Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Just a short post, about compost. 

I made some paper bags for the compost, like the ones we have "in real life", and apple cores, we get a lot of apple cores in our real compost, working on some banana peels and potato peels too.
I was very fascinated of composts when I was a kid, I liked worms and see how they turned rotten food into soil. But here in an apartment it's not so easy having a "real" compost, so we get these paper bags to sort out the compost, not as fun as the "worm-one", but still good, so I wanted my dollhouse to have these compost bags too.

Haven't got the time to post as much nowadays, but every now and then I get this urge to write a few words to share.
Take care

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas from my dollhouse to yours. Wishing you a nice holiday and a great new year.
Take care

Monday, November 18, 2019

Mini-present from this summer

I haven't been making much miniatures this year. I just find it stressful, so I'm still on my break, but.. My mother turned 60 years old this summer and didn't want anything, except "maybe a roombox, if you have the time". I was gonna tell her sorry, I just can't. I can hardly look at my miniatures without getting all stressed out. But then I got this idea, that felt fun and "easy". So with just a few days left I made this. It's very small, I can't call it a roombox, because it's not a room =) Don't know what to call it, but it's some kind of miniature..

I started out with a jar of glass. A small one. I wanted this little scene dust free and to be able to look into it from all sides, so a glass jar was perfect.
I needlefelted a base of brown wool. (It's not that well documented, so I have very few pictures to show..)
And added grass, trees and a rock. I had this little rabbit I made a few years ago that I thought would suit the environment. (Its made of polymer clay with fur of wool)

 I added a little worm in the soil. (Yes, this is very much alike the forest I made for my Fantasy roombox I posted about awhile ago =) It was so much fun to make, I just wanted to make something like it again.)
 I added polymer clay mushrooms and a snail.

 This is the finished result before putting it inside the jar.

 The result, inside the jar.

Take care!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Santa claus?!

It's amazing how fast you forget things, like English. I haven't been writing in English for so long, it's not like I have forgotten all about it, but still, it's harder to write now than just a few years ago. But I think it's all coming back to me quite fast =)
I have been working on Santa Claus masks for awhile now. 10 of these were just shipped away to Ateljé Lilla hjärtat. 
I like doing these, it's fun to mix materials. Clay and wool. But making these many at once took me awhile and I feel like having a break from them for awhile now =) But I bet I will make more one day..

I haven't been making anything else lately, I hope too keep up the miniature interest for awhile now, lets see how that goes, right now I'm not doing much, I have a flue and just want to sleep, but I'm starting to get a bit bored now, so maybe time to make something new.

Take care

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Fantasy again

I started up a Fantasy roombox some years ago. I had big plans and a beautiful picture of a magical forest in my head. But I had no idea how to make it. I stared with a "grass-carpet" but I didn't like the outcome. And lost all will to continue with that project. But my oldest daughter have been asking and asking when I will pick it up again.
The I saw a lovely pin cushion by lilla.ludenben and I thought; off course, everything gets better with a little wool =)
So I started to rework the whole forest and added wool. And I'm much happier with the outcome now. I realize I will never get that perfect result I have in my head, but I have to practice not looking for perfection all the time, because the world is far from perfect and I can never finish anything, ever, because it wont be perfect. (That's often why I start new projects all the time, if it's not done, it's allowed to be imperfect, but once you say something is done, it's done, and then it should be perfect..)

Anyway here is the result, I still can't decide whether to have wool on the tree or not. Maybe I can change it now and then =)


Unfortunately the wall got messed up by lying in a drawer, have to try to fix it later, haven't glued it into place yet.

I'm not done yet, I think. Feels like I could keep adding stuff for ever =) And it's too small, I can't fit everything I want, maybe I have to build another room to connect with this one somehow later on.
Have a few other stuff to work on right now, but will keep working with this every now and then, I hope!

Hope you all are well, it's so nice to hear from old friends once more =) Have a nice day.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

What's up?!

What I have been doing since last time, well, it has been a lot of knitting (and realizing I have osteoarthritis in my fingers, not so bad, but still quite painful at times, all I can do is to keep moving my fingers and hoping it wont get worse when I get older..)

Wool is such an amazing material. I love wool yarn. I have knitted a few clothes for the kids and for example this scarf. My youngest daughter asked for a dragon-scarf. So I made one =)

And I go a new obsession, plants, and especially Coleus. I started collecting, trying to cross different plants to get more colourful new plants from seeds, very exciting. But as always my interest clings off a bit when it's not all new and exciting any more..
But I do still spend a lot of time with my plants, caring for them and just looking at them =)
 My "Plant-shelf" with extra lights during Winter.

Coleus Roring fire
I hope to maybe, try to needlefelt something again. My youngest kid is 3 years now, and she should be old enough to keep away from the needles, I'm really scared the kids would hurt them self at the sharp needles.. (The young one is not as careful as her older sister..)

