
I was looking forward to doing the stairs, but I might have another house in the future with stairs =) This one is just to small..

I chose to seal one window in the kitchen, to be able to have top cupboards and a kitchen fan and maybe some tiles. I just placed wallpaper on one side and glued a piece of thick cardboard in the hole.

This is the kitchen and the bathroom. Today I put up turquoise wallpaper on the sides to the attic, were I had started to paint it blue, I thought it would be better with the same wallpaper as on the walls. I saved that one side with that patterned wallpaper, the rest is turquoise.

Like I said, I'm so exited to put the house together again, I cant wait, but I guess it will look better if I fix some small things first, when all is done, I get to put it together again =) And I guess that is quite soon =)
Take care


  1. I think the wallpaper for the bathroom is perfect I hope you can find more and blurry plastic for the windows is a good thing your little people wouldnt want the neighbors to see them nakee.


  2. Creo que te está quedando bien. Tómalo con calma y disfruta

  3. Ditt hus kommer att bli jättesnyggt. Tapeterna i badrummet och golvet där är toppen.

    Lil på Lilsdolls

  4. I like the floors and wallpaper.
    Greetings, Faby

  5. Привет1 у вас интересный блог!!! строительство дома хорошо продвигается!

  6. A me piace tantissimo la tua scelta, belli i colori!


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