Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Sometimes with war and all nasty kind of stuff going on, I lost faith in humans... But then, blog friends all over the world just embrace me with the sweetest and most kind words and presents, and when I look at my daughters, while they smile and how the big girl is so sweet to the baby, it's almost too good to be true. Life can be so wonderful! But in some of the blogs I read about much sorrow and death this year too, this year has been both up and down I guess, as always.
But I hope for a good 2016 for us all, and that the kindness of blogland will spread all over the world =)

Talking about kindness, I have got many presents lately! I'm overwhelmed! I just have to show you!

First I won a giveaway from:

Penelope sent books for my daughters and these wonderful shoes made by PatriSan. The books were very popular, so are the shoes!
The first time I saw PartiSans shoes, I knew I had to have a pair! But I didn't even dare to ask the price, and I'm so bad at buying from abroad (but Etsy made that easier for me, lucky for me, bad for my wallet)
And all a sudden, I'm the owner of these wonderful shoes! Can't thank you enough Penelope!
I have always loved shoes. When I was young I cried in the store, not because I didn't want to try on the shoes, but because I couldn't try on every shoe there was ;)

Then Kikka surprised me with gifts:
The Pencils are very cute, will go very well with a scene I have been thinking of making, someday =) Thanks Kikka!!

And Birgit surprised me last year (then it took me a year, to send her a little surprise back =) Since she is a bit quicker than me, she had already made a new gift for me this year)

I wonder if Birgit recognize the horse in our little Christmas tree?! (a gift from last year) My daughter loves it and got to hang it herself this year.
And my husband asked a few weeks ago, don't we have a new calender for 20016 for the hobby-room? No, we hadn't, but now, we do =) Thank you Birgit!

and Sara sent a beautiful card and my favourite character from Mumin (Moomin), Ninni (the invisible girl)

And Jane Cherié sent a card too, I was so surprised and grateful, thank you all for thinking of me!

Maybe life is catching up with me now.. Husband's back at work, I'm busy with the kids, and all kind of colds..
There has been way to many sick days here, for all of us. But I hope for a healthy 2016. I feel very blessed having these wonderful kids!
But I miss having more time for miniatures and blogs... but sometimes I just fall down exhausted in the couch, wanting something to read, and then the blogs are great, but I realize it's hard to comment every post I want to, so forgive me for not keeping up...

Sometimes when I (try to) clean the house I get this crazy idea I should just quit, sell all my dolls and quit making and collecting minis.. It'll be so much easier to clean.. and all these millions of "good-to-have"garbage and material, would just leave a lot of space.. But, who want clear space in their home, right? I guess everything will stay as it is, until I can pick up were I left it. But, I have to baby-proof everything again now, so all the needles and small items are packed away for awhile. And to make up for the lack of creativity, I bought a few books about miniatures to keep me busy the few times a day (nights) that I have a little time for myself =) Will show them later.

Wishing you all a happy new year!!
Take care


  1. Dear Hannah,
    It's always good to see the bright side of things and enjoy what you
    have. Most important is to take care of yourself and your family. A hobby is for fun and enjoyment, especially when you don't enough time to spend away from home. You did right in keeping "the good to have garbage". You will not regret it when you'll get more time for crafting later on.
    A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours!
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Bonitos regalos Hanna.
    Disfruta una gran noche de fin de año y que el 2016 esté lleno de cosas buenas para todos.

  3. So many lovely gifts... well, I had my share of them too and I'm over the moon - and a special someone (let's call her just Miss R.) jumped up to the moon too. I'm glad to hear you canceled this idea of getting rid of your lovely collected pieces - free space is overrated and usually gets stuffed again... so why not let it stuffed with the lovely pieces having a true meaning to you and bringing you joy?! I'm wishing you a wonderful 2016 with your grown family and above all better health.


    1. I started to clean out some old clothes instead =) But I have a hard time letting anything go..
      Thank you, I wish you the same! The better health, sounds like something I really wish for next year, but I'm happy I'm not really sick, a cold (or one a month) isn't that bad if you think of the bigger picture.. =)

  4. Preciosos regalos, y ánimo cuídate , te he imaginado perfectamente, el catarro , la casa , los niños y las minis.....y al final agotada. Te deseo que el 2016 venga con lleno de todos tus deseos. Besos:-)

  5. Lovely gifts! Happy New Year! Hyvää Uutta Vuotta !

  6. Happy New Year Hannah! ♥
    -Lovely gifts!
    Hugs, piikko

  7. Happy New Year as well! I am so happy that you like the books and the shoes. And I love my gifts as well. I agreed with so much in your post. I also think well maybe I should stop saving all this stuff for future projects so there would be a bit more order, but impossible for me! Thank you also so much for your support of my blog! Wishing you all the best!

  8. Great gifts, Hannah! Happy New Year to you and yours! Hugs

  9. Such wonderful gifts!
    I think it's more important for you to enjoy your baby girls than making minis. After all, they grow up too fast! Happy New Year to all of your family. May 2016 be an incredibly fantastic year for you!
    big hugs♥,

  10. Hi Hannah, I always enjoy your posts so much. Now that I'm into Pullip dolls, I really do want to clear out some of my miniature things, but not all of them. Fortunately, with 1/6 scale dolls, I can have a little bit of furniture and a few accessories. Hopefully the collection won't grow as large as the miniatures. 😉 It sounds like you still haven't received my giveaway prize yet. I sure hope it arrives soon. You're not the only one who hasn't received their prize, so don't worry. ☺ xo Jennifer

  11. Fantastic gifts and the shoes are stunning. I know exactly how you feel about giving up minis and selling everything, been feeling like that myself lately! And keeping up with everybody is difficult too...and the awful news from around the world arggh. No coping ideas for you, but I'm trying to watch less news for a start :D let's make 2016 as stress free as possible :) x I'm also not getting rid of anything

  12. What a great stash of gifts you received! Love the little colored pencils and the shoes are just so exquisite! Can I have a pair in my real size please? :) Have no clue how you blog AND clean the house AND have a new baby AND another kiddo. I can't manage to blog or do anything else BUT care for baby!


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