Saturday, October 19, 2013

Miniature show coming up

Tomorrow I'm going to my first miniature show, ever. To say I'm really exited is an understatement ;)  I'm going to the capital of Sweden by bus, with my mother. I hope to see many wonderful minis. (Which I off course plan to photograph and hope to show you here later =) )
My dream is to be able to show and sell my own stuff at a show in the future. And that just might come true with a little help... not this year and this show, but later =) We will have to wait and see.
But I have already started making things to sell. But there are a few obstacles on the way.. First of all, I tend to be very insecure, and my work is rarely good enough. And when it is, I want to save it myself ;) I have thousands of things I have saved, not knowing what to do with, but, I just have to save it for another day... =) So when I sell stuff I have to make two of everything, one for saving, one for selling (or several for both....) But I also tend to be bored easily... So after a few, I'm bored, and I might not even get to finish the things I'm working on... But some times I finish them years later =) I'm no good at finishing things, working on them, planning and starting, is the fun part..
I think I both hate and love making needlefelted animals. They take a lot more time than I think (every time, I never learn...) And its hard to get it to look like it does in my head =) And the wool makes my eyes itch a bit and the needle is dreadful to get in your fingers.. But I love animals and it's fun to make my own! So, I plan to sell lots of wool-animals! I'm just a bit sceptic, what if they REALLY aren't good enough, what if noone buys a thing. But then I've tried.. so I will keep working on more animals, I have 4 of them in a "sell-box" right now ;)
My dream is to actually earn more money than I spend on my hobby. But since I'm a big spender this might be a problem ;)

And yes I'm still working on my house and my 1:144 scale projects.. =) But since I like to vary both materials and projects it's nice to have some other things to do too =)
I will wrap this up with some pictures of my latest work =)

A rabbit =) It got a bit too big.. and I might try to reduce that big nose..

This one will hopefully be up for sale if I ever get to a miniature show ;) (If you have a clue on which prices I should ask for, feel free to leave a suggestion =) )

And some cats =) That will go perfect with my doormat =) I will save at least one of them, maybe two, for my house =)


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Take care


  1. hi!
    Enjoy your trip to the show!
    It is the same with me: i am not sure if my items are good enough to be sold...I guess it is the same with everybody! :)

    1. Thank you!
      I did sell through the net when I was younger, but not much, just now and then, and very cheap ;)

  2. Hi Hannah!
    I hope you have a great time at the show. I cannot make needlefelted animals. It seems very difficult to me. I think yours are very cute. Can't wait to see pictures from the show!

  3. I have enjoyed your post again, Hannah! The things you write about wanting to keep your own creations yourself and getting bored with repeating the same technique over and over, once you have discovered how to make something perfectly. I feel the same that way....:-)
    Your rabbit and cats are so cute and adorable! Have fun at the fair and who knows... once you will have your own stand there if that has to be, then it will be.

  4. Hi Hannah,
    I think anyone who is artistic is insecure about what they make because it's a very personal thing - what you like may not be what someone else likes. However, there are lots of people who love handmade things.
    Hope you have fun at the fair =0)

  5. I am excited for you! I cant wait to go to my first show also ;)

    Everyone is unsure about their work and selling them, just keep adding stuff to your sell pile and one to the extras pile. Eventually they all get used ;)

    I love your bunny! Those Siamese cats are ..just awesome!

  6. I wish you a wonderful wonderful trip. Enjoy it. I know so well Hannah not to trust myself. I have opened an Etsy shop in May and has started selling reasonably well, even here in Denmark I am so happy to sell, but every time I receive an order, I am so unsure of whether it's something. It is so difficult to have so little confidence.
    Your rabbits are so cute, so just get started. Have fun

  7. Have a wonderful time at the show. I have yet to go to one "sigh" one day :D You do make beautiful items I wish you luck for your future selling.
    Hugs Maria

  8. Hannah deseo que te vaya muy bien . Me encantan los gatos.

  9. Tycker som du vet att dina små djur är helt underbara... Det skall du känna dig säker på..
    Hoppas du hade kul på mässan...

    Lil på Lilsdolls

  10. Thank you all!! I had a wonderful time at the show and hope to get my post about it finish in a day or two ;)


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