I bought new needles (Unfortunately I broke some of the old ones) and I made a new pin cushion. Using the tutorial from lilla ludenben:


For Christmas I got an exciting package from Birgit.
Thank you sweet Birgit and bears!

A calender filled with sweet and beautiful beary-pictures. 

The small trees are so cute, my daughters wanted one too, these days I have to be quick and put my things away before the small hand grab them for their dollhouses... 

I did start up the Fantasy roombox once again too, pictures of that later =)
Have a nice day

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dopskåp till lillasyster - Roombox for littlesisters baptism

I haven't felt like doing any miniatures for years now =( I know I get periods in life without any minis, but I kind of miss it, but just don't feel like catching up.. It's like it has become something I have to do, not something I want to do.  I feel like I should do something, and that I really should post here.. and keep in touch. But I haven't. Sorry for that.
But when I got a baby-sister I felt like doing a roombox for her baptism, just like I did for my youngest brother six years ago. I'm a very big sister, I have kids of my own (that haven't got any roomboxes.. oops) but my oldest daughter, 7 years old now (!) have been asking me to pick up miniatures again. So here we go.

The "roombox" is something from Ikea, Variera. I don't know what it really is =) something for the kitchen.. but I immediately saw a very cool room, wider in front and a bit more narrow in the back.
Off course I wont add the extra handle, I'll just skip that, and put up some wallpaper on the back to hide the screw holes.

I realized it was quite deep, and it might become a bit dark (I haven't got the hang of lights, yet, and didn't have time to fix light in this roombox) But I thought it would be nice to have an extra wall, with a hidden room in the back, so I made a new wall (from thicker cardboard) and glued wallpaper on the walls. Made splines from regular white paper.

I thought an open door would be nice, but that was too hard for me to build right now, so I made it easy, just an open door frame.

I placed a wooden pram in the "back room". With a little plastic doll. And some small shoes at the floor.

 I placed a glow-in-the-dark-star at the wall.

I made a simple shelf. I knew I wanted a special "bapthism-candle", like the candle at least we here in Sweden get at a baptism. I made a poster with her name and the date. To place at the shelf.

I placed some toys in the shelf too. The pop-up toy is a miniature from a toy my first born got from my father and his wife when she was new born. The sheep feels a bit like my signature toy, a favourite to make =)
The teddy bear is made from a pipecleaner. I made one just like the one I made for my brothers roombox six years ago.

And the baby-figure is also very similar to the babyfirgure in the roombox I made for my brother. (so they will match :) )

The jigsaw puzzle is made of paper, I cut out one piece and placed at the floor.

The candle is in place, with a poster and a white angel. 
The little train on the shelf is a bead.
The dollhouse is made of cardboard.

When I was done my husband helped glue a translucent plastic "paper" over it all, to keep away from dust. (maybe it will keep little fingers from trying to move around all the glued pieces too :) )
When the glue had dried I just cut of the rest of the "paper", to make it fit the roombox.

All done.

And there you have it, my first attempt at miniatures, for a long while.
Merry Christmas
Best wishes

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Still on a break

My break has come to be a lot longer than I first thought.. I just feel to busy to do miniatures, and I have always done things in periods, and right now I'm in a sewing-period. And knitting.
But some needlefelting animals has started to sneak-up on me.

For a long time I have wanted to make a miniature cat mum with kittens. And I finally took some time to make one. My now 5 years old daughter thought I should make one just like it to her too, so.. I better start working on a new one soon =)

And for Valentines day I got some help from both my kids to arranging a photo:

 or, rearrange..

I haven't had much time for blogging, but I post some photos on Instagram every now and then, but I hope to be back on the blog, some day =)

Thanks for stopping by
Take care

Friday, August 19, 2016

Miss you..

I miss you, all my mini-friends.. I'm sorry I've been away for so long, and I won't come back just yet.
When the baby was born I thought, wow, this is easy. She was sleeping a lot and big sister helped and I was sooooooo lucky, I love my family so much. Time flies and the baby is 10 month old, soon a whole year :O She is climbing EVERYTHING! I run around trying to ease her fall... she is still a happy baby, she brighten my days. And big sister is a proud and wonderful sister. We play and have a nice time together, so I'm busy trying to enjoy this right now.  And I have taken up my interest for sewing. And I got a new "strange hobby" cloth diapers.. All my spare time go to diapers.. =) I buy, sell, sew, and think about diapers all the time =) My miniatures have to rest for now, when baby is diaper free, I'll get back to minis =)

I have sewn these diapers and big sister wanted something too, so since she is a dress-lover (never wears anything else than dresses) I made her a dress, crocked.. but she loves it. And baby got some pants too. Now big sister asks for pants too, that will fit under a nice dress that is =)

Fitted diaper

Matching pants 

Dress for the big girl and a fitted diaper for the baby

And wetbags for dirty diapers on the go =)
PUL fabric was a nightmare to sew in, but I finally got done, and now I dare to work on a diaper in pul too =)

Thanks for your patients and friendship, I look forward on seeing what you have been up to when I was gone =)

Take care and see you later =)